Legion DLC, the most boring DLC ever?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Aduzar Light, Mar 24, 2021.

  1. Brit Loyal Player

    Legion suffers from being a fairly well done HALF an Episode.

    One raid instead of two.
    An Alert, but no Duo or Challenge.

    Supposedly the open world bounty system is a replacement the half of the Episode that is missing. Except, you know, it isn't.

    Justice League Dark had 3 bounties by default. Metal 1, Teen Titans, and Earth 3 had even more, although they used multiple different ones as interchangable for the same weekly mission.

    It we recognize that getting a minimum of 2 bounties is a regular part of every episode, then do we honestly think that adding 1 bounty is the same thing as adding a full raid or duo or challenge? Because I would suggest there is a night-and-day difference between a 30 minute instance and a 2 minute open world fight.

    Legion only had half the content, so Legion felt "used up" in half the time. It becomes boring because we have less to do, so we're doing even more of the exact same thing.
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  2. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    It's where they talked about the ps5 upgrade and what they plan to bring to dcuo before and after third quarter. They basically talked about many system upgrades this summer. to get the game ready for next gen and also make the game more friendly for new players. That could mean all kinds of changes to the Gear system PVP artifacts content you name it weapons even powers
  3. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    let's hope for the best but prepare for the worst

    idk if daybreak says changes i dont be really positive anymore but the hope dies last ...may thats the only reason why i and many other gamers are still here
  4. Starblast Well-Known Player

    I don't know how I feel. I do like the styles...the Raid Boss with Mordru where he is a rip off of Trigon's Prison is what we should have gotten way back in that alert but I digress. I do not enjoy the alert at all. It's just I dunno...the characters from Legion look cool especially Emerald Empress and her voice acting is good although she acts like she gets all turned on. lol. I also think the giant box Validus gets trapped in is cool. But overall it doesn't really make me want to reach out to Legion comics. It's like they just didn't get what they wanted out of it. Wonderverse at least involved Nubia, the New Gods, Greek Gods, Grail, the Raid is probably visually and super fun to play in the entire game. Plus it does add Flashpoint WW, Red Son WW, and Circe and Cheetah make cameos.
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  5. Dark warlorck Active Player

    This is the worst episode !!!
  6. nanoUSB Well-Known Player

    I think Cosmic Boy and Validus are the weirdest part of this DLC!

    Cosmic Boy is either babbling or being knocked out... or he's our enemy, be it by the ever so convenient alternate universe evil twin (who's lacking a goatee btw), or the equally convincing mind control. Judging only from this episode, I'm inclined to say that Cosmic Boy must be one of the most useless heroes ever created. Oh nevermind, he built the bridge to Mordru. We'd never finish this without him! :p

    Meanwhile Validus is the true victim here. He comes to visit New Earth with his fancy, cozy, big red box and we break it. Obviously he gets angry! But what, once we beat him into submission, we put him back into a new box and send him away. Why did we not just ignore him, let him breathe some fresh future-air for 7 or so minutes and leave in peace? I mean we've been villains since the beginning, but you heroes are no better :p Ooooor it's just a test of restraint and we all fail it all the time.

    Other than that, it's the first DLC I've maxed out renown while it is current, so I think it's the best :D
  7. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    Though I’ve generally defended this DLC against unfair or hyperbolic criticisms (within reason and context of course), it doesn’t really help when you consider that when Dr. Manhattan altered the Earth Prime timeline in Doomsday Clock it effectively wiped the entire Legion of Superheroes from DC Universe existence (not maliciously mind you).

    It’s 8:00 AM. BEEEEP, BEEEEP BEEEEP. Illumin X is woken from slumber by the piercing sound of his alarm clock. “I just had the weirdest dream about shadow hadoukens, glitchy floating eyeballs, a torso-less sorcerer and a team of masochistic, non-existent superheroes who all shared the same insatiable, gluttonous addiction for semihourly fixes of canned whoop-*ss. Ah well, I’m gonna pour a cup of coffee and turn on the morning news. Gotta get caught up on the most current ways the Flash screwed with the timeline and F’d up 7 billion people’s lives...”
  8. Shalayah Well-Known Player

    An elite duo sounds fun btw. Idk how it’ll work but I’m in there instead of reg :)
  9. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    I wonder why we didnt get any iconic styles added to the vendor this dlc. I thought i saw a green say we were getting the blonde chicks slimeline

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