Legends after GU56

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  1. SeeMeFight Well-Known Player


    I think Shazam/Black Adam got even better...
  2. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    My thoughts

    I didn't know damage nerf would affect legends. Power damage in legends stays the same.


    Characters with good power management are (even) better now.
  3. ChillCat Loyal Player

    None of the changes should have any affect on Legends. If you see a change in Legends, please report it ASAP
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  4. KodyDerp Dedicated Player

  5. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Yeah the changes were 100% not suppose to hit Legends and as Kody has pointed out we reported it (or better yet Clutch took the time to report it) on January 12th.
  6. SeeMeFight Well-Known Player

    Oh, I didn't see Mepps second post on that thread..

    Well is there a time frame these changes will be reversed?
  7. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Idk, I kinda like not having to deal with Power Discharge in Legends 2v2s anymore.

    The others I'm with you guys.
  8. ArchelyMS Well-Known Player

    All we want is Game Update 53 reverted, the Weapons Hold combo damage buff, Smoke Bomb, Wonder Woman 7 tap hold.
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  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Can you be more specific on what you are seeing? Following up, but I believe we addressed what we discussed in the other thread.

    Update: We were not able to only reduce weapon attacks on arenas and not legends. All weapon attacks in legends were also reduced the same amounts, and we are looking for feedback on what other adjustments might be needed.
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  10. Absolix Loyal Player

    Well, lower damage does make Shazam and Black Adam better since it is now harder to burn through their shields.

    I haven't been on yet, but if they didn't manage to nerf Primal MA to be in line with other weapons, then Catwoman and Cheetah are going to be crazy.

    The nerfs to holds makes Two-Face's tap ranges better safe damage by comparison, and the damage of Harvey Dent Dom's Bullet Storm wasn't affected.

    So, the top 4 got even better.

    Could the various altered weapons and combos be looked at?

    I'll try to get a more complete list later, but off the top of my head:
    Catwoman and Cheetah's weapon
    Ursa's, Zod's, and Flash's Weapon
    Kryptonians' ranged weapon attacks
    Flash's blockbreaker and Hal Jordan's blockbreaker (these are actually still bugged as well)
    Batman's and Robin's blockbreaker
    Bane's Elbow Drop when in supercharge form
    the uppercut variation of punt some characters like Bizarro have
    the Scissor Kick variations HB characters have

    Also, Two-Face's tap range seems to be about 33% stronger than John Stewart's as it seems to hit for what it used to hit for when tap ranges could blockbreak.
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  11. SeeMeFight Well-Known Player

    It was just the weapon and counter damage nerf.

    Absolix has a nice list of some stuff that should be looked at.
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Are you saying you tried these on live and they seem not-reduced, or are you just listing the legends-only attacks? We believe we found and reduced all legends-only attacks after the initial investigation.
  13. ArchelyMS Well-Known Player

    Oops, Game Update 51*
  14. ArchelyMS Well-Known Player

    Their shields are 3 seconds regardless, any damage is ignored, unless they have the 3 taps, 1 per second but that isn't logic to the 3 seconds shields.
    Maybe you would have mean overall Legends Characters Shields.
  15. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    I'm getting on Live now if anyone wants to help me test these concerns
  16. Absolix Loyal Player

    Do you know if these changes are also in the legends practice instance? It might just be my imagination, but when I was in there it looked like combos were hitting for harder than what they would do in actual matches.

    With Shazam's and Black Adam's shields they usually are used to breakout of a counter, and since they aren't as strong as regular shields you can use some of that time with counter immunity to burn through them and try to salvage some damage from the counter. Now that weapons hit so much weaker it is near impossible to burn through their shields with anyone who doesn't use powers for their counter punishment, Supergirl, Catwoman, etc.

    It is not a huge change, but it does give the two most defensively powerful legends even stronger defenses.
  17. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    This update gives High Health Legends stronger defense too.

    And yes, I've noticed that the hold combos do more damage in Legends Practice than in ques and scrims.

    EDIT: That moment when powers do more damage than hold combos. Lol.
  18. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Ok... So here's what I gather from testing with Agent Ahri on Live.

    -Cheetah and Catwoman's Primal MA's combos do about the same damage as they did before GU56. Cheetah seems to do more damage with her Axe Kick (3 tap hold melee) and her Spinning Punch (4 tap hold melee) than Catwoman does. And this is withOUT Berserker mode. With it, she can hit over 2k easily with those 2 combos.

    -Cheetah and Cat's Hold Range BB still hits 450-650.
    -No other weapon combos (aside from Bane's Elbow Drop) hit above 2k. Hell, Smoke bomb doesn't even hit over 1k. Handspring kick barely reaches 1.5k in damage.
    -Batman and Robin's hold BB also seemed to escape the nerf hammer. Still does the same damage, 450-650.
    -Bane's Elbow drop when "Venomed up" can easily hit over 1.5k.

    -Cheetah all day erryday! :p
    -High Health Legends and those with Health boosting SC's (Two-Face Harvey Dom, Bane, Atro) are even more powerful than they ever were.
    -Shazam, Black Adam, and Bizarro just might be un-killable at this point. If they weren't before.

    P.S. Legends Practice mode sparring targets seemed to have missed the memo. Damage is pre GU56 compared to scrimmages and ques.

    EDIT: Brice, Clutch, Absolix, CrazyArtBrown, or anyone else. Feel free to double check my findings.
    EDIT: Forgot about Bizarro. That 75% damage mitigation though. OMG.
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  19. ArchelyMS Well-Known Player

    The shields are 3 seconds and ignores any damage, and using that for farming blue immunity was really good from the release, with healing barrels on them. Well, looks like we gonna see all Shazam and black adam in legends for sometime, dependency.
  20. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Yep, confirmed.

    The legends practice is in the events tab and probably counts as a pve map. Thankfully, this makes looking at the damage both before and after possible.

    P.S. My main Robin has all of his combo damage reduced by around 66% :(