Lets talk about celestial power?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Alpha vermelho, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Alpha vermelho Active Member

    I think good, but i dont see alot of damage.
    The caracter dont die easy i belive.
    I no native of english language somebody would like to talk about celestial power?
  2. siressarchangel Well-Known Member

    If you are talking about the live stream from today, its because he wasn't in dps gear...he had healer gear on. He only switched to DPS because Mepps was in healer stance
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  3. Azrael Well-Known Member

    I want to see what it looks like on a villain- not really a fan of the visuals so far but theres alot they didn't show us
  4. General Zod Well-Known Member


    Trexlight is streaming from the villain side.
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  5. Redstroke New Member

    That power he was doing that was applying that Precision DoT was going between 200 - 400 ticks in healer gear?

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  6. Alpha vermelho Active Member

    But how is healing is celestial? or mepps?
  7. siressarchangel Well-Known Member

    Not really sure what you are asking Alpha...could you elaborate
  8. General Zod Well-Known Member

    Here's showing the weapon color and loadout for villains.
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  9. Alpha vermelho Active Member

    who is healing mepps or the celestial? becase i hear that celestial is a dps healer, then i confuse.
  10. siressarchangel Well-Known Member

    Mepps only healed when it was necessary. They wanted to show people that you could heal yourself in dps stance using certain combos and powers.
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  11. Alpha vermelho Active Member

    and power with charge how was full quickly?
  12. siressarchangel Well-Known Member

    So far from what I've seen I like the visuals and can't wait to learn the powerset
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  13. BLK Active Member

    Dude's stream is weak imo.. great power tho cant wait other vids to go up.
  14. TheGrimstone Member

    Precision DoTs.
    They hit like a truck.
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  15. Alpha vermelho Active Member

    truck in super heroe game isnt strong
  16. Kristyana Well-Known Member

    Played around a bit with it. It's like Hard Light except you only chain into one other power if you've purchased it, so no chaining combos.

    For those that wanted a battle cleric, this is going to be your powerset. The 20% might buff move is insane and stacks with soders or anything else that increases might - you'll be able to get up to over 4k might and then spam your 35% finisher. Trollers are gonna hate you, but man, this set has some awesome nukes.
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  17. siressarchangel Well-Known Member

    Alpha its a figure of speech, meaning it has some big hitting powers/combos
  18. siressarchangel Well-Known Member

    Kris have you tested the healer side of it?
  19. Alpha vermelho Active Member

    I play i pc and i am legendary iwhy i cant download?
  20. Dynagirl Well-Known Member

    The only thing off that I can see off about the power from the live stream is that there really is no good damaging supercharge for blessed. The blessed side seems to only have a defensive aoe and healing shield. They need to change it so that the defensive aoe also damages things inside of the light. The cursed side has 2 that serve both as a heal/damaging at them same time. Can't really judge how good they were doing from the stream.

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