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Discussion in 'PC Account Support' started by Willbedone05, May 28, 2013.

  1. Willbedone05 New Member

    I bought the legendary membership today but when I go into the game there is nothing there no more character slots, no new powers or anything. I know the payment went through cause I saw the 119.88 taken off my card what is going on with this game?
  2. Notangie Well-Known Member

    Same thing happened to my husband last year. There was a one day delay, this year he renewed via marketplace instead of Playstation Store and it went through immediately.
  3. Willbedone05 New Member

    So I should maybe wait a day and try again?
  4. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    You may want to submit a support ticket so we can figure out what had happened to your character slots. Please be sure to include your PSN purchase receipt (If this is for Ps3)
  5. Willbedone05 New Member

    I did submit a ticket yesterday, but when I logged in today I had 6 character slots and the light dlc with the 500 station cash but that's it.
  6. Mr.Me Well-Known Member

    If you have more than one account it may have been applied to one of you other accounts try logging into them. I think SOE will work with you about switching it, they have been awesome to me. Thats all I have hope it gets worked out for you quickly, have fun.
  7. jaiden New Member

    Just a simple question I need answered. I'm Legendary and have the 6 month membership. My question is when the 6 moths is over will I have to pay another $64, or will it continue to pay the 6 month recurring of 14.99 a month? So that's really the question I have. Maybe an easy answer, but I read the terms and but it really didn't go the membership. So I hope the question can be easily answered. Thanks.
  8. Dawnline New Member

    I'm also having the same problem. Money has been taken off my account yet I have nothing.
  9. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    You will each need to submit a support ticket so we can help you with each of your individual issues.
  10. jaiden New Member

    I have on;y 1 account with multiple characters. I paid $64 for 6 months, I get charged $14.99 every month. So when the membership is up will I be paying $64 again or will it stay the same and charge me the $14.99 a month. SOE has been helpful very much. So I make this short. I left DCOU about 2 years ago, in 2011 when I went to read up on it, it had been hacked. So March of 2013 I returned and got all the welcome back prizes and character with CRS at the end of my characters name. I was not going to bother SOE with something I could Google for the answer, and I found out it's just part of the old server because they combined them all. I only want to know having paid the 6 month fee recurring will I have to pay another 6 month fee or will it just renew and still charge I have been paying? So basically that's only question I really need an answer to. A lot of members have helped me on other issues and SOE is really to busy to ask them the question. So I hope a member would be able to help. Thanks.
  11. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

  12. jaiden New Member

    Thanks TSR-Alex, you answered my question, and I appreciate that. I will not quit my recurring, I Love the game and I have been enjoying better than when I first played. I still have the original CE with the Batman Statue and I will not sell that for anything. I have had offers, but it means a lot because this was my first MMO I ever played, so I'm keeping it. Thanks again for answering my question I really appreciate it. The game is just getting better and better and challenging, so I'm going to keep the 6 months. Oh 1 last question. I have character that has a CRS which just means old server, but my character has a Mark Of Distinction and I don't know what to do to change it. I hope it's easy to fix. Thanks!
  13. Detektib Conan New Member

    Hi... I have legendary access currently and will expire on 06/13/13. I have redeemed a legendary access before the expiration of my current membership and it showed me that I have succesfully redeemed legendary membership. But I just noticed when I looked at the membership info on account settings, it still shows that my legendary will expire on 06/13/13. What happened to my new subscription? Or it will appear only when my current subscription expires?
  14. Detektib Conan New Member

    edit: the expiration date is 06/12/13 not 06/13/13. Thanks...
  15. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Not a problem! It's an honor to know that DCUO is your first MMO. Glad you're enjoying the game! To answer your question, you may want to submit a ticket to the in game team to see if they can assist you with your Mark of Distinction question :)

    Conan, please submit a ticket so we can review your account
  16. jaiden New Member

    Ok I will submit a ticket to Conan. I guess the reason I stayed away from MMO's is because I watched people who played WOW, Everquest and Civilization. They were like zombies. They would eat and do everything else and never leave the computer. I though for awhile and even asked myself why would these people so glued to such a MMO game? Well soon I found why. They wanted to be the top player in there roll, but some how reality left them and the game took over. Some people would actually kill themselves over these MMO's and I did not want to be run by a computer. DCUO came out I think 2010 or 11 and I bought it because it was different. I left for more than a year and came back to find out why there was a CRS at the end of my characters name. But when I came back it was better, but some would brag about there CR and that's just annoying. I just want to play and enjoy with out going by a CR. It's a game to have fun on not brag who's better than the other. Anyway don't want to go on, so where would I submit a ticket to Conan. and find out how to change my Mark Of Distinction? Talk soon, and again thanks. I will add you on my friends list as a person to talk to. If that's alright with you? :cool:
  17. jaiden New Member

    Conan is New. Sorry my bad I thought who I should submit a ticket. LOL
  18. dogido New Member

    i bought my legendary awhile ago an it was working for awhile then it juss put me back to premium 2 weeks later then it came back on a day before my legendary finally ran out. can u guys help me out please

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