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Discussion in 'PC Account Support' started by Lonn Jordan, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Lonn Jordan New Player

    I have been a legendary member for a about a year and a half but last night when I got home from work I went to log on and it said I would need to deactivate characters because I had 8/6. So i did then it showed my money was in escrow. I then went to check my account information and it showed I was in SOE all access standing and a thank you for being a member sign. It also showed my account as being active. My credit card info was up to date it expires in 2016 so why am I no longer legendary? I took advantage of the offer to pay every three months for 29.99 but something has happened. Could someone please look into this?
  2. Wicked Banana Well-Known Player

    Have you checked with your CC issuer if your last payment was declined for some reason?
    If you have web banking, check to see if you have been charged.
  3. Lonn Jordan New Player

    Does not show I have been charged or that the CC has been denied. I just used that CC yesterday and it was fine. I just added a second CC to the account so hopefully they will be able to figure out something.
  4. LS2 New Player

    Mepps responded back in the Membership forums and said they looking into. Seems many players now having the same issue. Some of them who can login see they need to up their membership when accessing Marketplace.
  5. Wicked Banana Well-Known Player

    If you do not see a charge entry on your CC balance you should contact payment support and have them assist you with your membership renewal, so that you may keep any promo offer you may have.
  6. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I'm having the same issue; have filed trouble ticket, but don't expect a response before Monday. :(
  7. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Just following up to say I never received any response to my ticket, but I'm back to normal All Access, er, access.
  8. Proddy Active Player

    I had this same issue . With no reply to my ticket I decided to try to fix it my self. As an all access member and with my membership set to renew in 2 weeks I decided to bite the bullet and pay for it manually(eating the 2 week ), as if a new sub. soe.com-my account-membership info-Membership upgrade-choose plan-Pay. This fixed it for me
  9. Oligonicella Well-Known Player

    I'll go you one better Lonn Jordan. I got that message today when I tried to log in and it told me I needed to deactivate characters. Display says I have 31/32. How in hell can I be over my limit if the game itself knows I'm not? This problem is deeper than just subscription. And I'm not about to use the manually pay method to try to fix as I have a yearly sub.
  10. Mummum New Player

    There is a problem currently with the recurring membership for some people. THEY NEED TO LOOK INTO IT. REALLY BAD CS IMO. But my sister and Nephews accounts both were never auto renewed, had to go in and renew it ourselves. And now when I renewed last night my nephew cant get his free SC because the button is broke? Dont tell me to submit a ticket. I plan on it today if the button dont work. But is it me or does SoE seem to drop the ball quite often lately. Bad management or something?
  11. PH Knives New Player

    I have same problem too.
    - common error on Marketplace (in game), dcuniverseonline.com, and soe.com
    - after maintenance, cannot access the plans anymore, saying "We're sorry, a system error has occurred while processing your request. Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you continue to encounter this error, please view our Knowledge Base for possible solutions to your error."
  12. Ken_El New Player

    same thing here sorry i made a separate thread before i saw this. definitely sony's mistake here. looking forward to it being resolved.
  13. BeachCrazyZippo New Player

    Same issue here as of tonight. It was fine but now its acting as though I am not all access. I still have about a week before I need to re-up my 3 month 29.99 plan. Lost a night of being able to actually game with up to date content.
  14. Original Kal Well-Known Player

    This is happening to me now. WTF?
  15. BlueNight Active Player

    Just happened to me as well. I can't open a ticket either because I have another completely unrelated ticket that is still open. They really need to allow more than one ticket at a time.
  16. LegionHouse New Player

    It looks like this is an ongoing mess-- Are they even addressing this issue? I sent them a ticket 14 hours ago and I haven't had any reply and I'm still stuck with this very same issue. The same thing happened last month. This is becoming really irritating.
  17. LegionHouse New Player

    Geez, this is like begging for costumer service. Not even their chat option is available and they won't respond my ticket...

    Seriously, worst costumer service of the universe. And that's considering half Metropolis and half Gotham are in ruins :p
  18. Treas New Player

    I'm also affected by my membership being cancelled in July. Since My membership wasn't up until Sept it didn't cancel until now. Now i Have bit the bullet and paid 38.99 for a 3 month subscription I was previously pay 29.99 for this time. No one can help me and get me back on 29.99. Come on DC Universe you need to do something about this. I"m on Playstation but don't know where else to post this.
    playstation support, SOE support won't help. Now you guys need to make this right after over 3 yrs of legendary I won't be paying this price again. Make this offer again of 29.99 so we can subscribe. AGAIN I SAY I DID NOT CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP GIVE ME BACK MY SUBSCRIPTION AT 29.99. i've already paid the difference this time since NO ONE WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE TO ME. AGAIN THAT'S ******** BUT WHATEVER.