Last one to post wins

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    Will do!

    Agreed, sadly. I'm much more into gen:LOCK these days.
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    Aussie, aussie, aussie...
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    WB and very glad to see you safe and well!
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    And it's good to see how this is still kicking after 8 years.

    \:rolleyes: / Here's your prize. Just another Joke provided by the Clowned Prince of Crime.
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    Hello Devs and Mepps I have a good idea people like to level up their alt toons why not have it where each account can have full access to their in game cash no matter what toons they are on make it for legendary players or you can make it a one time payment like ten bucks would help people our so they can level up their toons to even make it easier to trade as well thank you for your time
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    scheduled maintenance

    meanwhile, I'm getting my hunt3er gatherer rocks off preparing for server merger in New World tomorrow and ok with beating one boss in LoD alert for the next few weeks pugging, because DPSuniverse persists from launch to today. Numbnuts, you have to get better CR before you can DPSuniverse all content. Do Support roles for a few weeks to get the loot that allows for DPSuniverse. /gosh
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    I think it spiral out of control after.... Convfefe.
    I read this last night and understood what it meant.
    Dindymon and Diyu will be merging into Difu for Arkadia Coral.
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    Sometimes you Dametria, sometimes you Dontmetria
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    New World Twitch Drops related to Wheel of Time, link account and claim a reward before advancing on second etc rewards:
    that's some BS, to have to claim each loot item before advancing on rest of loot drops that takes 7 hours of watching streams in total to get them all. Should be an advance towards next immediately, not requiring an interaction to gain exp.... :rolleyes::oops: I just claimed the 1st one, after more than an hour of having a stream open.... :rolleyes:
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    Dang it! I didn't take a screenshot! :mad:
    I was on facebook app on phone, saw an ad for a game, showing an avatar running away from the camera view as the thumbnail and.... she had no pants... the crack..... her buttocks.... WTF I reported it. I get 8 options to describe it. I can't write a report of my own. *red flag for automation/fill cells in a spreadsheet or interactive pdf.... [IMG] Did she have on skin colored spandex? /faceplam. Are we debating the serious *** crack being shown in a thumbnail? You bet your sweet.... sure.

    sidetracked.... 8 options, including optional, do not allow me to type a response. I would report it and pick each option. ignoring the immediate automated system reply of thanks.... /wary. OMG, Don't Look Up on Netflix! it's Idiocracy 2.0 for today's society.

    Shirley, i'd expect no ability to further participate in my reported ad. Wish i took a screenshot. It was ..... WTF?! THIS is what FB is gonna show me as a advertisement in the "feed"? FB is all too automated with their Theranos level of BS algorithms. Scam texts, calls and emails, stop trying to swindle my parents, they don't understand technology, oh yeah, that's why u do it. Piss off recorded messages of spam call voice actors. I want to see your imdb page.

    I prefer the Feed I recall from a few years back.... [IMG]