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  1. xD25x Dedicated Player

    So what your saying is you want to do mid melee damage at max range? Sorry if im reading what you said wrong but thats the craziest **** i have ever heard. Also lets not act like electric dpsing is way harder to use than say a quantum or mental because its not.
  2. not_again Dedicated Player

    You are not melee and are in no danger at mid range. If anything the long range powers are at more risk as there are mechanics in the game that target the players furthest away. Now the rage people have a beef with melee range but there is no threat is this game at mid range.

    Too each there own with play difficulty but quantum and mental are by far the easiest DPS powers in the game. Clipping with electricity while setting up DoTs on every new mob while throwing in burst might damage is much more difficult than hitting your powers in order over and over again. So yeah electric and nature should perform on level and better on high health single target than any other powerset in this game. It only makes since. Some powers burst mobs faster and some are boss killers "DoT" powers should be the boss killers.

    To quote you again this is how I feel about your response "Sorry if im reading what you said wrong but thats the craziest **** i have ever heard"
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  3. xD25x Dedicated Player

    With the exception of a few raids the player at max range is not in any kind of danger. And everyone knows its not usually a dps job to be the one who stands furthest away anyways in content with that mechanic. Now i agree that electric is extremely underpowered atm and needs more work because whats on test right now is an embarrasement but there is no way you can honestly believe that being max range is more dangerous than being at mid melee range. You need to stop letting your emotions govern your posts on the forums and stop making yourself foolish. If mid melee was the safest place to be why do the healers and trolls stay ranged all the time?
  4. not_again Dedicated Player

    I am not emotional you sir are the one who quoted and insulted me. Again I have no idea how you play but I heal exclusively in mid range as electric and I am not in danger. You are trying to argue a point that currently doesn't exist in the game. Until there is risk at being mid range I am not going to change my mind. Now if they want to change it where the DoTs hit twice as hard if I stand in mid range that is fine too. But most top end players understand there is no risk at mid range and the results are the best so that is why those are the most played powers.
  5. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    In case anyone missed it the test server is open to EVERYONE that can download it. So please guys jump on and test. It is open for this weekend ONLY.
  6. Van_Gho Committed Player

    Do you guys have any tips on better managing your power bar, I carry soda's but i feel like even in perfect conditions my power can hit low and thats without spamming anything
  7. Pults Loyal Player

    That explains why I could post on test server. Kudos. I'll be able to put up parser data for rage finally.
  8. Zeronu Level 30

    I dont get it! ¿They are going to release GU 50 after the poor comunication with the testers and after doing nothing with the large amount of feedback demonstrating the underperforming of those powers?. I give too many second chances to DCUO after 4 years but this is just ridiculous.
  9. Here2Help Devoted Player

    It's pathetic huh?
  10. BlueLionSven Well-Known Player

    Seems to me electric is going to remain in the bottom rung for DPS and is the bottom rung for healing.

    How far off is Water now?
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  11. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    My strongest dot was 11k something in NGs raid.
  12. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    I'm still topping with it.
  13. not_again Dedicated Player

    No offense but if you were topping with it before the update you should still be topping with it as there is a buff to the power. The real question is are you the only DPS in the content you run or are the players you are running with not using the optimal loadouts for their particular powerset?

    No matter how well you play the power if you bring a super soaker to a gun fight you are going to lose most of the time.
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  14. blklightning New Player

    So.... I haven't played in nearly 3 months, and have no idea when I'll want to start again.

    From my perspective, it seems that they initially created Advanced Mechanics to be... well... somewhat advanced. Naturally, they ran around the edge of the wobbly disc and constantly misweighed things. The need to bring more balance to things that were already recently balanced seems to have just removed any concept of advanced.

    I'm not sure I'm convinced that there's any true vision of how the powersets need to be working in the long term. It all looks like short-term fixes. Am I seeing this wrong? Is there something I'm missing?
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  15. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    You may be correct. Most of the AMs are pretty simplistic and very simular. Tbh I find it odd that with how simular most are how hard it seems to get them balanced. Fire and ice should be hitting the exact and sorcery exact same....mental gadget and quantum...almost exact same. Nature and electric....simulate but with nature's for changes I honestly feel like it is in it's own class. Those that are the same should hit the same as each other and then balancing the powers sets to be close to each other should not be that bad since there are only 3 types. It is just agravating
  16. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    Is Electroburst 12.5 meters for healer side too now? On test it wasn't but in the notes right now it doesn't say for damage role only
  17. blklightning New Player

    I started to notice this with the 2nd Fire changes that happened last September. The initial revamp added animations and a mechanic. The 2nd revamp took away those animations and over simplified the mechanic to the point that it seemed completely uninteresting to me. Whereas, despite the initial drawbacks of the 1st revamp, playing the power was fun...with those big explosions. Now? Boring.

    I logged in last night to see about Electric, but am now Premium w/o armories. I didn't want to go to any effort to respec and stuff. So, I just hit a few powers. It's nice that there's variety now. I don't have any other thoughts really, other than it seems less fun. I digress.
    eBurst, in healer role, has the same radius for dealing damage as it does on damage role. Where it's different in healer role is that the healing range for eBurst has a much larger radius. Meaning... I can hit eBurst from a cecent range... no targets will take damage (as I'm too far away), but the tank will still get heals. I'm sure I can find some of the ranged eBurst heals in some of my old, unedited vids.
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  18. Stark23 Committed Player

    I'm getting incredibly tired of these responses. Either post your parses to prove it or quit trying to make it seem like Elec is on par with other powers. If you're topping the charts in raids with Elec you're running with terrible people, end of story.
  19. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    I'm a famous electric player on USPS server and a high ranked one too.

    I haven't healed with GU50 yet will test it out later today.
  20. Longshot Well-Known Player

    High ranking? Famous? Who are you?