Legends PvP Is In Bad Shape

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  1. Trollstoned New Player

    Plenty of legends can be considered "op" if people knew how to punish correctly with them. Robin is definitely up there.
  2. Batuba Developer

    Fixed the following issues:
    • Atrocitus not self healing when using Supercharge
    • Fixed Heal barrels to work properly
    • Certain Artifacts that were working in Legends and pvp should no longer work.
    • We are looking into why Cheetah loses damage when below 35% health.
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  3. SugarHoneyIcedTeaMix Well-Known Player

    You....YES you.... I just need you to know

  4. FutureSoldier Level 30

    When are these fixes hitting the live server?
  5. Batuba Developer

    The Legend fixes I previously stated should be coming in very soon.
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  6. Batuba Developer

    Found a fix for Cheetah. Will have that in for next hotfix.
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  7. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Could you take a look at Twoface? I know you guys said he's not broken, but it very much feels like it because his rifle is unblockable and does a lot of damage.
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  8. Batuba Developer

    At this moment, we are not looking to do a balance pass. Currently just trying to make sure things are actually working :p
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  9. Zoros Active Player

    According to the description, and based off the damage, rifle slam is not working properly. According to the Wiki description: Tap Melee x 5
    Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block

    Repurposes your rifle as a blunt melee weapon to bludgeon your target.

    This move is currently not vulnerable to block and it should be.
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  10. Zoros Active Player

    Additionally, as noted above in the video examples, bane's 4 tap hold (unlocked only after utilizing his supercharge) is not vulnerable to block and does massive damage.
  11. Zoros Active Player

    Two Footed Slam : Tap Melee x 6, Hold Melee
    Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block
    Delivers a devastating kick to stun your opponent.

    Handspring Kick : Tap Melee x 7, Hold Melee
    Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block

    As shown in the video, handspring kick was not vulnerable to block. Not sure about two footed slam, but would you please check that combo as well? Thank you Batuba!
  12. Bantos2 Level 30

    Mepps has said it's intended.
    I remember someone made a thread about it a while back, check this out.
  13. Zoros Active Player

    I see, well, it is evident that it is not working as intended for a few concrete reasons.

    1. That wiki description also dates back to 2011, or when the game was originally made. It was also the original description of the weapon combination in game.

    2. It is a weapon combo, all weapon combinations are blockable in the game, that's how they were meant to behave.

    3. 1h tap melee x5 has the same function and it is blockable in the game, because it is a weapon combo.

    Given these reasons above, I do not believe this is a matter of opinion, but rather fact verified through logic that rifle slam is not working as intended.
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  14. Bantos2 Level 30

    Don't get me wrong, I hate the rifle 5 tap too.
    I blame the people who supported the idea of removing 3 taps on block to get countered and making them 5 taps on block instead.
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  15. Zoros Active Player

    I was not getting aggravated at all man, thanks for bringing that to my attention! Just wanted to explain how he was incorrect in his consensus and that it is in fact a bug to be fixed.
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  16. Zoros Active Player

    Batuba, I have nothing to use as reference to ensure that these respawn timers are working as intended. I also do not remember spawn timers going beyond 10 seconds for quite an extensive period of time. These timers are also based on when you die on the clock (really arbitrary in nature). Personally, I've had respawn timers of up to 13 seconds. Would it be possible to make respawn times universal (one set time for everyone)?

    I notice that when players have similar skill and are fighting each other, it all comes down to respawn timer luck. If everyone had equal respawn timers, it would eliminate one annoying bias inside the match and make node strategy and counters more important.
  17. Bantos2 Level 30

    There's a bug with countering windows where you can get countered twice. I think the removal of blue immunity messed the counter windows up. Someone posted a video about it a while back, take a look at this.

    Also there's a bug with Shield not being able to lunge from long range distance.
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  18. Zoros Active Player

    What is happening in this video is also very counter intuitive to me. The player that made the counter was rewarded with counter damage of 150 + 154, but since counter immunity is virtually nonexistent, the player who countered the other player got punished for 670 + 282 damage, making it a net punishment of 648 damage.

    If you look at the post noted below, it looks like it was a vastly unpopular decision to get rid of counter immunity. Reintroducing or extending counter immunity to its original state would cause the player who earned the counter to be properly rewarded instead of punished for their counter. This would be one of the best changes to be reintroduced back into arenas/legends/duels/open world and would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Bantos2 Level 30

    About that shield bug + double countering
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  20. Stanktonia Committed Player

    Yep, this was a horrible decision that affected pvp drastically, and half the people who applauded this change don’t even play anymore. However, I will say that in 1v1s this change isn’t really noticeable, but in any other instance it’s ridiculous
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