Least popular dps power

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  1. DiabloLNK New Player

    What is the least popular dps power right now? I tend to get tired of canceling other's power out as a nature dps lately ... >.> and I have been looking and I heard only HL wouldn't cancel power from another HL dps?
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  2. not_again Dedicated Player

    I am going to go with Earth, but the reason the power seems to be the least popular is it usually is the least effective for a majority of the player base. That being said you could be the person who unlocks the hidden potential and can make it FOTM. Then you can repost this thread when everyone switches to your power.
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  3. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    I'm going with Sorc...

    Rarely see the power in DPS and when I do it's very low on the scoreboard!


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  4. Killuminati New Player

    I was in a similar issue, tired of my Nature getting interfeared with, went Gadgets and love it. Even picked up a side job trolling.
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  5. Tweek New Player

    I am going with earth first than electric
  6. Jeazy Baby Dedicated Player

    I'd have to agree with tweek here. earth and electric dps are so rare i forgot they existed lol.
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  7. not_again Dedicated Player

    <----- is an electric DPS. While I don't think the power is balanced with others, I still give the nod to Earth being the least played and the least effective.
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  8. Owl Devoted Player

    Earth is probably the least used power set for Damagers.
    More than half of the Earth Damagers I have encountered just spam Jackhammer wildly.
    Don't be a Wild Jackhammerer in public.
  9. Tvuski Well-Known Player

    The three least I see are Earth, Electric, and Sorcery DPS.
  10. NexGenX New Player

    Sorcery for sure, Earth and Elec are as you would expect are not too far behind.
  11. danielqpk New Player

    Elec is amazing ( i've seen my friend kill AOS in trigons prison in less than 15 seconds.)
    Earth has hidden potential (jk it needs a buff)
    Sorc is very spammy, Barely Decent DPS. (Rare though)
  12. Samurai X New Player

    I haven't seen that many people as Earth DPs.. Well, I'm an Earth DPS and I don't even know people hate on it so much. I mostly come first on the scorecard, so I'm guessing its pure skill? Haha
  13. mgkaenzo Committed Player

    Last time I switched power I watched for the "hardest" dps power as I like competitive PvE and the op power are not fun to play for it it's pretty much the same question as you because hard power and low population power go usally together. All troll power are a lot played, there's a lot of fire and ice guys atm, There's not a lot of earth but still a bit ( I didn't choose it because I have an earth tank but I could maybe switch to earth if I had no earth char ), nothing to say celestial and nature, electric a bit played and it's very good. Finaly there's sorcery wich is a lot played but only as healer. Imo all power are good but some are more "flexible" in term of gameplay so the problem is that you need to play as the power need to be played to be effiicient with low population power. Then you can chose the way of low overwriting as there's overwriting in all power, for that you have HL, quantum and maybe ice.
  14. Potent New Player

    Unfortunately as positive an outlook that may be. There really is no possibilities of "unlocking the hidden potential" when 99% of the powers in the tree do less damage than other similar tiered powers, have long cooldowns, or only 35% modifier's with "decent" damage.
  15. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    Earth is good at the low level content, higher you get the more trouble you'll find...

    Never have I seen Earth higher than 3rd in Nex or Dox, not saying it can't be done, just saying it's allot harder!

    Sorc still seems super weak compared...

  16. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    Odd that people are saying sorcery is in the mix with electric and earth. Must not know of changes.

    To the OP earth is the least popular because it's the hardest to use at higher content, and is the hardest to use as a tank. So most people generally don't use it. Electric is some what in the same boat but with a three controller set up electric can pump out some nice damage, and the healing, while not as good as the other three in terms of ease of use, can be as effective. Sorcery dps might not be as popular but that's only because people are either disregarding it based on the way it was before the revamp or are keeping the secrets to themselves. So while sorcery dps might not be as popular, it is far from the bottom tier in terms of max potential dps.
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  17. Dogico Loyal Player

    All I know is that as an earth dps half of the raids I run someone will say "oh an earth dps, don't see you everyday."
  18. PspaceJason Well-Known Player

    I semi-regularly hear or read about these freak Electric dps's that make the power look top-tier, but none of them ever seem to post on the forums. Like there's some kind of secret society of beast Elec users. I occasionally hear this in game, as well.

    If you know one of these people, I urge you, please try to get some information from them, or encourage them to share with the community. As a whole, Electricity users could really benefit from some new tech. (specifically single-target scenarios)
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  19. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Exactly!! A lot of people are judging Sorcery based upon pre-revamp and because most have jumped on the Nature bandwagon since the revamp and have disregarded Sorcery altogether- also because you still mostly hear about Sorcery healers... but Sorcery DPS are out there and keeping their secrets. :D
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  20. TheQuantumMage New Player

    I'm laughing too hard right now "jk it needs a buff"
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