Lets Talk Dps Balance

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by CrappyHeals, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    This game never has and never will have balance. When i started in 2013 there was no balance it was all about clipping back then and some powers did more damage than others and rifle was king in the clip fest and people said don't worry they will fix it ,then came weapon mastery and precision was king and prec powers dominated and again people said don't worry it will get fixed.

    Then the AMs started and we got 1 fotm power after another (i bet they sold a lot of respec tokens during that time) and i remember posting on here about no balance and people said don't worry the AMs are almost done only electric and nature need to get their mid range AMs and then the rest of the powers will get fixed and we will have balance ,i laughed and said we will see and then the stats revamp was announced and i was like here we go again and i quit shortly after that.

    Now here we are almost a year later and the revamp is live and oh what a shock the powers still are not balanced but its ok because they will get fixed, now where have i heard that before? :) I'm still on the fence about jumping back in and trying out the revamp but looking at the forums it doesn't sound too good right now,maybe i'll wait a month or 2 and see where the games at then. I still don't expect to see any balance but maybe some of the bugs will at least be fixed.
  2. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    FYI, nature wasn't in awful shape for 2 years. So your were only focused on PvP dps, many many others enjoyed dominating PvP. I get it that your enjoying the damage now, I would to. But we don't need powers that over perform unless hot fixes are coming for those that do.

    I was one that thought earth was broken. I was wrong. The defense in SJ and WC are what's broken. Powers hit differently in there compared to raids. Rage, nature, and electric hit the same in both.

    I really don't want needs anymore. I don't want peoples enjoyment taken away. I want more people to play this game. But I'm not gonna keep listening to people say certain powers are fine or they just haven't found the right loadout yet. It's been a week. There's not that many options.
  3. light FX Steadfast Player

    U are seriously gonna argue nature being awful. Gu50 is all im gonna say. It was july of 2015. And this is the last post im making on this. Because its ridiculous when u try to counter that with nature in pvp. U act like a week is this long period of time. A week is 7 days last i checked. I was here for Gu36 and Gu47 and no one had everything figured out with those revamps w/in a week either.
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  4. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    I have... time and time and time again. I don't want them nerfed I just want sorcery brought back to having a chance
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  5. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    Ice is one of those I see doing pretty well on the boards not OP but actually holding its own against the other powers. And I mean Sorcery had its bad DPS time from start of free to play til Amazon Fury pt1 unless you were SS and even then not the best lol. I just want peoples powers to be close and able to have fun not struggling to stay ahead of tanks and deal half of everyone else's damage.I haven't seen many good things from mental at all so I'm sure there's something from that that's lacking cause we've been given a week and yet what we had from the first day as top powers are what we still have as top powers and nothing has changed.
  6. Mighty Committed Player

    You just evaporated what little credibility you had with this statement.
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  7. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Nerf nature and elec lol their not even the best powers, sure their good but not the best. Shows how much some people really know.

    Or maybe some people are mad at me so they want to chop down a power I like haha. Not gonna happen though cause I can provide real data backing me up unlike other people who just say "well this guy beat me in a raid".
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  8. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    Agreed, and btw only god knows how difficult is for me not to upload very good or the best loadouts for each powerset,role and expose those people that don't know their powersets very well, and just switch to easy dps powers like earth.
  9. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    My issue, if any with dps balance right now, is that nearly everyone is superpowered and pftt. There's a reason for that. Either it's overpowered compared to the other focuses or the community didn't hate AM's as much as some people on here would have us believe.
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  10. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Guess we know where your focus is. Guess you missed that whole nature healer thing with pvp these past two years, huh?

    Is there a reason you keep jabing at me? You seem like a child with statements like, keep running your mouth.
  11. SasquaT Dedicated Player

    Well so far i figured out that Rage earth mental are even now im working on quantum .
  12. DulcesS Well-Known Player

    Yeah right, poor earth players having to reapply their PI in order to keep tapping square to spam jackhammer. That's the definition, DA definition of SKILL. Play celestial and you'll know the meaning of getting interrupted out of a combo.
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  13. MrGT Well-Known Player

    I have mixed feeling on this. In a way I like that it does not as it helps one to figure out rations. So maybe a rotation when one is running without a troll and with a troll.

    I remember a while back where we actually had to ask a troll to help test out rotations or as a troll go help someone out.

    But this brings us to the flip side. If one does not have a troll to help.

    Perhaps to types of testing dummies? one that gives power and one that does not. At least then if one wants to get used to their rotation they can.
  14. light FX Steadfast Player

    So i just spent the last 2.5 hours testing quantum. Basically applying the PI means nothing sometimes. Then u apply the PI and the 100 cost ability does more dmg and has a better crit % then the 300 cost ability. And the 100 and 300 both benefit from the PI. Same with with 200s that benefit from the PI. Sometimes way less dmg then the 100 cost ability or way more dmg then the 300 cost ability.

    Who tested this^? U can do the same loadout/rotation at those 3 dummies and get 8k per second then 11 then 7 then 13 then back down to 8 and then back up to 11k per. There is no consistency whatsoever. This was with using a straight graviton PI loadout and then a straight destabilized loadout. And then i used a few loadouts that had no rhyme or reason to them. Some didnt apply either PI and some applied both. Dmg and results all over the place again. No consistency. I did test the early builds with quantum but stopped because i felt my feedback was not being taken into account.

    Some loadout/rotations i literally cant even make it through 2 10 second parses w/out running out of power. The only consistency i did see was throwing grav well and spamming inspiral waves. This consistently got me 10k per but sometimes would drop down to 7k per. And all im doing is laying a DoT out there and spamming the 100 cost ability :confused: The 1st day i spent 3 hours testing quantum and the 2nd day i spent even longer.

    Idk if its the powerset or those dummies. I will say this those dummies not giving power back is, how can i say this nicely, it doesnt make sense. When a player cannot make it through a 30 second parse u cannot get a gauge on anything. Something is off when comparing test to live. I say this because dcuo tweeted out a quantum dps video today that was done on the test server. Ive done the same loadout/rotation on live and i can barely make it through 2 10 second parses. Yet in the vid the person gets through 2 and has half a power bar still. Cannot understand whats happening here. And in that vid a 13.9k per second # was reached. Ive tried this on live with better stats and being super power focused and hybrid focused and couldnt do it. Never got above 10k per second. Also crit % numbers were all over the place as were the dmg per second #s.

    Had league mates try it too and could not hit that # even with 1,000 more might. I even trolled for them and the # could not be reached. I dont bring this persons video up to criticize them or anything like that. I do it because something is broken and/or not functioning correctly. And it concerns me it would be tweeted out when its not an accurate representation of the live server atm. Because it cannot be replicated. Not with those stats.

    I really hope some serious fixes are coming to whatever is going on here. Ive been saying people should spend more time figuring out their powerset and loadouts and all of that. After seeing all of this^ tonight something is definitely off and i stand corrected. Not being able to test at the dummies causes all kinds of problems so we are left to test in content where there are so many variables that the results get badly skewed. A change is needed here.
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    I don't think at this stage people should be posting videos from test server, they should be making sure they're on live to ensure they're using the same game build as everyone else is in reality.

    I agree with what you're saying there appears to be large discrepancies between crit hits and this seems to differentiate the damage done, sometimes quite significantly; thus it can be at times difficult to get a real guage on a loadout/rotations real potential when only displayed within a 2minute video.

    I note people are often also using supercharges in their "this is a good loadout video" when in reality using a supercharge skews the rotation because it's an infrequent (instance variable) that may or may not actually be available to use at any given point in time.

    People need to be careful about using these sorts of things within their videos. I also find that the dummies are very difficult to test on because testing on them is nowhere near the same as what you'll experience within an instance so the rotations/loadouts displayed on these dummies aren't always practical.

    I agree with what you're saying.

    Like I've been saying all along on a fundamental level there is nothing wrong with stat revamp, there just seems to be these odd discrepancies with certain powers and there's also specific instance issues in places.
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  16. Perdition Committed Player

    i care about balance aswell, my alt char is Earth tank/dps and i dont care about that they gonna nerf jackhammer. there are still more options to dps with it. jackhammer is just easy and parces good numbers, but they could've done a easier solution then to nerf Jackhammer(for example lower crystals damage output while using aftershocks); Now i still see Nature for example parsing 17k/s on 3 targets while in Wolf form. now tell me is that balanced then? i don't know why it parsing that high but i've seen people mentioning Roar.
  17. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    The problem is that most people dont care about the nuances of add killing vs bosses, long range vs short range or what sustained dps vs burst vs a dot can do in any given situation or the mechanics of each power are different enoigh that using the same mod and stat build across the board ks dumb and much more. Most people dont want to lut in time to learn about their powerset. They just throw a loadout together and hope for the best or lurk the forum to copy and paste a loadout . The details mean very little to them. If they are out performed om the board their power sucks . That's why i think a dps meter would be very useful.
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  18. Mighty Committed Player

    The name of the thread is "Let's Talk DPS balance." The original post references only PVE DPSing in light of the revamp. You're in here trying to equivocate a nonsense statement into something about PVP healing. Personally, I'm just affording you the same paper-thin stack of respect you've shown myself and other folks who actually showed up and tested and tried to help positively shape the revamp instead of sitting on the sideline pissing and moaning and taking not-so-veiled shots at everyone who did. Basically I'm handing your ******** back to you and saying "nah bro, you keep that."
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  19. Mighty Committed Player

    Having no power at the sparring targets on live, I think, is a mistake, because now folks have to round up trolls in order to test new stuff and that's a pain. What was your power pool like, though? Full SF power modded in your generator? Power/split mods in your yellow might-affinity gear socket? Did you have a robot sidekick out? For me jumping from test to live was a bit of a struggle at first because I was fully modded on test, but on live I was missing some stuff in my generator.

    For the quantum testing in particular, timebomb makes a clean 10-second parse difficult, you really have to stack up a few 30-second parses where you're not running out of power, and then take those averages.
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  20. Schimaera Devoted Player

    So much this. Doing a "high 10 seconds" parse is in no way representative for a good loadout/rotation unless you can display nearly the same results in the following x parses as well.
    Same is true for 3-dummy-parsing. It is only natural that parses get higher the more targets you can hit.

    Things that should not be used in parses and demonstration videos:

    - supply drop
    - backup/sidekick
    - orbital strikes
    - supercharges
    - omegas/buff colas
    - buff trinkets
    - positioning that makes it possible to only hit two targets to prevent damage splitting (hence the suggestion to parse only on one dummy)
    - buff consumables (like from the events)
    - pretty much everything that alters your raw stats. Including buffs of another player (e.g. Power dump of a controller while Hybrid/weapon parsing)

    Also I agree on the difficulty that dummy parses are often not representative for the true potential of a power since in instances there are more factors that can buff/debuff your damage. Remember the debuff of GCPD? Batman in Dox? Those were some high numbers when the DLC was relevant.
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