Lernaea's Amulet

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  1. ALB Dedicated Player

    No one think this Artifact is op? Is tge Artifact meant to be a permanent 30% might buff? Players are running the Amulet with solo healers, who aren't built for maximum heals, because they are usinggemini sc spam with cloak, and buff trolls. Dps are not running finishers and doing elite with no problems. The Amulet is clearly not working as intended, but guess it's ok because it's not prec. Venom was nerfed because it was to powerful giving a 50% prec buff for 6 secs, but Amulet fine giving a 30% might buff full time.
  2. Lara Committed Player

    I wonder what you want to achieve with this post? Yes the amulet is strong, but the amulet does not work perfectly with every power. Especially since there is always the point that you die pretty quickly from the amulet if I use amulet in my aoe as a gadget's DPS and the healer does not pay attention for 1sec * boom * dead, so it is a give and take.
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  3. AV Loyal Player

    Not to mention:

    - Top prec players, top hybrid players, top Amulet might players, and top non-Amulet might players are on par with one another.
    - It isn't a fixed 30%, due to resets while dealing with mechanics
    - It is the most knowledge and skill intensive artifact they've ever made to use properly
    - Average healers can't cope with the All-In approach effectively, making it very dangerous
    - A perfect healer can't save an Amulet player in Elite who doesn't know when not to cast
    - There are more powers which have a non-amulet BiS rotation than there have been powers deviating from past universal BiS options than ever before.

    Seems like this is either an ignorant troll attempt or that there's some fundamental misunderstandings as to how DPS in this game works.
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  4. Lara Committed Player

    That's exactly what I had in my mind, I totally agree
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  5. tukuan Devoted Player

    IMO It comes down to risk/reward. If you can work it right more power to you.
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  6. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    As a dps AND healer this is no joke as an artifact, both healing someone with it and dpsing with it. If I'm not paying attention when they are at their max in stacks or if I'm at my max stacks they/I die very quickly. It definitely holds quite a bit of risk for the reward. I really commend the healers that are being said to solo with players running this with max, but I am still sceptical. This is definitely something that should be on video of players beating a recent elite, with this setup.
  7. Fwames Well-Known Player

    This topic is frequently brought out and is frequently debunked. Some people are just creating narratives based on their own personal agenda to push something they want hoping for something to happen. Sadly, these people are the ones crying for unjustifiable nerfs.
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  8. ALB Dedicated Player

    Low risk. High reward. It's plenty of videos with solo healers healing multiple dps using amulet without finishers. Most healers are using gemini, Cloak, and multiple SC. The amulet don't take any skill from dps. Just go on YouTube for proof
  9. ALB Dedicated Player

    You would agree. Your power is tge main benefactor of tge Artifact
  10. ALB Dedicated Player

    I picture you looking like the guy from the dry eye commercials. Just putting people to sleep while talking, but saying nothing.
  11. Ghost27Xog Well-Known Player

    Heads up & watch this vid...Prec is doing just fine.
    There is starting to be a trend on quick powers that can pull of this type of dmg in the range @10 sec between 600k - 800k easy without the Robot Side which only ads 50k.
    I've seen gadgets , electric and quantum along with others added to this list check it out.
  12. ALB Dedicated Player

    6 amulets 1 healer. No finishers used. The Amulet is op unless it's supposed to be a constant 30% might buff with no extra power in loadout.
  13. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    0 issues healing multiple dps using it during any content, no finishers. If we're doing green spams then we do 2 heals during elites, still no issues tho some may be canceling at some point. It's a probable new meta but have seen plenty of players using old meta and doing just as well
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  14. gemii Dedicated Player

    Of course it’s OP I made a thread on it in test feed back with similar points. Anyone saying this artifact comes with a risk either plays with terrible pug healers or play solo content.

    Op is right you don’t need a finisher with the artifact you can ride that max stack 30% might buff throughout an entire raid/alert and get healed through the damage.. lower the healing in the game or fix this artifact to the way it was before it got buffed where players actually took a good chunk of damage and required a finisher at some point.

    It’s already a slap in the face elite raids get nerfed within a few weeks. Can we stop having artifacts like these that clearly have advantage over other playstyles first venom wrist now amulet.
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  15. CCPONCHO Well-Known Player

    The artifact is pretty op, especially with gadgets, but I don't mind it too much because it's not a any kind of group artifact. The players I run with only uses it with healers they can trust and don't use it in pug groups.
  16. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    You know what ALL those videos have in common? Whirling Dervish, maybe there is something else besides Amulet that needs to be adjusted and things would be alot better ;)
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  17. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    This thread is a joke. When the artifact came out and everyone started testing the amulet, I kept seeing people complain that it's a suicide artifact and they'll kick you out. They say it puts a lot of pressure on the healer blah...blah..blah...
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

    LOL, I wasn't expecting you to come in and talk about Whirling Dervish, I thought you loved that power haha, but yeah I agree.

    I mean there's some pros and cons to the other movement modes, but I was really surprised when I saw that anniversary graphic say most people were flight.
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  19. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Nah movement modes is what I want changed before powersets themselves, movement mode powers and even some iconic's are stronger than any powerset alternative. Tornado Pull is the top ST might power in the game, its not even close. Dervish is almost as strong as it was during 2013 broken days, phase dodge, vortex trap, cyclone push. If you power lacks ST like nature or rage just go Acrobatics and Zip Tie Attack and Grapple Line are 3s ST powers better than 95% of any powerset abilities.

    It's sad how unbalanced movement mode powers are
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  20. CCPONCHO Well-Known Player

    The player base is always going to find a way around something. It's the history of dcuo lol. The devs will nerf something and then the player base will just find something else.
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