Lets be clear because its "important" ? (devs)

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  1. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I was just going to skip this week, but since Mepps said what I quoted, it left me curious.. :D
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  2. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Do you understand that you can have extra XP in your artifacts without actually breaking through? The XP will continue accumulating. You can add all the XP you want this week. That's all legit XP that will help you. If you hit a breakthrough point, and you're worried about losing the catalysts, etc. then just DON'T BREAKTHROUGH. You can still keep adding XP to the artifact and you're getting the benefits.

    Look at it this way:

    Day 1 - Artifact 1 was at breakthrough 100 when the glitch happened. It broke through on its own and you keep leveling it a bit, let's say 7,000 xp from grinding Nth metal from mobs, etc. All of that progress is completely legit.

    Day 1 - You also accidentally participated in the other exploit, feeding some junk into the artifact that was worth 20,000 xp. After a little bit, you thought about it more and realized this was an exploit, and you decided to not participate.

    Day 3-25 - You decide to keep working on that artifact legitimately, using Nth metal. Right now it's sitting at rank 120, ready for the breakthrough.

    This week - You choose to hold off on the breakthrough because you're not sure if those 20,000 xp are going to drop you under the 120 breakthrough rank. With the double XP, you still manage to add another 17,000 xp, so as soon as your breakthrough the artifact will increase a bunch of more levels.

    D-Day (Dev Destruction Day) The devs remove the 20,000 xp that were not valid. This DOES NOT affect any other XP you got before or AFTER. All the XP from this week is legitimate. You don't lose any of it.
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  3. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    Thanks for the info, but I have well over 100 artifacts throughout all my toons, it would be pretty silly if I didn't know how artifacts work. :D

    But I am confused on you saying you can just keep adding XP to your artifact, because on both PC/PS, once you hit the "ready to breakthrough" point, the game will not allow you to just keep adding more XP to your artifact. You have to breakthrough in order to add more XP.

    Unless I am missing something, but I definitely just tried several times to access my additional XP on toons that had artifacts at the "ready to breakthrough" point, all it showed was the menu that said "You are missing the catalysts required.." I could not access my additional XP to feed into those artifacts were already at the breakthrough point.

    And I am not at worried about the junk XP glitch as I know I didn't use it.

    The only concern I really have is this automatic breakthrough bug, I didn't even know it was a thing. But apparently occurred if you happened to log in at a specific time and had artifacts at the "ready to breakthrough" point, it then broke your artifacts through without letting you know it happened.

    I assumed based on the information in this thread that those that got automatically broken through, would have their artifacts reverted. And because it is possible that this bug could have happened on any of my 37 toons, I was worried that if I utilized this week on all of my toons, and say 10 of them experienced the bug, their artifacts would get reverted back. So I was just going to avoid the potential mess and skip this week..

    But Mepps said;

    "if you experienced the thing where you logged in and your artifacts had broken through on their own - nothing to worry about. Continue to play as you like."

    So I just wanted to be sure about it, that's all.
  4. ImmortalNA New Player

    Could you give us an ET at all at this time? Estimated time WHEN you guys will start checking things on the backend and allowing players to come back / issuing bans? Absolutely any timeline whatsoever. If not all good. Goodluck!
  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are currently working on it. No ETA on when we'll be finished.
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  6. FlexVibrant Well-Known Player

    im confused too
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