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    Nice try Nova but no cigar ;)
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    the Batman movie. F yeah. TY
    *giff I want to use that is not yet available from the great new Batman movie*
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    Arkham, then MK, then includes DCUO opening cinematic and Fracture cinematic.... of DCUO. :)
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    I am so happy to see this thread still going! ❤
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    Apathy never forgets!
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    If you company switches the a VoIP system, you can NO LONGER send faxes. Tell your boss.
    My fax has been ringing for a week. HCA! FFS, change your default delivery method to email! How many times have I told them over the years. Your paperless effort has rendered your computers unable to send faxes (it was also a humanless effort, by the way). I get a call from a person a week or so later, did you get our fax? NO! I'll tell you again, change the delivery method to email. Stupid automated systems for sending POs for hospitals. Using regional purchasing departments not in the hospitals anymore. Yall don't notice Not receiving an item till a month later, and finally call to check the status of a PO? -.-
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    Streaming apps. some of them have done it correctly, while others not so much. Replay tv or movie content and it plays from the last point in the timeline, every time? wrong! If you reach credits, it gets a qualifier of reset to beginning as default status. Not the, replay episode, start at end credits, run next episode. .... -.o /wary. Do u even?? have a QC department? probably not, they were cut to make the CEO more of a golden parachute.

    Let alone, does goofle have spies inside facepublishing and vice versa? If they include certain authoritarian markets, then yeah, they do. Would they consider Not doing business in the special nations?? Is a target market not good enough when it is limited due to risks or censorship? :rolleyes::oops:
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    Deathmike out.
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    A wild Deathmike appears. Glad to see you brother.

    Zod out.

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    Zero Build mode. I'm in 2006 again with BF2142. Although, i've been doing solos. In teams, is it an objective to take down their blimp?
    I didn't think so.

    it's been good fun. without the building. It's not unreal tournament, and still fun. imho. one life to give per match.
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    no bug report forum????? :rolleyes:

    uuugh, the mouse over text effect and it does nothing. Shirley, my company has a billboard website from the 90s without flash advertisements and cookies. 2022 and a game studio with no forum??? much less a means to report bugs???? with MGM and Lionsgate associated in the credits. hhhrumph. even the super producer company icons are not links on the page?? :oops:

    looking forward to the first patch.
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    cmon saber do better
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    forgot to mention, be patient. exit matches and get banned for an hour+. When u expect your group and yourself to die and the game is over, walk away, let it end for the 20 minutes or less gameplay you are not doing in order to not be penalized.

    apparently, the penalty is less when disconnected or others dead??

    there is a reason single player campaigns are often less worked on by studios. They like pugs. I dislike pugs.

    edit: if there are no loot boxes nearby, u can hear active traps. that's a strange choice. they sound like loot boxes.