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  1. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    I've found that when I'm recruiting new members in the League, it turns out to be an alternate character (Toons, is what you call them) and it affects their activity in said League. Also the problem I've been facing is that supposedly they are also in other League(s) as well, which is a rebuttal to my obligations of League standards.

    Mind you, I have 10 characters myself and I use them on occasions where if anyone needs a character that'll suit whatever group missions available. However, all of my characters are either in the League I have or Leagueless.

    My inquiry here is what is your opinion (or suggestions) for this sort of problem? I have set standards in my league that unless you have a main character in it, no Alternates allowed but I wish not to be too strict with any of my members because this is a fun League and I desire for every to exponentially grow and have fun. However, this has been burning me out because the growth right now is not good and just when someone is at CR 79, they use another character that is CR 63.

    Share your thoughts.
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  2. Spindle New Player

    When recruiting, ask if it's their main. If not, politely refuse their admittance and explain why... offering them a chance to bring their main to the league in the future should they decide to leave their current league. I honestly see no other choice for you if you are looking for more "full time" league mates.
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  3. IIJetfire New Player

    i have seen that quite alot if i remmeber and ppl are using those alts for one league although not that many do that cuz that's abit too much for fun as a league...i guess.

    Edit: also ask for main char to join and leave their own league or else they will keep alts for diff league and so on..for unneccesary reason, so ask them b4 letting em in.
  4. Ebon Angel New Player

    Maybe with the new ability to ignore league invites, those that are using their alts will not "accidentally" join leagues though one of the drawbacks of this function is that you may miss an invite from a league you covet. What I have always wished was that folks would send a tell to see if the person is interested in joining anything or maybe running something with someone first to see if they (and you) are a good fit. Ninja invites prompted the change to our settings to ignore invites and the only way this game works is with communication.
    Not many "blind dates" work out. Friends lists can help if you want to test the potential recruits first. It may prove more fruitful and less drama if you do.

    Much success in your league recruitment!
  5. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    I'm up-front about it, "Do you have alts?" if so "Do you mind bringing them to our League?" if not, I'm sorry but we need FULL time players....

    End discussion!

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  6. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    It's gonna happen. don't worry about it. stay on top of your membership and cull the inactive if you wish. if your league is fun and giving members what they're looking for, they'll start playing their alts more, until it becomes their main, and they'll drop the other toons or bring them into the league.
  7. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Account Bound League Memberships!?! :eek:
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  8. IIJetfire New Player

    lol plz dont mention..i am getting bad feeling about it if it does happen to be the fact like others....
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  9. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    I'm sure the new auto decline league option will help you with this problem, judging by your post I'm gonna take a stab and assume your one of those folks who stands by a SH door "Recruiting" anyone who doesn't have a league under their name. All the questions you have should be answered prior to the person being in your league.
  10. DCFanatical Dedicated Player

    I would suggest more a time in game for a particular character. Since what you want is active members, find out how often someone plans to be on a particular character (the one they want in your league).

    Given people's ideas of what is or is not a "main" character it might be that what they consider an "alt" and what you consider an "alt" might not jive. But if they are on a particular toon long enough to be an active member of your league (and I understand the desire) then it is all good. And it comes of less restrictive then a blanket "No alts" rule.
  11. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    No, not at all.

    I'm pretty mature on whom I allow in the league. I always befriend them first and send a tell inquiring if they wish to join me. I check for team synergy, maturity, and most of all play style. I don't ninja invite anyone and I always decline all League invites if anyone sends them to my league less character.

    The only problem that I have is the inactivity with the players due to being inconsistent with character growth, which exhausts me mentally when I'm staying away leveling up my character to get them stronger for anyone who desires help.

    It's almost as though I'm about ready to just join a League and call it quits. =\
  12. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    Thanks guys.

    I feel that there are some answers here that share the same factoid with mine. I don't have an issue with anyone playing with alt characters (I have 10, one that is T5 pictures in my signature, two Tier 4 characters, and rest are Tier 3) but it's a problem when you're not consistent with league obligations. I had to wipe my League to restart from scratch due to the said inactivity.

    If you wish to add to this conversation, feel free. I think I know what to do now and follow some of the suggestions purveyed in this thread. Much obliged.
  13. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    It doesnt bother us having toons in multiple league simply extends the pool for a player base. There are several of our members who have other toons in other leagues. If we need to fill a role they check with the other leagues to see. In some cases weve even implemented chat channels between the leagues.
    Some times if that other league is slow or falls we will allow them to merge with us.
    Recently we gained 4 or5 members from a league that folded we wouldn't have got them if the alts they had were not in our league.
  14. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player