Let's talk about....the new on duty menu.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Reinheld, Oct 6, 2022.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We appreciate the feedback. Please keep it coming.
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  2. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Total Trash.

    Lemme explain.

    TLDR: Old On-Duty is Better

    1. Need to hop out of menu completely to queue stuff up. It’s odd. Or to hop back into it after someone declines an instance. Like seriously?

    2. Still can’t find the mouse cursor, like seriously devs, c’mon. Having the highlighted item be 1 shade more highlighted than the rest is a pita to find let alone the curser disappearing in which you have to toggle me yes just to get it back.

    3. Everything too small. I have a big tv but that doesn’t mean squat. And that big *** useless **** in the middle is useless stuff imho. On the left we have text that is cut off and on the right we have the same issue.

    Dark Knights: Return to Eart… INSERT BIG USELESS PICTURE Dark Knights: Return to Eart…

    Okay…is it the event? Regular? Trash elite 1? Or Enhanced Trash 2? (Elite is stupid)

    4. Favorites is something but why do that with Square? That’s how we queue it up. Now when I go queue I naturally press square and all that and somehow end up with everything in the queue list that I didn’t even queue for. I click the vault and the 4 player gets added. I click the duo and all of bloody t1-t5 raids are added. Wtf!?!?

    5. Menus are bugged. wwwwwwwwwwww “:z Slow as jelly gotta close out and reopen just to delete items or find the curser again. I can’t stand it.
    Just trying to get to the queue up spot is a hassle.

    6. Old on duty was just fine. All ya needed to do was to keep the queue’s up there (I queue multiple things and after completing the one, the other selected instances are still queued up and ready to go) and all is good. The ability to hide things is the other item…like the elite crap.

    7. Omnibus is a joke. Get rid of it.

    8. #Old on duty needs to be the first page to pop up. All other stuff added can be a hidden button impossible to find and take 10 seconds to fully load.
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  3. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    If new menu remembers that selection, that's a handful of instances that might never pop because people excluded it from their queues. :oops:
  4. Berza Committed Player

    You have to deselect each instance every time you queue.
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  5. myandria Item Storage



    That color of blue is nice to look at, but hard to find good contrast colors to work with. The green color that is used for your name is ok, the yellow-orange that highlights which size/type of mission you want is ok (it could be more orange), but that flat yellow-green for that symbol and the flat green that is used for the CR level numbers are HORRIBLE within the light blue tier selection areas; they are too close in color saturation and almost blend in with one another. It isn't always the best choice to use a lot of different colors within a menu.

    What I don't like about the new custom menu is that it "automatically" selects the "flavor of the week/episode" mission, as if that is what I want to do when I log in. PFFFT! For example, if you log into the game and go directly to the custom menu, the Seasonal Mission is already selected for you, ready to go. The menu should not "assume" what I want to play when I log in; that's for me to figure out.

    The description area could be more "defining" with explaining the mission; it should say which episode the mission is from and not just the copy/paste description from the previous menu. For example, the Starro: The Threat Below mission should also say that it is from the Deluge Episode; this is extremely necessary for finding and completing feats, since the feats menu is listed by episode, not by missions. I think it is more important to use the description space for information; the oversized background pictures are not necessary.

    I can only assume that the devs don't want players to quickly select a lot of missions quickly in the custom menu for tech issues; perhaps they are trying to mitigate the lag that has been experienced more often these past few months. I guess queueing up for an omni mission and quickly selecting entire tiers in the custom menu to wait for while doing outdoor missions (for example) can put a strain on the servers, especially if a lot of players are doing the same thing. "shrug"

    Above the start button in the custom menu there is a phrase "Select runs to be able to start the queue". This is incorrect; when you select the run you "highlight" it to get the description; you have to select it "again" to start the queue. What the sentence should say is, "After selecting the desired run, select again to start the queue".
  6. Siramez Well-Known Player

    it is a nightmare on controller.
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  7. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    Preferred the old one. This new one even on a big TV screen has the print so small you can’t barely read anything. Finding myself having to get closer to the monitor to read that fine print. It’s not as bad on my PC because the monitors are right infront of your eyes, but even then I find myself asking why is it necessary for this text to be this tiny? It’s definitely not doing anybody on console any favors and it’s not exactly easy on the eyes on PC either.

    Also missing the press triangle to start queue.
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  8. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Works okay with M/KB. Nightmare to navigate on a controller.
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  9. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    My personal issue: I cant no longer queue in custom raids and Omni at the same time :/
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  10. Emoney Dedicated Player

    This new UI is unmanageable on PS4. Honestly, I've manage to reset loot locks a few times, but I have no idea how. I just keep moving around the boxes and attempt to press X until I get the prompt to spend badges. Usually when I can get it to highlight the middle section (which is hard in itself), but then it's a crap shoot on whether it hearts it, brings up the MP link, or the actual reset. It's a nightmare, and for you guys, not exactly easy for us to spend replays.

    As to the rest, its even harder to get the cursor down to accept the que. Before we could just hit square to accept, now I have to play plinko with the joystick to get it down to the bottom.

    We need to go back to the other UI. This one is not worth the favorites addition. Hell half the time I'm just trying to select something to que and it makes me heart another one I wasnt even near. This is a buggy mess.
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  11. maelona Level 30

    The font is way to small I have a 65 in tv and can't read it please fix
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  12. L T Devoted Player

    I'm missing this feature also. I used to routinely do things like q the seasonal and run the vault while waiting for that q to pop, or more broadly "run instance x while waiting for instance y"
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  13. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    Whatever the final design on duty should just be one page.

    It lags like crazy.

    It's difficult to reset content.

    I'd rather have a "hide instance" feature over "favorite".
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  14. Berza Committed Player

    I haven't tested myself but seems you can queue for Omni, then before hitting Ready you can go to Custom Play and add your own instances.
  15. Kaminuse Active Player

    The font size is terribly small, even with such a big screen it's impossible to see anything if I stand more than 1 meter from the TV. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible, seriously!
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  16. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Yes, you can do that, but it all counts as one queue. Before, you had a separate queue for each tab of the on duty menu, plus the omnibus. You could finish a short instance and when you finished - you immediately had an alert, or raid ready.

    Now, if you queue all the omnibus duo, then add an alert, a raid and a PvP map, for example, whichever pops first (most likely - one of the 50 duos) removes you from the one and only queue and when you're done - you have to queue again. Meaning, that an omnibus duo will most likely pop again and the whole process repeats.
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  17. Berza Committed Player

    It's even worse because you have to remove the instance you just run from the list.
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  18. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Yup and then it locks it out and I cant do anything until I exit the tab and go back in. Really, if I just finished a raid, why do I want it to stay there?!?

    I can count how many times I open it up pick what I wanna do, and then realize the last thing is still there, go to take it off and it all locks up. So frackin insane.
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  19. Zoe· YouTuber

    I honestly feel like I'm the only one who liked the on-duty xD
    The favoriting instances is really cool. I guess it takes time to get used to something new, even currently I am still adjusting to it.
    I'm sure if they can make a few changes over time, like the ones mentioned here, specificlly font size and easier nevigation for consoles, it would make a difference for a lot of people.
  20. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Well, you don't HAVE to. You can just keep running Ferris Airfield duo over and over... :) Although I do hope there is some kind of algorithm on the back end to prevent this, at least to some extent.
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