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  1. drew New Player

    so I started playing dcuo recently and I love it enough to cancel my wow subscription! since I work 5 to 6 days a week 10 to 12 hours a day i would say im gona play maybe 2 or 3 times a week, 2-3 hours at a time. what would be better for me as a casual player legendary or ultimate pack.? does the 2 missing dlc's not included in the ultimate pack make a big difference? is unlimited money necessary? should I spend the 14.99 a month just for a couple of hours of play a week? do I become a premium member if I buy the ultimate pack? thanks in advanced for helping a newb
  2. Jafin Devoted Player

    If you're just starting out then the Ultimate Pack is probably enough for the time being. As far as I know that includes the first 4 DLCs, which has more than enough content to keep you going for a long time if you can only play about 10 hours a week. It will make you premium so you will get the 6 character slots, wallet upgrade to $2,000 etc. Unlimited money is not necessary. A good way for keeping money for repairs is to get the Wanted: New Villains posters outside the nightclubs and then heading into PVP to kill some villains (or heroes if you're a villain) as this will reward you with Soder Colas that you can sell for repair money. I was premium for a couple of month and had no issue with the inventory space or cash limitations whatsoever and I was playing many more hours than you plan to.

    Almost all of the DLC content is for after you hit level 30 anyway, and the Ultimate Pack will serve you all the way up to Tier 4 gear. By the time you reach that you will have played enough to decide if the game is worth a subscription fee. (It is, in my opinion)

    Welcome to DCUO, glad to have you aboard!
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  3. Statman New Player

    Any $5 spent on the game gives you automatic premium status if you don't hold a subscription. That means either of these choices will give you premium in the end.

    If you were going to subscribe, would you make it an on-going thing? That's the only way to truly make the most of a subscription, as you lose access to nearly all of what Legendary gives you once your subscription is up. Unlimited money isn't exaclty necessary (many people have found workarounds to the cash cap), but it's still nice to not have that restiction in place though.

    If you don't plan on having an on-going subscription, then perhaps the Ultimate pack is better for you, as that's giving you access to 4 DLC's for the games entirety. If you never sub, you still have access to those 4 DLCs. They aren't the highest level of content out at the moment, but some of them have some real solid stuff in there.
  4. drew New Player

    thanks guys for the quick response and your input I will be buying the pack then!!!!
  5. WhiteW0lf Loyal Player

    I always say sub up. Although I do understand that it is wiser to get the pack first and test things out....trust me man, the sub is sooooooooo worth it.
  6. Notangie New Player

    For you for now, the only draw to legendary would be unlimited money. Premium and the pack will keep you sufficiently occupied for a long time. The absolute easiest way to make money for repairs is to make a legendary friend who will provide you with stacks of interfaces type III. Sell them one at a time and each will max out your cash and a stack of 16 only takes up one inventory slot.
  7. Brit New Player

    Truth be told, Legendary is not really that good of a deal unless you absolutely play the heck out of the game. It is not that it's too expensive; the game is entirely worth $15/month. It's that the Legendary Package includes many things (extra character slots, extra broker space, unlimited money before you've actually earned any money, etc) that don't actually see a lot of use.

    In contrast, spending the same amount of money on Station Cash or Loyalty Points will allow you to use your money for exactly what you want, which for many players is items that are not included or included in small quantities for the Legendary Subscription. The biggest selling Marketplace Item according to Mepps, for example, is Replay Badges. I guaruntee most players would see more use out of $10 extra Replay Badges than what they do from the 10 extra character slots.

    The Legendary Sub is like ordering an extra value meal at McDonalds, if the sandwhich is only allowed to be a Plain Hamburger and the side has to be Onion Rings, and the drink has to be Tea. It's a great deal if you like those items, but if you actually want a Chicken Sandwhich, Fries, and a soft drink, then no matter how economical the deal is, it's still a bad bargain.

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