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  1. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    say someone wanted to take electro burst out what could they replace it with?
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  2. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Shockwave, Tesla Ball, or a Supercharge are the most common, but it depends on your play style. Sometimes I throw in the 8 person shield if I think it is needed.

    Also I forgot to metion that with your LO you WANT to have is a no brainier that I just now realized I did not mention.
  3. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Most swap out Shockwave for Tesla Ball...that last slot (the one with Shock wave) is your swap slot. You can throw just about anything in there. The most common though are Shockwave TB or Super Charge. Heck some even run Robot Sidekick. I like Shockwave but that is just because it fits my playstyle best.
  4. Anti Bezz New Player

    Was tesla ball needed at all. I quit months ago, just curious about my favorite power?
  5. not_again Dedicated Player

    It is useful, but not sure if it is the best option except in areas where there is an extensive amount of enemies. Unfortunately, Electricity seems to be sliding further and further away from being in the top power sets.

    Welcome Back :)
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  6. just an honest dps New Player

    in order to get tesla ball i need to sacrifice one of the iconics..which one is less important?
  7. DarkNovaBlaze Dedicated Player

    I just switched to Electric and I'm wondering whether I should use Group Transducer or Invigorate for healing PvE. What are the benefits of each one?
  8. Deity Supremacy Well-Known Player

    I always leave out the 3%crit chance. But that's personal. With so many dots you will already be seeing a lot of crits.
    They are both good actually. Just depends on preference. I personally like the look of the shield. But for stuff where you run solo troll than invigorate might be better as it gives back power to your troll.
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  9. just an honest dps New Player

    both are good. depending on what other moves you get you may able to get both so you can swap them in and out as you please.
    i like the shield from transducer because i like to protect people from potential one shots or rly hard hitters but having the safety net from invigorate is also good.
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  10. DarkNovaBlaze Dedicated Player

    Yeah, I'm spec'd into both of them. I'm not sure which one's better for which situations, but I guess that's something I'll figure out as I gain more experience with the power.

    The rest of my loadout is Bio Cap, Bio Surge, Galvanize, Electrogenesis, and Flux.
  11. just an honest dps New Player

    with the new changes from GU47 do we still need to use WM with the AM? i haven't been able to compare fairly a rotation with and a rotation without WM
  12. Alpha Cell Well-Known Player

    I would advise it. WM just hits too hard to pass up IMO.
  13. Alpha Cell Well-Known Player

    My rotation is EG clipped with Wired - WM - AL - EC - VB - WM - AL - VB (repeat)

    With regards to AM, it's clear that Electricity's power return mechanic is seriously lacking. With that in mind, do you suggest I my first VB with Wired nearing the end of the rotation? Or continue to clip my first EG with wired at the beginning of the rotation?
  14. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    GT saved my butt in LoLs when both the tank and I needed to cleanse. Invigorate is always good when people are spread out, like LD.
  15. Deity Supremacy Well-Known Player

    Electrics am isn't good enough with the power back to really sustain it long. Id advise using a weapon clip or wm into arc into VB.

    Do gen clipped with wired. This will bring more damage because wired is already up to boost the start of your am. This means more damage. And after you use wired use arc right away to take advantage of the power back.
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  16. just an honest dps New Player

    i don't mean without weapon at all i just mean without weapon mastery. currently im using handblasters and i can clip's more fun but i don't want to lose damage either
  17. Deity Supremacy Well-Known Player

    I use HB as well. What I do is i clip solar flare into arc into VB. If power is running low I extend my combo to HB explosion shot master into arc into VB
  18. blklightning New Player

    Just play with them and get a feel for what you like.

    GT is great at playing it safe, whereas Invigorate can do mass healing after mass KOs. IIRC, Invigorate can also be used as a group breakout.

    They're both really fun to play with, but I have to say that GT is safer, because of the shield.
  19. just an honest dps New Player

    is that hold tap?
  20. Deity Supremacy Well-Known Player

    It's hold range tap range