Light VS. Quantum!

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Robogost, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Robogost Active Member

    Okay Hey guys, I'm a CR 80 HL DPS and my DPS is OKAY but i could do better. But anyways My stats are: Might-1500 and Perc-462. And ive heard quantum is really good and fairly simple. If I don't like quantum I still have my Light badge that makes me HL again but I just wanted to know what you guys say: HL or Quantum, and if you say Quantum what are some loadout ideas?

    P.S IK IK it is all my decesion but I just wanted some different opinions.
  2. RASTA4LIFE Member

    HL! their DPS is insane for pve
  3. Lightful Well-Known Member

    They're both effective for dps.

    Choose one that suits you. Don't be so obsessed with the numbers on the board.

    If you can deal sufficient damage and still maintain efficiency then you're a good dps.

    - Thanks for reading.

    Edit: A more appropriate title would be "Light or Quantum".
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  4. Robogost Active Member

    Yeah I know it didn't sound like a good name and I tried to change it but..

    Thanks for the advice. I was kinda fixed on the numbers so I'll just go with witch ever suits me best.

    Thanks Again
  5. Zpred Well-Known Member

    I'd say HL just because I feel it's the best all rounder, not is it just great in PVE raids but its also great for alerts duos an challenges an with the infinite combo loop you can save your self so much power an deal constant damage.
  6. Warped Bacon New Member

    i just feel that for 80 cr your precision is too low to see the capabillities of hl. im 82 cr with 886 precision
  7. TMadness Active Member

    I am pretty sure Quantum is the FOTM you should definitely switch over.
  8. ARI ATARI Well-Known Member

    as hl your numbers are based on precision.
    why is your precision so low?
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  9. KemistiOMG Well-Known Member

    i switched my HL to quantum tried it couple weeks didn't like it as much went back to HL
  10. God of Gods New Member

    If you want to do easy top damage go HL and go all prec.
  11. Elusian Well-Known Member

    I used Quantum on my alt for a bit but got so quick bored and went back to Sorc that I even forgot to buy the controller T3 style. Wasted respec token with a double meaning >.<

    If you like to faceroll yourself over the keyboard, it may suits you, my cat got pretty pissed about it that I rolled her over it instead of mine :oops:
  12. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Play the one you have FUN with. There will always be someone better.
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  13. General Zod Well-Known Member

  14. Valor Active Member

    Quantum is beastly, gadgets is beastly, light is beastly, mental is beastly. All of those are beastly from max range. Gadgets, and light are better in melee situations, and light requires being at least mid range to maximize ranged damage.

    I've seen a fire guy in Nexus do hellacious damage from mid range. If Fire can do it, then Ice can too from mid range.
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  15. D4rkwond3r Active Member

    Hey, I would like to point out the following: HL is prec Based from what i see you doing it all wrong u must focus first in precision. A good 95+ cr HL dps would have around 1100 prec and around 2000might with normal (V mods). Before you decide to change hit 90+ cr focus on precision then judge the power. Quantum is awesome too but PVE wise HL beats almost everything in good hands. Used to be one but now im back to my old power set. However, its up to you on what you wish to play i only wanted to point out that at your cr and with your current stats you cannot have a full view of the powerset. Regards D4rk
  16. Anhur Well-Known Member

    Screw you :mad: ;)!

    I enjoy Quantum at the moment but if you are talking about doing the numbers only, I'd say Light has the edge - I barely keep up with those guys, takes a lot of effort in terms of clipping but if you nail it, it's great.
  17. 13igtyme Well-Known Member

    I'd say it also depends on whether your pc or ps3. On pc HL will always do the best because pc can clip faster. On ps3 there all equal.
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  18. Razormane MastiC Member

    biggest nonsense ever i play with a gamepad on pc and i'm at least as good or better than other hl's using a mouse and keyboard
  19. metal1ix Active Member

    Both Light and Quantum are BOTH beast powersets.

    Quantum is the might version of Light.

    It is personal preference that I like light more, considering I do not like how might works.

    However, if you want Quantum, Gravity Bomb is a must have for your loadout.
  20. Apostate Rising Well-Known Member

    what you enjoy is what you should play. but with those stats i would say Hard Quantum. you need more Prec for Light.

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