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    Greetings, I'm the league leader of "SWA66ER LIKE US." We're a small league, consisting of mainly T5+ & 21 y/o+. We're looking to open up our CALENDAR to outside leagues, who may be in the same scenario as us (prestige #'s game is working against the small guilds). Everyone in our league has a mic, and we're all easy to get along with.

    If you have an account through Guild Portal, we can share our calendar with you in order to maximize activity amongst the smaller guilds (you can create a FREE Guild Portal account if you don't already have one for your league).

    If you're interested, please send me a message here, or send me a message/tell in-game: xxOMNIPOTENTxx

    In addition, if you don't already have a League Hall, I'll be more than happy to give you access to ours (interim solution until you get yours).