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    I'm seeking active players to join Status of all Roles for the USPS3

    Looking for players who desire to be in a fun environment, willing to take it serious when need to be, and is HUMBLE and not drama queens.


    -Must be at least level 30 and active. This is crucial, since the majority of our league members are T5 ready. We all have a life, but if you wish to get better in the game then activity with the League would be the solution.

    -Dedication is key. While we can be laid back, if you're in too many leagues to meet our obligations, then Status isn't for you.

    -Please at least have all the DLCs.

    -All roles required. If you have an "alt" that you wish to place in our League, your "main" must be in it first. Otherwise, I'm not interested in your character.

    -Must have a Facebook profile and is in this community.

    Right now, we have a good amount of players in the League and are T5 ready. We're merely looking to grow as a Team

    If you wish to join the League, you can join our Facebook community (link purveyed below). You can also post in this thread and let me know your character's name and CR.

  2. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player