Lieutenant Marvel Also Wrote A Book @_@

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  1. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player

    Hi People,

    Melvinpox inspired me to share. I wrote a book a year ago. I called it the Prince of Vaalhart. It's about an almost omnipotent tyrant who is searching for a relic from the past. That relic falls into the hands of a wanderer with the skill to use it against him. The book is the story of their 1st battle. It's a series. I tried to go for a 7 book series but writing this book drained me. I might turn it into a 2 or 3 book series instead. It will be on a free book promotion from January 28-31, 2017. Here's the link. I made it free for you guys. I hope you like it.



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  2. aurorabenz07 Loyal Player

    Wow looks like a lot of forumites are publishing their work. Good for you. Also for a price like that on Kindle, it's a steal.
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  3. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player

    Thanks. Feel free to spread the word about the promo. :D
  4. Aren Sul Committed Player

    Congratulations (albeit I'm a bit late). I hope the book does extremely well. It's a wonderful experience to have an a great accomplishment to achieve. Kudos. :)
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  5. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player

    Thanks. You're right. It is a wonderful experience to finish writing one. I just hope I get to start writing again on the sequel. It's hard to balance the game and a job and writing. I can only do 2 at a time. Sigh. :D
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  6. Aren Sul Committed Player

    Ditto, I'm starting my second (not a sequel) but it's like work got hint of it and I've needed to put in extra hours. And, suddenly friends are dropping by on weekends in winter (I'm near the shore, so that's rare). Not that I mind all that, but as you say I can only do 2 at a time lol
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  7. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player

    Sigh. If only weekends were longer, then I could continue. Maybe I should find a way to move to one of those Scandinavian countries with nicer working hours. Hahaha. :D
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  8. melvinpox Devoted Player

    Good work.
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  9. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player

    Thanks. You finished it already?
  10. LIEUTENANT MARVEL Well-Known Player