Legends Matter Too

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MYTHLORD, Oct 9, 2021.

  1. MYTHLORD Active Player

    Friends. legends and Devs (hopefully).

    might i suggest something many of us would love to have as a way to allow legends content to be a fun diversion from the daily grind?

    More legends. i know many of you wanna play as Mr.Freeze. Poison Ivy. Scarecrow. Doomsday and more.

    But in order to support such a thing. Changes would be needed.

    1-Add more legends content to run daily. either adding some solos duos and raids into the mix and making LPve have its own tab. or just having all maps always playable.

    2-Regardless of how it's done. Grinding the marks is a massive chore. So making those rerunnable each day without loot locks would be a nice change of pace as well to help in this regard.

    3-Let us play as the updated models too. Even if the updated skins are also purchased for legend marks. it'd be better than not having the option at all.

    4-Difficulty tweaking. Some alerts like Bludhaven Courthouse and such are WAY out of balance for legends. With Bludhaven featuring a bugged Major Force boss with a massive health bar. Legends is fun. but shouldn't be arduous. We get plenty of tough challenges to face as is. So let Legends be more relaxed.
    I noticed i can use soders and the trinket again on Catwoman. But have yet not tried another legend. So if you fixed that devs. good on ya. Cause not having the ability to heal made for an unnecessary stressful time.

    5-More maps. Again. Legends Pve map releases would just add to the fun. Don't have to go overboard. Just a few more like Strikers Arkham and perhaps another one or two player favorite alerts.

    6-Maybe a Lpve free roam area. it's easy enough to explain away things like this as we've already had canon LPve simulations in the story thus far. Maybe just a small section of gotham or something and have certain missions turn you into certain legends.

    I know not EVERYONE likes legends anymore. but don't you think if more incentive were added to it, it'd make it more fun? i sure do.Maybe make LPve have an increased chance to drop iconic weapons and ally favor.

    We still never got grodd and he was actually planned way back when. lmao
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  2. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    I really do think DCUO has been sleeping on the potential of Legends. They literally have game modes on their hands they're not investing in.

    If they added roles to legends characters they would've taken LPVE up a notch. Whether its free-play dungeon or actual story content just like the iconic solos but has alerts and raids.

    With balancing, role locking and redesigned PVP format (maybe MOBA), they'd have infinite crisis on their hands.
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  3. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I don't like feeling weak thats why i never play legends anymore. It always felt like i was hitting everything with a foam bat and thats just not fun.
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  4. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Hitting things forever with loadouts I didn't pick on characters I don't like or trying to skip adds with movement modes I hate...what's not to love, right?
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  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I think the backlash after Origin Crisis/Amazon Fury 1 having LPvE content still lingers enough that there's probably going to be resistance to the idea. Personally I didn't mind it much at the time, but it's a little telling that I tend to restart the queue when I get one of the iconic solos from AF1 through the Omnibus.
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  6. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Prob good idea for some, i will pass
    I didnt spend all this time creating a character of my own (and one than can sling damage) to be stuck using a crap legends toon that feels insanely underpowered.
    Thnx but no thnx
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  7. Lucerne Active Player

    1. Give Legends content better rewards/daily/weekly
    2. Give a quest for Legends PVP.
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  8. AV Loyal Player

    The core issue is the reward system. Once a player gets good at Legends they do feel powerful in it but no matter how much someone enjoys it, there's just not much reason to do it after the feats are done. We can't even spend our MoL if we have all the characters unlocked, so most veterans have let tens of thousands of MoL hit the floor and there was nothing they could do about it.

    I'm hopeful it'll get attention down the road overall, however, with new content, new/updated skins, new characters, and new feats. "Solving" each character of min:max is fun & interesting and putting them to use feels good once a character has been mastered.... it's just that the general systems are stagnant & antiquated as hell.
  9. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    I agree they should revamp them so they have a inventory and different artifacts with 100% breakthroughs specifically for Legends there is so much untapped potential . I think the focus is PvE for the seeable future.
  10. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    This has always been a "Yes" and support from me and so many others on the forums.
    I wonder what else it takes to take legends seriously.
    I do envy Marvel games, so many MMO RPG console/pc and mobile games they have to play as iconic characters and we only have Lego games.
    Legends have a great potential to make income since there's no other DC game alike with so much content and characters.
    Updated skins, roles, and combat rating, new rewards all are good options.
    Well, I suppose we have shown enough support for years on the forums, devs should put at least one step forward to see the results, update skins and make the characters available to all players to increase popularity and population. Later making a ranking system will be just great, people can pick any character they want and start to build it like allies.
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  11. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    What makes DCUO great is the fact we play as our OWN hero/villain with powers we want, setup how we want, looks how we want etc, rather than being suck with a tired iconic and stuck with how they look and stuck with what they can do.
    I can see some of the appeal for those that wanna be stupid man or rich bat ninja etc but the fact we can make this our own is the great part.
    Personally, if his game had forced me to pick an iconic like all marvel games do i and many others i have known through the years never would have played
  12. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    What might appear ridiculous and tiring to you are not my but millions of people's favorite characters in the world, their heroes and fictional idols.
    Please read through my comment again, because I suppose either I failed to explain my OWN opinion appropriately or you misunderstood. We all appreciate the fact that we are able to create our own characters and modify them, otherwise, we would not have been playing for years and have this conversation here. What I and the creator of the thread and others meant is that, we do already have a legends system in the game which has a lot of potential and its own fans which needs an overhaul. We never asked to add an extra system that does not exist already. Should you feel bad about being stuck with anything, I would encourage you to speak up about being tired and stuck with the current powersets for nearly 4/5 years in a row rather than insulting the iconic characters that are appreciated by millions of people. Have I not explained well enough, hit the dislike bottom, I am only supporting my OWN opinion and respect yours. And worry not even with an update to legends you will not lose the opportunity of playing as your own hero.
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  13. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Yea im pretty sure in that comment or the previous one i clearly said that some may find it great or enjoyable or want this etc.
    What im explaining is the other side of the dicussion. Not all like it or think its good, not everyone wants to be stuck with an iconic. Thats all. Its difference of opinion and preference, nothing more
    Not really sure what triggered you there, i didnt say anything bad at all……
    If your upset that i think the iconis are stupid and i personally find this game refreshing because im NOT stuck being one like every other marvel game ever then i dont know hat to say….. its not offensive for me to say iconics are dumb an being stuck playing as one is dumb IMO unless you choose to be offended and i cant help that. Again, its what i find enjoyable an refreshing in this game even after 10+ years. If u like then awesome! Im glad the feature is there for you, i truly am.
  14. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You're incapable of not insulting other people's choices?

    I don't think so. What you mean is that you don't care in the least about the feelings of people who are not you.

    People don't "choose" to be offended at things and the responsibility for being offensive belongs 100% to the uncaring, thoughtless, offender, not on people who, weirdly, don't like their choices being called "dumb."

    Thinking otherwise is goddamned stupid. Only a complete moron would think otherwise. A moron who has an effed up lack of compassion for other people.

    But be sure not to choose to be bothered by being called names. Would that we could use harsher words here to make the point.

    Nobody gets to decide what other people should or should not find offensive. Thinking otherwise is sociopathic.

    Now let's talk about your mother.

    Get the point? Or are you slow and stupid, as well as sociopathic?

    Remember, you mustn't "choose" to be offended!
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  15. BumblingB I got better.

    Yep, 4 solos I just decline. Can't stomach them once I got the feats in them. Heck, I know they are way dumbed down now to the point if you die, it's because you lagged or went afk, just no. No. ABSOLUTELY NO!

    @OP Legends characters really got crushed because of the stats revamp. It was one of those side effects to the power normalization, where they made powers follow a strict rule of power costs, damage, and effect for each. Not to be confused with GU36, with the animation normalization that kind of affected everyone in a slightly different way, but I guess it could be an extension of that.

    Really, unless the devs decide to actually start touching Legends characters and by extension, PVP, we are in a situation that Legends is just not fun.
  16. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Lmao what are you talking about?
    There s a massive difference between calling iconis subjectivly stupid and making a personal atk at someone.
    The “offence” is 100% different.
    If im going acter someon and trying to hurt their feels or trying to offend them then yes, that’d be on me (even tho if/when it happens to me i choose to NOT be offended which is why its a choice to be or not).
    Callin an iconic stuipid is hardly the same thing. If you choose to be offended because i think iconics are stupid, then your wrong. That is 100% you choosing to be offended. I cant control if you choose to be offended there.
    Again, surely you can see the difference in offending someone intentionally and someone choosing to be offended?
    Also, offended by my opinion on iconics or not, my opinion is no more or less valid than yours and if you can xpress your live for them and that doesnt offend me then i can xpress my distaste for them and it shouodnt offend you (unoess you choose to be offended in which case i cant really help ya can i?)

    And lmfao at your childish attempt to ruffle me. What you uust did w/your over the top intentional insults directed at me is a perfect example of intentionaly trying to hurt someone and the opposite of calling iconics stupid smh.
    Im not offended. Not at all. And with me you can as harsh of words as you choose because i understand the the power to offend lies with me in that i can simply choose not to be as i have done ;)
    You can run ur mouth all u want, your proving my point.
    Now you may not have that same level of logic and self control. You may lack the capacity to understand that a obvious keyboard warrior such as yourself carries no value. Thats why u cant offend me. I dont know you and your grade school name calling has no value or weight. Im just not that fragile or unstable (sorry to disappoint).
    Way to be hypocritical while failing to prove a point tho, helps your argument (that didnt need made to begin with lol) immensely haha
    You have a blessed day anyway :)
  17. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

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