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    It's black cat appreciation day,
    Cats should be appreciated every day,
    After all cats rule and dogs drool :D
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  3. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    Warframe, launched 2012? now has 33 Warframes/powers. :D DCUO launched in 2011, has 15 powers. :oops:
    Excalibur is more ninja'ish and less accessible to build later, go with excalibur for a starter warframe from the 3 options. Volt is accessible from a guild to build, and Mag blueprints from pve drops. Unlock map nodes. Story missions are not up front but later on. Movement, like no other. Melee is devastating with proper mods. Add forma and polarize weapons or warframe to customize builds with mods that drop from npcs often. Use platinum for slots for warframes and weapons.


    Hit or shoot containers whenever possible to get materials from them. [IMG] [IMG]
    and open green lit lockers for materials also. [IMG] [IMG]
    and there are special containers that have a chance to be in any map that have special loot chances. [IMG] mini map, add a mod to detect loot on the ground, increase its range with sentinel mod for detection and increasing mod strength. Instead of having exobytes with limited visibility from PS3 version inclusion or some other reason to .... nevermind.
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    I found this on the second page so I decided to bump this.
    And also I started reading Ready Player One, it's pretty good.
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    Arwen can read?????
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    Pvt Zod , nice to see you
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    Watched a couple clips for the new Star Wars BF2, and most of the comments were about how the lead character was a female imperial leading a special ops unit of StormTroopers and how the SJW's were to blame, with a couple comments about her lieutenant was an actor on Arrow (which lead to a comment that actress playing the lead had played Oxenfree's girlfriend for a couple episode's)
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    Wonder how badly they are going to screw this movie considering it's such a loved classic (hopefully that crappy song at the end is only for the trailer)
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    Prom boxes start dropping after reaching level 10 IIRC. Some missions during level up can only be actually accessed if the mission is the active one in the journal. Since you played an old toon, the mission may not have been "active" since old toons could stray from the "projected gameplay path" or however devs called the reason to deactivate teleporter access on low level toons.
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    Thank you for answering, specially about when the PromBoxes start dropping (was wanting HommeCraizee to get a PromBox before deleting him, had been holding him back), won't worry about levelling up Street Pizza or Woad Wage now (will send them straight to HQ to be new bankers), turned out was wrong: Craizee did have the Burnley Freightyards mission, just missed it when replaying old missions earlier

    It's only Joker'ed characters who get that mission? Bat-flunkies don't get it? And other villains need to get a Joker'ed to open it up for them?
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    :rolleyes: another dev that made a console version, and now the PC version... well...
    Shirley, steamcharts is only a portion of potential users of a game. I have bought games with steam and then continued playing them without using steam. (Warframe and DCUO are examples that I separated from steam years ago. it's easy when its a free to play game.)
    the comments to the OP in this linked thread sum it up fairly well.

    I feel that PC version of Marvel Heroes will be added to the following soon.
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    ...log into DCUO 'cause ESO is down. Do the time capsule key fragment event thingy...get multiple tells

    hey, I can help you
    with your CR
    you want help boosting your CR
    you leg(endary)?

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    Came across this act by accident random-clicking YouTube, and this version is the best (because of the English subtitles)
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    Yes, the initial arcs after tutorial are the most diverse ones per mentor. Joker: Burnley with Catwoman vs Huntress, Bats: Gotham Sewers with Batwoman vs Scarecrow, Lex: Metropolis U with Parasite vs Power Girl, Supes: some hidden base of Grodd near the Fire dept. in Little Bohemia (fighting alongside the Flash), Circe: hidden base of the Sentinels of Light, fighting alongside Brother Blood against Fate and WW: Mannheims Chinese Theatre with Zatanna vs Faust. However, all those maps become T1/T2 challenges later so no opening needed. But: WW and Circe have a secondary instanced mission in their arcs each, which needs opening to get the feats in there.

    Later "mentor-specific" missions use the same maps for each pair of rival mentors. Guessing the initial missions show how DCUO was planned and the game shows how much was cut due to scheduling conflicts etc.
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    Hmm, not sure if did the Circe mission with Blood fighting Fate and Wonder Bewbs (wait, was, that the one near the Sentinels in the carpark on the north river bank with Etrigan?), but then again, had forgotten that Chris had done the Burnley Freightyards...
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    That "and" wasn't meant the way you understood it :D Read it as "and WW mentored players: ...."