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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by RSL, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. RSL New Player

    i'm confused why there's no soder/r&d vendors in the league halls. have to teleport to bases or HQ to use that r&d table in our hall. oversight? upcoming feature/addition? anyone?
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  2. winter13 New Player

    Because it would make our bases /lairs and HQ obsolete.
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  3. not_again Dedicated Player

    Until these things are added, I will only go to the league hall when then instance I am in makes me go there and to donate items. The league hall serves no other purpose for me. I will continue to hang out in my base until league halls have more features added because currently they are a BIG waste of space.
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  4. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    No it wouldn't, you would still need the HQ for gear and teleporters, and you would still need bases for HT mods, generator bonuses, and supply drop/Orbital etc.
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  5. Mick Nugget New Player

    Could reserve one of the league banks for rnd/soder vendor items.
  6. RSL New Player

    then why put the r&d station at all? i dunno if you have a point or not. lol it seems like complete oversight.
  7. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    I've always said it. I find ridiculous having 8 mail stations (yes, 8) and no broker, 3 R&D machine and no R&D vendors, just for example. League halls are nice and all, but they are horribly distributed. A lot of empty spaces, lack of amenities and a lot of missing ones. A lot of improvement needed.
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  8. Derio 15000 Post Club

    League halls are nice, but my base is quite more useful atm. The order goes as followed

    Base>HQ>League Hall

    when it should be

    League Hall>Base>HQ

    What ever happened to the idea to uncluster the HQ
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  9. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    Population decline, perhaps.
  10. Gurgle Active Player

    With league halls, the HQ is pretty much obsolete. It will get to the point when the only reason you will go there to buy armour.
  11. kawe Loyal Player

    Question is...do we want to make the WT obsolete by adding all vendors/amenities to the Halls, or make Halls obsolete by not adding these? (Halls still have the advantge of the great dummys, but still, besides looking at stauaries and donate you don't have to go there)

    Adding the lairs amenities and teleporters already took a big part of the WT/HoD's usage away, so way not with Halls too? I see no difference.

    I think they should give us all amenities for the Halls, but also give the WT something to be usefull again.
    Only suggestions I can come up with is mission related stuff. The WT/HoD is the place for the iconics. Make use of them. Also a special Legends training room, which logically should only be in the WT.
    Maybe moving all tiered vendors into the WT.
  12. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    The halls are good for the sparring targets. Lots of things should be able to be placed such as the league leaders amenities from their own base.
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  13. wisetoons Well-Known Player

    i think league hall amenities will come with dlc11 collections, or they will be marketplace items soon.
    HQ will never be obselete because of vendors, portals, etc, especially for beginners.
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  14. SoulflyMike42 New Player

    If we had a teleporter in League Hall the same as our personal base it would be more convenient.
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  15. Derio 15000 Post Club

    The watchtower will not be obselete from this. There are plenty of pre lvl 30 toons and even after lvl 30 toons who are not in a league, or need certain items, pathways from HQ. With DLC11 you still need to go to HQ to buy the armor. HQs are already a freeze fest. Why not make it less crowded.
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  16. KidMidnight Loyal Player

    i love working on my bases. for a couple of them aesthetically having the amenities in my base is an eyesore next to how i try to make my bases look.

    league halls should have the complete package, if not for aesthetics then for convenience.
  17. sterl320 New Player

    If putting the amenities in the League Hall will make the HQ obsolete, then there is something seriously wrong with the usefulness of the HQ. It should be seen as more than just an amenity spot.
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  18. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    HQ will not be useless. There is literally so much to do there that it won't be useless, ever.
  19. winter13 New Player

    I'm all for adding everything that people want to the league hall. If they added the broker, vendors, and my personal bank I would never have to go to the HoD. Sure, if you want to buy gear from GuS or Ranx you need to get there through the HoD (unless you have the teleporter mod). Beyond that, I wouldn't have any need to go to the HoD because I don't have any alts (on the villain side) that are that low that I dont need to buy t1, t2, t3, or t4 gear. I'm not saying those things shouldn't be included, I'm saying for some players it would make the HoD obsolete. I would rather hang out in my league hall than in HQ, as I'm sure a lot of others would as well.

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