Let the backlash begin...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TheLoneLantern, Jul 26, 2014.

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  1. Jazzyjoker1025 New Player

    Paradox wave loot all over again? Nice. The fact I'm being forced to run the new raids if I want to have the best gear available is not the correct approach.

    The best T6 gear going into the game should be bought with MOF earned in ALL T6 present and future content, if the content is going to let us earn more marks than we could in past dlc's, increase the cost of the gear, simple! Also this would give people who own both DLC's AF1+HOP1 an advantage in earning marks, how it should be!!
  2. SilverwingsZOE New Player

    Sorry but I think is going to be worse than Paradox

    by reading on testing forums there are 80% chances of getting only marks,for sure something will not drop and on live:

    It took me only 6 days to complete Amazon Soldier without resets,lucky?Probably...
    It took me 16 days to complete Amazon Hoplite by resetting TD enough times to purchase the Amazon Stregos set for my role,plus mask,necklace and I thing rings too for the dps role

    This on May,but for the entire month of June Amazon Hoplite droprate was kinda bogus,most of the times I was ending TD empty handed,or with just one or two weapons NO PLANS AT ALL and I dropped only 13 FE6 in two months,same for the Amazon Soldier set,run those solos and duos cause I needed marks for the dps set and most of the times I was getting weapons,ring or just marks

    Now for sure on raids something will be forgotten and probably added in a late stage,I really don't have any plans to reset those raids,my only plans if I keep on playing are to reset the alert enough times for my role set,fight for those collections since we have no choices for farming them alone without loot window popping in and people needing on them for da money,get feats from raids F them,purchase the style from the vendor unit and don't give a crap abou HoP content till next dlc.

    Prestige?Lol nope,a game not a work,rent system for that thing is just too stupid,you must find another way to force me on making alts and redo older content or waste 2 hours on T5 ops
  3. Arcpope New Player

    Well it's true ........

  4. xRI0Tx Well-Known Player

    Greed really is a powerful thing..

    This does nothing to enhance the player experience. In fact it isolates players who enjoy variation in content and forces them to choose progression over preference...

    The reasons behind these actions are comically transparent and just gives players one more reason to spend their money somewhere else.
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  5. HL Revamp New Player

    Not sure what's more disappointing, the continued near-sightedness of these developers limiting our play options, or the fact that Spytle basically outright lied to us. I didn't replay any T6 to stack marks, but I'm seeing here people who did, in reliance on what Spytle told them.

    Yeah, plans change, but this is something that was and still is in the developers' control from start to finish. This isn't like you planning on going to the movies Friday only to find your show's sold out so you grab drinks instead. This isn't like you planning to be at work on time, but plans changed because you had a flat tire. The indifference toward being straight with us is troubling.

    Digging all the days-old "wait and see" posts now. Turns out the cynics were correct, the developers held true to form, making a little extra replay badge cash is more important than keeping their word. That may not mean much to many folks - read the "plans change" crowd - but some of us still value folks who can be taken at their word. It's an integrity thing, something us adults do.

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  6. Tre Day New Player

    And I'm also sure that it's been pointed out many times over, even from the developers, that plans can still change.

    To be honest, from what I've seen from people's actions, players are willing to step on and over others to progress.

    Oh...and I am part of the 'plans change' crowd because not everything can go the way you planned it and sometimes you have to change course for the long term. You may not agree with the change, but calling it an outright lie is...well, kind of unfair.

  7. xRI0Tx Well-Known Player

    Hmmm saying one thing and doing another... Nope that definitely doesn't qualify as a lie... -_-

    I agree sometimes plans do change. Better to say nothing at all than to say something misleading that affects how people spend their money. Sure is convenient how so many of these little changes serve no other purpose than trying to get us to spend more money.

    But believe what you will. I didn't come here for a discussion or an argument. Just voicing my views for any green name brave enough to actually read through all this unpleasantness lol.
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  8. Tre Day New Player

    Eh, lots of things are unpleasant to think about. Lol.

    I doubt that anything a 'green name' would say would be enough for some. I mean, Mepps actually made a thread earlier addressing the reasoning behind the change, and the situation hasn't subsided.

    I try not to spend my time speculating on whether changes are solely for the intent of making people spend money. If that was the case, and I didn't like it, I would've stopped playing a long time ago. Then again, I hardly use my replay badges on content or spend that much money other than the 15 bucks for Legendary status.

    As far as it being better to say nothing than say something misleading, I remember when Spytle said that the content would reward MoFs, but I also remember somewhere along the way that everything is 'subject to change', so...um...yeah. It still comes back to that.

    Anyway, like you said, you didn't come in here for an argument or discussion. I just figured I would respond. No worries. :)
  9. Jazzyjoker1025 New Player

    Developers plans can still change?

    Does this appear to be a plan or more like they have decided yes this is going to happen regardless of our feedback, they have already placed all the changes on the test server ready for live (my friend on test is hopefully correct). Sadly this is going to happen whether we agree or not.
  10. RedKryptonite Well-Known Player

    Extremely disappointed with how the Devs decided to implement this on such short notice. The DLC is supposed to drop within the next two weeks and myself and league mates have been farming MOW using a ton of Reply badges. It had already been confirmed that the currency was going to continue to be MOW. So WTF!

    I have no issue with you making every DLC have its own currency. However I do have an issue when you been banking on the community who's apparently just been throwing away real life cash. There should have been sufficient notice that this was your intention. If you weren't able to give the community sufficient notice then you should have just waited until WOTL 2 to implement the new marks system for each DLC.
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  11. xColdFront Committed Player

    Mepps wrote a whole post on this. AF marks will be for the Amazon fury trilogy halls of power marks will be for the halls of power dlc. im curious to see if theyll make new marks for war of the light 2 dlc.
  12. xColdFront Committed Player

  13. Coldzoom Well-Known Player

    I still hope they reconsider and use MoF for HoP. As much I like running alerts and raids I still like solo content so I get some marks daily.
  14. Derio 15000 Post Club

    The best gear and weapons should be craftable with marks and items from R&D. But nobody will think that far outside the box.

    I like solo content and duos, but I love raids. However AF1 will only be relevant to me until I have everything out of the rare style vendor, and I am only missing 4 pieces so something is telling me AF1 wont be that relevant to me that long.
  15. Techvolt Well-Known Player

    I'll just echo those that are disappointed, not with the decision, but with the blatant lie spytle told his audience on FNL. Although I have no way of proving this, I know when someone is lying. When spytle talks about content, he goes on and on: when asked if marks would still be fury, he puts his head down and simply says yes and not very convincingly I might add. Look back at the video and you will see what I mean.

    I am one of the players who replayed content in order to have 100 marks ready for the release of DLC 11. This is actually the first time I prepared in this way; boy, was the joke on me.
  16. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    Oh I think most of us are even more mad at the decision.
  17. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    I am upset that I can't run the t6 duos and alert for marks towards halls of power dlc gear....no one will really run them then....and I'm also upset that spytle blatantly lied to our face about the marks not changing....it sucks...not happy at all....but nothing we can do about it....if the Devs are set on something, no matter what we say, it won't matter....kinda like light blast, fires self heals, or time traveler gear being moved to rare gear vendor....so many people wanted changes and the Devs didn't listen to us.....oh well...I guess we will keep on trying to heard....
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  18. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    If thats the plan then they have to go back and change the marks in War of the light part1 to match the marks in War of the light part 2.
  19. Crackin New Player

    This whole thing is a money grab towards replays. Goes against all they have been saying since trigon. I would make a bet next small content DLC they standardize t6 like t5 .btw t5 iconics has cr80 & 84 alert , t6 cr99 & 100 alert I'm betting t6 will change to make people use AF1.
  20. xColdFront Committed Player

    Yup exactly but they might just leave wotl1 cause its tier 5
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