[US PS] Lf these items

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by TyKasper, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. TyKasper Active Player

    LF Sparking, glowing, furious, red filament aura, Alan Scott emblem, red lantern wall banner, noble warrior chest, ign baatz
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  2. BernUnit81 Devoted Player

    I have the Alan Scott emblem if you are still looking for it. USPS- Bern Unit
  3. TyKasper Active Player

    Yea I’m still lookin are you accepting trades if not how much
  4. BernUnit81 Devoted Player

    I am not sure what the going rate in the broker is, but I will go lower than what the lowest in the broker is. I'll look when I get a chance tonight and let you know. What is your IGN?
  5. BernUnit81 Devoted Player

    Hey sorry for the late reply, been a little busy. I looked in the broker and the emblem is going for around 2 mil. I go an even Mil if that works? Whats your IGN?
  6. TyKasper Active Player

    Shot in the dark do yu still have that Alan Scott emblem ? Lol
  7. Al Uzza New Player

    I have the sparking material if you still want one
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  8. TyKasper Active Player

    Yea what do yu want to trade for it
  9. Al Uzza New Player

    I don't know. Do you have any offers? I mostly want money, but if you have something else Im open.

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