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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Saturn Girl, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    I was just thinking it would be nice to have Lairs for our league Halls too. The same current look is so simple and old and also gotta remind you that people like to have different type of Lairs, as long as no tower league Halls or Cave or Underground League Halls are released now, maybe we can at least have Lairs for the league Halls that contain different things, for example, a league of mystical and magcial and demon or weird heroes or villains like to have their own type league Halls and scary Halls not a tech league Hall made of metals, or some people who are based on atlantean blood want to have a league Halls like palace or some...
    Also Future type Lairs that look more modern.
    Anyways, many diffrentd types of Lairs.
    I want to have something different in the game like the bases ,these are already too boring and old, wau?
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  2. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    How about a sandbox lair that we get to design the layout
  3. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    That has "Tech hurdle" written all over it
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  4. TheLorax Loyal Player

    People complained about spending $10 for a movement mode style. Can't imagine a lot of league leaders buying reskins for their halls.
  5. Curse Bringer Loyal Player

    I still would love to see a themiscyra or kandaq theme
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  6. Quantile Active Player

    I would love to have new lair themed league halls! A Themyscira or Kahndaq themed hall like Curse Bringer suggested above sounds awesome! An Unholy Matrimony or Hall of Hades themed hall would be pretty righteous too!
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  7. Quantile Active Player

    What I really want though is for the Devs to simply raise the cap for more league hall base item placements. There’s so much wasted space and decoration potential in our halls due to the numbered item drop limitations...
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  8. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    I Agree. I think I've once talked about this before in the "More rooms for bases" thread, Now I consider again if they've forgotten, It would also be so good to have more rooms in our league halls with different looks and shorter walls, and a rest room part for the league halls that contains housing stuffs such as a kitchen and dining room and the hall room ( also it would be better that when we buy the league hall it contains a very few stuffs in the rest rooms part, something stuck to the own league like a few cabinets and fridge and a very few chair around the hall stuck to the own league hall and ... etc because it would be nice to have a few items in our league hall themed to the the chosen lair ) and actually some personal bedroom for each player in the league hall that only can be opened by the player who is owning this.
    Actually most of the League Halls in DC comics do have a rest room part for their members with the things that I mentioned such as Kitchen, Hall, Dining Room and Bed Rooms. In The Mount Justice in YJ series ( Earth-16), In The Watch Tower (To just prove that you can take a look at the series "Justice League Unlimited", In The Legion Headquarter, Teen Titans Tower and ...
    These were the example of the ones that contain personal Bedrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room, The Hall and ... In their League Halls for their members, Anyways the League Halls shouldn't be only for League Bank and Practice Room ( War Room) and Statues. As for DCUO these contents can be purchased in the Marketplace for whoever that wants to make a League or upgrade their League Hall, And there can be 2 different options: 1- League Hall Lairs 2- League Hall New Rooms
    If someone buys any of the League Hall lairs, that will allow them to have different looks for their League Hall.
    And if someone buys the League Hall New Rooms, that will unlock new places in their League Hall.
    And if someone buys the both, they will have new places and rooms and new look for their League Hall.

    Note: If the Idea of the New Rooms and Actually Bedrooms for the players comes true, This would be my idea for it.
    50 Rooms in the League Hall, Actually I know 50 Rooms are so many and seem to be hard to design, But they're meant to be small Rooms with a bit space and actually they all will look same. But there are 2 options:
    1-The Bedrooms can be available for who that their League's leader or any other members has purchased for them, But the members need to have Membership to open the door of their room and the room contains some good things to make it worth o buy such as a vendor, a control panel and generator and JUST A VERY FEW Lair Matched Base Items like a bed and 2 lights and ... that are matched to lair's look and totally like a base in the league hall, if you ever have seen there are many heroes and villains in the comics who don't belong to a house and family and live their league hall and with their league members.

    The other option is:
    2- When the League's leader or any other members purchases the new rooms for the League, There can be some rooms in the League Hall for the Players just like the rooms that The League Bank and Mail exist on them with just a little difference like walls and door.

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  9. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    Agreed. A wider selection of themes for available bases would make sense in game as the exsistance of other worlds/ealms/levels of technology is a widely accepted concept. The "world" market for items themed along other lines would be a market no business should ignore.
  10. tukuan Loyal Player

    Without a very reliable revenue stream attached to it I don't see that as happening.

    As for the OP I think themes are a great idea, but I can see why they aren't likely to happen. The key difference between the two is that while lair themes are bought and applied on single accounts that wouldn't be the case for HQ's.

    If they were account based then of course the first issue is far fewer people would buy them as you'd only need on for a given league. Also you could conceivably have someone league jumping (most likely for money) to apply the theme and then leave to the next one. The counter to that might be that they theme resets if the owner left the league.

    If they were a one off, which is to say I buy the theme for a given hall, then you have a separate set of issues if someone for example gets kicked from the league.

    So as far as I can see the simplest model would be to make them "free" in the same fashion as the current locations. Then of course from Daybreak's perspective can they justify the cost:benefit. Given that we don't have more lair themes I get the feeling that the cost is relatively high even on a small scale.
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  11. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    Really wish you would think things through more. How about marketplace purchasing for rooms sizes, decorations, amenities, etc... Location purchases, special doorways, etc.... People have proven willing to buy anything. There are alot of ways revenue could be made and maybe ways I didn't even mention. This could even be made into league lairs, or personal bases. I would love to see a penthouse room where I interact with something that opens up a wall into my custom base with everything I need and want.
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  12. tukuan Loyal Player

    I kinda think I have. All of those go back to my original point of treating a hall like a lair.

    I get that you want more for halls, so do I.
  13. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Though these are some creative ideas, I doubt the Devs will waste time, money and resources on an aspect of the game that doesn't really do much for progression or sell game content.

    One can say, selling league hall expansions can be something to offer, but how many people will buy them to offset the cost in developing probably wouldn't be worth it
  14. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    There are many things in the game that weren't necessary to design such as the own League and League Hall, So what if they haven't made the League, Players would still keep their membership but without the Leagues.
    This is a big deal to say how much budget they will have after designing these stuffs, Cause we don't know. We just give the ideas, It's their choice to accept or reject.

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