Legends PvP Is In Bad Shape

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Arqueiro Robusto, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Zoros Active Player

    Yeah, the current immunity window is just too short and was fine the way it was before. It should not be a major change to revert and it would have such a great impact on pvp. It is not right to get countered/punished after you counter someone. This issue also compounds itself when playing against more players in a 4v4 or 5v5 or 8v8 setting.
  2. Samantha Christiano Active Player

    Maybe make a video of it would help devs see the issue
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  3. Samantha Christiano Active Player

    Reason for counter immunity nerf it gives pve that advantage. Especially for tanks. If devs can make it 2.75 again for Pvp without it affecting pve. Likely they would make that happen .
  4. Zoros Active Player

    In the early stages of this change I believe they had the reduction of counter immunity timing isolated to pvp first before they made the change to pve, at least it appears this way from review of the post. That is the greatest weakness I've seen so far, if they could isolate the changes between the two, a majority of the problems could be solved.

    If it did affect pve, that's a discussion for another thread. We can explore that another time, and perhaps discuss the potential bug of bosses/ads not being countered when they are vulnerable 100% of the time.
  5. Zoros Active Player

    This change is smaller, but is 100% limited to pvp and does not impact pve in any way. Would you please standardize the amount of power and healing receiving from soder cola infinite (only available in pvp instances). In scrimmages or fights where there is a lot of fighting/deaths, sometimes the deciding factor is also the amount of power and health given back to the player.

    I do not think this should be a range, but rather a standard amount for all players.Soder cola infinite description is listed below. That range of 7644 to 8449 health does not seem like a lot on the surface, but when there are 8+ fights to the death, the difference could be quite substantial.

    Up to 8 * (8,449 - 7,644) = 6,440 health = nearly 1 full life of a legend. Thank you ahead of time!

    On Use: 7644 to 8449 Health - Self
    1063 to 1175 Power - Self
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  6. Stanktonia Committed Player

    Sodas are fine as is, the amount of health they give now doesn’t give someone an overwhelming advantage if they drink one while yours is on cool down, So you’ll still have a chance at defeating your opponent if you haven’t had the option to drink a soda; increasing the health given in any manner would make it the opposite
  7. Zoros Active Player

    I believe the amount of health sodas provide is fine. The point of what I said above was to balance the playing field a bit. Getting rid of the range of health and power and putting in a fixed amount would eliminate bias given that rng might swing in someone else's favor. The most balanced approach would be to provide the average health of the range or approximately 8,050 health and 2235 power whenever a soda is used (for both players). This balancing approach is also very similar but less substantial relative to the standardization of the respawn timer.

    Respawn timing is a good reward for killing your opponent, however, it should not be a range of 0 to 13 seconds. Eliminating the range would provide more balance and I would be comfortable with 6 or 7 seconds flat as a respawn time. Why should player A receive a 0 second respawn time and player B receive 13 seconds after death? It just a way to create imbalance and it is very possible that a win could be based solely off of respawn times if the match is even, which should not be the case.
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  8. Bantos2 Level 30

    Guys let them fix the bugs first, if they decide to fix PVP first they have to fix double counters, bugs, rifle 5 tap, and start from there. After they fix that they can go on to do balance changes.
    Sodas, combos, powers and everything else is balance issues.
  9. Samantha Christiano Active Player

    Did the devs say that the rifle issue. Being spammable and unblockable
    Is intended?
    That means pve players can spam it without no worries of being block countered
    Making it labeled exploit???
  10. BƖack Committed Player

    Hello Batuba,

    Thank you for these changes!:) Do you plan any more pvp fixes in the near future?
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