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  1. Spicoli Well-Known Member

    There is only one Capt Jack:)
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  2. Madholm Well-Known Member

    Legendary - $120/year - 1800 replay badges - 6000 SC

    Premium - $120 buys you 8 walmart soe station cash cards for 32000 station cash if turned if during double cash weekends 48000 during triple station cash weekend.

    Reduce the station cash by 6000SC and 5142SC (the value of 1800 replay badges as SC) and you are left with 20858SC for the same cost as a 12 month subscription.

    Reduce the station cash by 7000 for all DLC packs and you have 13858SC left over, 17358 if you buy them during half off DLC sales.

    With that remaining 13858 station cash you can buy ~4800 more replay badges than a subscriber would get; excluding any SC spent on unlimited escrows from time to time. Doing this during the winter triple station cash event would net you an additional 16000SC which would allow you to buy unlimited escrow every single week (52x100) and still be left with 3858 more station cash. The extra 3858 would buy you more than enough extra inventory slots to surpass legendary members inventory bag space perks. Either way the less you spend on unlimited escrow (which isn't needed daily) the more you have left for replay badges. You could easily get by with once a month unlimited escrow purchases, but I wanted to show you that buying SC alone would beat out subscriptions benefits.

    In year 2 you would pick up an additional 3-5K station cash as the first 7 DLC packs would not be repurchased and it's unlikely they will release more than a 4 per year based on their track record. Year 2 would net you an additional 1050 - 1750 replay badges in addition to the 1800 I factored in as purchased to match subscription benefits. Bag and inventory expansions are also 1 time costs and never need to be purchased again. Over time the double and triple station cash option out paces the benefits of the subscription by a large margin.
  3. ZEUSofGODS Well-Known Member

    U forgot to add the cost of driving to Walmart...the cost of inventory slots and bank slots... Also the cost of extra character slots... Please send me ur degree.. I'm almost ready to use the bathroom!!!
  4. tukuan Well-Known Member

    In another reply you mentioned one intangible which is the convenience the other equally important factor should be what is that monthly amount worth to the individual. Otherwise by the strict logic of dollars spent anyone who: goes to a movie instead of watching at home, eats in a restaurant, drives a car instead of takes a bus, buys clothes not on sale and so would be stupid as well.

    While I see Prem as a viable option, IMO spending $5/mo ($9.99/3mo promotion less the 500 SC I get back) is hardly earth shattering stupidity. It just means I don't have to think about when and how to access my money. Additionally assuming the Prom Boxes start dropping T5 rings/necklaces, that will be another key incentive.
  5. Madholm Well-Known Member

    You about as useless as the stuff coming out of your own *** so ill just go ahead and put you o ignore.

    The fact still remains that triple station cash is a far better option for spending you $120 per year as its more flexible and they would need to release 10+ DLCs per year before subscriptions become the clear winner.
  6. Hendrix Active Member

    I think Madholm and Brit have described it plainly. The math was correct. Yes you need bank space. That is just another 1000 or so SC. Double SC deals are better than a sub. Cognitive dissonance is probably preventing some of the longtime subscribers from accepting what Brit recognizes (ie that subscribers continue to throw good money after bad (something Brit called blackmailed)). You don't have to be blackmailed into continually subscribing. The game play as premium is great. Premium and SC purchases work just fine.

    But I think a mix of SC and occasional sub to open lunchboxes is a compromise also. For example, I bought one year for $60 when you could use SC to buy a sub, then got 7 toons to full T4, strategically spent millions at the broker, then let the sub lapse, used the station cash to buy inventory space, bank space, and key DLCs. Exactly $105 total spent in 1 1/2 years playing. Still have $30 SC to spend on the next DLC. Currently premium. Works fine. Awaiting new DLC.

    A hidden advantage to premium is that you organize your time better. For example, you don't squander game play time trading on the broker every time you win some valuable drop. Trading can waste alot of time.
  7. Drathmor Well-Known Member

    I would have done that a year and a half ago and never had to worry about it again but PS3 side was never given that chance. I wouldn't do it now but i sure would have back then I hate paying for the few months I do now when ever I need things cant afford on premium and cant trade for
  8. DeLaaNie Active Member

    Learn to read mate; he does mention that you would be able to acquire even more slots that you get with Legendary. Plus, what does driving to Walmart have to do with anything? I'm sure your money doesn't appear out of thin air mate! Extra character slots doesn't even matter, since with the extra cash you have lying around you can pick them up at your leisure, assuming you want them in the first place.

    Plus, you are assuming that everyone spends a whole lot of time on multiple characters. I have six character slots, I made six characters, and I only play one of them. On top of that, you can only play one character at a time, and I know you don't fancy every single power in the game, so therefore I am positive you will delete a character with a powerset you do not like thereby allotting you the necessary free space to make a new one.

    Once again I agree with Madholm; you Legendary lot are only talking about what comes in the package but not about what you actually use. I can guarantee alot of you purchased a subscription just to be able to say "look at what I got" instead of using your brains to work out the true cost of owning one.

    Like I posted earlier, if your magnificent subscription ends, you lose all of your DLC content. Because I pay my ten dollars up front (a one-time fee I might add), that is never an issue for me. Plus, as a Premium member I buy what I want when I want it. Alot of you mention that you get free SC a month, but what exactly are you going to buy with only 500 SC, hmmm?

    Even though you are Legendary, you still have to purchase any houses you wish along with any extra deeds you want. Your subscription isn't a "be all, end all" type of deal in which you get EVERYTHING for free.
  9. Ilunis Well-Known Member

    You, understandably, missed my point. That was my fault. I really only trot that horse out when the usual "this membership is better" argument rears its ugly head again. No dig against those who had no chance to get it. Also, good luck with the Random Pic thread. I hope the trolls leave it alone.
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  10. The Jeff Member

    I agree, buying station cash is a good deal if you use it. For me, I don't want a permanent investment in a game like buying the DLCs. Six months, a year, whenever from now I get bored with DCUO and we move to another game, I am okay with cancelling a subscription and moving on. I rarely use replay badges, with a full time job, responsibilities and a new baby on the way I don't have time to run everything once much less twice. If you prefer to buy station cash and go that route, kudos to you. If you prefer to subscribe, kudos to you. If you never spend a penny and play completely free, kudos to you as well. SOE gives us those choices so let people make the one that is best for them because frankly, it's no one's business except that person and Sony.

    There are convenience factors to subscribing that you can't get with any other method. It might cost a bit more if you do the math but like I've said before, I don't mind paying for convenience. Hey honey, want to go dinner tonight and see a movie tonight and drop 60$ on dinner, two tickets, drinks and popcorn or pay for 3 months of DCUO for both of us and play as much as we want? For us, the choice is fairly easy. For others it's different factors and different considerations. The thing is, people have choices and the choices made are right for that person at that time and not to be judged, condoned or criticized by other people. Opinions are just opinions, not facts and the intangibles that make each person's situation unique can't be put into an equation or itemized. This thread is just an argument that boils down to "what is right for me is best and you must do it my way wah wah wah" which has all the logic of a five year old throwing a temper tantrum. Let's let this go, all agree to disagree and move on.

    As a Wiccan friend of mine says, "And it harm none do what you will."
  11. TechWarrior0329 Well-Known Member

    Looks like a lot of folks have already addressed this but first .. I seriously doubt there are MILLIONS of players out there. I don't have those numbers of course but its entirely possible that less than 1 million people even play the game.

    Second as many othere here have pointed out there are benefits to a sub that F2P and Premiums don't get. I have 2 accounts one is Legendary and the other is Premium. My premium account doesn't allow me to attach anything to an email. Oh I can send them to other characters I own or other players but I can't attach cash or anything from my inventory. On my Legendary account my CR 82 character found so many extras while working on the collections at Ace Chemical and Steelworks that I then emailed to my CR 43 and CR 41 alts that both of those now have soda machines and R+D stations at their bases and they have never been NEAR Ace Chemical to explore.

    I am not 100% sure on this one but I belief that only Legendary accounts have access to the Broker. During the Valentine's day event I made millions in cash selling off Heart shaped tubs and beds I acquired in the Vault. Recently I spent a good deal of cash purchasing collectables needed to acquire the Lair Bank and Broker amenities. In addition since I am spending a great deal of time at Ace and Strykers I tend to explore and gather additional collectables which I then selll at the Broker... I have earned close to a million in cash doing this as well.

    True even a Premium account can have access to every single DLC simply by paying for each on individually but with my Legendary status I instantly gained access to all of them and immediate access to any new ones that come out.

    There is nothing wrong with being F2P or Premium .. to each his own .. But I'd hardly says its dumb to subscribe. If you have the cash (real world) and like the convenience. WHY NOT?
  12. ZEUSofGODS Well-Known Member

    Apparently reading comprehension isn't ur strong suit.. That's ok, I have time... Sit around the fire son let me teach ya... The purpose of the Walmart comment is based of cost of legendary compared to premium.. Part of his argument is traveling to Walmart to purchase sc cards cuz I'm assuming they are cheaper there vs just buying online... And since we are debating value.. All cost are put into question (u can't talk buying a tv online and saving a ton of money without factoring in the insane shipping cost!).. And having a degree in "financing" he should understand all cost are included in such a debate. Also to clarify, (I'm assuming this is still stemming from your reading comprehension deficiency).... We are debating straight cost... Which again, ingnores all "what ifs" u are posting... Cuz then my "legendary convenience factor triumphs all ur arguments..

    So to sum up for the reading impaired.. Legendary is the cheaper option if u are purchasing every benefit that we have.. If u are piece mealing the membership then obviously premium is a better value... But that isn't the argument... So u can send me ur GED to put along side his financing degree..

    Ps... I'm ps3 so all that station cash triple stuff does not count... Lol... (Silly financing majors)
  13. aceCase Well-Known Member

    It's settled then. Next time a triple station cash promotion pops up i'm dropping my sub!

    Good call guys. Maybe they'll see this and decide to up the perks of legendary......or maybe they'll never do another triple station cash promotion :confused:
  14. Namurashi New Member

    This is basically what I took from this debate. I'm glad I only got a monthly sub. I still have 3000SC from the double station cash thing they did at 7-11 last week. Although honestly, with all that's been discussed I don't understand why they don't just beef up what Legendary gets. Then again, what could they add to the Legendary perks that would justify it?
  15. Nodens Well-Known Member

    The suggestion that staying legendary is a dumb idea is, to me, the real dumb idea. While Madholm may have good intentions, the fact is that he needs to re-word his statement. Legendary isn't worth it to HIM. It is to many of us, tho, just as I'm quite certain he spends money on things some of us would consider wasteful and useless. -and we don't tell him his purchases are dumb.
    I'm not about to bring out a calendar and put all my game purchases on hold for those rare double- or even triple- station cash events. I'm going to enjoy my gaming experience every time I log in. I also won't have to worry that I might miss one of those events if I have to go a weekend without logging in. (I might also point out that, if I were back to being premium, I'd HAVE to spend some of that Station cash during the specials. There's a maximum to how much Station cash an account can have at one time, and it does exceed Madholms' numbers. -not by much, but it's there.)
    Compared to the prices Madholm gives us to operate at Premium, that little extra I spend on Legendary is well worth not having to deal with the nuisance of Premium.
  16. Lucaefor Well-Known Member

    Shame on you for trying to help people!

    You also forgot to mention the fact that subscribers only *rent* the software, whereas premium users *buy* the software and keep it for life.
  17. Madholm Well-Known Member

    If they were pumping out a DLC every month, subscriptions would win hands down.

    The triple station cash deal isnt just for DCUO; its for all the SOE MMOs. As for the Walmart promotion; no idea how long that contract and promotion is scheduled.

    For the guy with a subscription account and a premium account all I can say is why unless one is for your kids.

    For any questions about what's right for me; I have a lifetime subscription. I only have one option, and that is how much station cash do I want to buy. I looked at the differences between the two from an objective position starting from a zero dollars to see which buys you better service.
  18. Dammacx Member

    Hmm, I have no say in this for one simple reason. I went Lifetime Legendary at Launch. So all the benefits of Legendary without the hassle of deciding if I should Pay one month or not or skip a DLC. :)
  19. Doctor Erevos Well-Known Member

    Damn. You people went in lol. I learned not to care what other people do unless it hurts others. Life is much simpler that way. If people enjoy Legendary subscription, cool; if people enjoy premium, cool; if people enjoy free 2 play, cool. :)
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  20. Tanner Wade Member

    I am currently only a premium member on ps4.
    If I were to upgrade to 3-month legendary membership would i be charged up front? Monthly? And the end of 3-months)

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