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  1. Shift New Player

    Unless they fixed Tesla Ball not spitting damage, it should still be doing more damage than Shockwave on 3 or more targets. I won't be playing this game for awhile though so I can't do testing anymore till I am back. I still creep around the forums though.
  2. Remander Steadfast Player

    Problem with EB is that it benefits from polarized, rather than electrified. I'm pretty sure they also made it single target, whereas SW is a frontal cone AoE.
  3. blklightning New Player

    Since you don't have video to demonstrate the clip, can you confirm for me the weapon attack (range tap? range hold? how many and what not) and where you clip it?
  4. nutterz72 Active Player

    you know, as a brand new electric user, and failing miserably, because I just don't know what to do or what I'm doing wrong. But reading the last 4 pages of this thread has confused me even more. All this data, numbers, clip this, don't clip this, etc....I'm sorry, but if you like to cater to the new electric users out there, you guys need to really dumb it down. Don't use data, don't use short cut spelling. I don't know what you guys are even talking about half the time. You guys are making electric so frustrating and confusing. I'm not a genius, I don't play this game as it were my life. I hate number crunches. Just give me something so dumbed down that a monkey could understand it. I don't even feel like using my electric toon now since I'm so utterly confused and lost with it. I'm 107 cr with 124 sp, I tried out electric for the first time in Necro, well, to the first boss since the group fell apart after that. Out of 4 dpsers, I was 4th. the others were already over a million damage and I was still at 800k and some change. I tried the am/dot approach. Didn't use my weapon at all. And I still sucked. I don't know when to refresh anything or if I'm doing it too soon, and I can't get a clear answer out of this mess of a thread.BTW, my load out is as follows from left to right, Wired, Arc, EGen, Electrocute, Voltaic, and Shockwave. I've studied Empusa's video several times, and see he clips his weapon attacks, but can't tell when to hit voltaic. As of now I'm just hitting whatever power is not on cooldown at the moment. And I did this load out so that I would get back power, so not sure if I'm hitting things at the wrong time or I need to redo my layout or what. So confused...'sigh'

    ps, I use might/power, might/health, and might/precision mods. Weapon is Hand Blast into Explosion. Sp load out is crit chance to might priority. And I actually, going left to right, start out my attacks in raids that way, starting with wired ending with shockwave and than hitting whatever comes up free at the time.
  5. Omnipotent Ziltoid New Player

    I use the 2 hand range hold but you have to buy the wm for 2 hand, not the combo just the wm at the top of the tree. I'm working on getting a vid up demonstrate exactly how I do it and what order
  6. Omnipotent Ziltoid New Player

    Hey man I understand, are you by chance on the ps3 or ps4? If you are add my toon to your friend list and hit me up when you see me get on and I will show and explain it to you which would be much easier. Hopefully this helps
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  7. Kewleo Level 30

    I'm sorry, I probably used the wrong abbreviation. The EB I was referring to is electroburst rather than electrostatic bomb.
  8. nutterz72 Active Player

    to Omnipotent...sorry, I'm on USPC, Zsa Zsala, strictly pve. Maybe this isn't the right power for me. Went years as sorcery and just feels like it doesn't have any umph behind it anymore. But I've been doing mostly solo and solo bounty since last night. Almost too afraid to get into raids without knowing what to do. A speaking vid would be awesome. I've checked out what I could on youtube. Most is just showing what things do without any speech guidance. And I think the one or two that do have speech instructions are out of date.
  9. Remander Steadfast Player

    Oh, sorry, lol!

    Edit: Since EB is close range, most just stick with EGx2 to stack DoTs.
  10. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    Hey man I'm adding u when I get on if you download raidcall I can give you some verbal explanations of the am load out the wm burst and everything in between. See u in game
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  11. blklightning New Player

    I'm not going to read this whole post (wall of text). The front of the guide is The Guide. Everything that happens after that front page is discussion. Sometimes it's advanced discussion, sometimes it's dumbed down.

    I'm on USPC and will be happy to teach you how to use Electric to very great success... in both damage and healer roles. Send a tell to HeartOfSky.
  12. BatFatman Active Player

    Omnipotent Ziltoid is this what you were talking about??

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  13. nutterz72 Active Player

    I apologize for my wall of text. I'm notorious for it. But I just wanted to be as thorough as possible.
  14. Omnipotent Ziltoid New Player

    Almost exactly, I don't have the SC instead I put in SW but yeah the basic play style is what I'm trying to explain. Thank you
  15. Omnipotent Ziltoid New Player

    I would say putting SW in would allow you too clip that much much faster though, you shouldn't even see the weapon animation
  16. blklightning New Player

    Oh THAT is interesting! DW can't do it like 2H can, it seems.
    No worries. Was fun to PUG into a group you were in earlier today.
  17. Remander Steadfast Player

    Yeah, I messed with that a bit, and I agree. Seems 2-H can clip sooner and still get full damage. Hmmm.
  18. SpecEU New Player

    Was interested by this, tried it with a rifle and the pre gu36 blues kicked in... now im depressed :(
  19. Omnipotent Ziltoid New Player

    BTW hey Bat we just ran together a couple times, weren't you gadgets?
  20. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Looks interesting I may try it...since I said that I will no longer get the 2-3 2 handed weapons daily as drops of course.