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    I have been messing around with a low-level Light character recently. Normally I tend to avoid powers with 'combo's' because I 1) am terrible at remembering the combo's and 2) am not good at getting them to work twice in a row. However, I realize that is something that comes with practice / muscle memory (though my own memory isn't that great anymore, let alone that of my decaying muscles).

    So far what I've seen is you need to start the combo you want before the current construct ends, i.e., before the train reaches the end of the track, do the appropriate taps / holds to start the next construct. At the moment I'm still hitting random Melee / Range mouse buttons just to see what I get ( still don't have some combo's memorized) and to get proficient at getting them to work regularly. I'm getting better at that.

    My question is about the powers. I'll use Hand Clap as an example. When you use it, it damages and knocks down an opponent. The next combo on the list is Chainsaw, which does damage and may panic nearby mobs. The third combo is Grasping Hand, which stuns and is a DoT.

    Do people determine Light loadouts for DPS based on what the 'initial' power does, and view the associated combos as 'icing on the cake' or do you take into account what combo powers come with an 'initial' power and what they do? Such as, if Hand Clap doesn't knock down an opponent, you can use Grasping Hand to stun and DoT the opponent, and then finish it with Chainsaw, vice always going Hand Clasp, Chainsaw, Grasping Hand (which is what I am tending to do now) ?

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    If your looking to maximize your damage consider the range you want to be in and the number of targets your facing? If you are facing a single target you may get better results using Hand Clap > Hand Clap > Hand Clap / Clipped with Grasping Hand > Grasping Pull / clipped with Hand Clap (repeat).

    That is a power hungry all single target rotation. You will have to drink soda's and use your supply drop to avoid running out of power. Consider the Artifacts your using and how those will interact with the abilities your using. Light in my experience works best if you can use multiple armories. That will allow you to quickly flip back and forth between single and multi target loadouts. Most raids you can melee the trash adds and then decide how you want to attack the boss fights. Light benefits from using the dazed power interaction. If your not already using it the Grim artifact can help open up a loadout slot.

    I choose tray powers off of what the initial cast and following combos will do. If you have other questions or want to talk light feel free to hit me up.
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    I'm looking at a construct combo chart and it shows that Entrap and Light Claws both have a combo-power called Swing, but I can't find a description of it. Is this just a special kind of attack that Entrap and Light Claws do?

    I've also seen under Light Claws a combo called Final Claw. Is that like a 'finishing off' attack?

  4. Highplains Sailor Well-Known Player

    Replying to my own question about Swing. I used Entrap (for my villain Light char it encases an opponent in a big yellow skull) and then Swing which looks like a giant club you use to hit your opponents with. Apparently Swing is not a power of its own, just a construct combo.