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  1. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    So glad the snow is on east side n not the west
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  3. Boscohark Well-Known Player

    I am glad to see that even after being away for almost a year this thread stands the test of time...
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  4. Ninja'd Dedicated Player

    Thank goodness the winds of the blizzard muffles the whining of Floridians and Californians.
  5. Yaoi Pope Dedicated Player

  6. Coulromaniac Dedicated Player

    Back when people actually put effort into every aspect of their character,
    instead of "Real Raven" "SupermanBR" or "XNightwingX" blek.

    Even names that aren't properly capitalized or spaced get my goat.

    I can stand something that is deliberately misspelled and still looks good,
    like Mysty instead of Misty, but names like CarlynnCarnage (sorry, I know she has a lot of fans)
    just have me thinking "you should have picked another name! :("

    - but that's just my malfunction.
  7. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    Says the dude with a non sense name
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  8. Yaoi Pope Dedicated Player


    "I was driving east on Santa Monica Blvd. last Thursday afternoon and while at a red light, I stared at a man in a pink jacket and leopard print skirt. He saw me staring and blew me kisses until the light turned green. I have always admired the guys who work on that part of Santa Monica Blvd. They're so full-on. That's the real hardcore. It makes all those guys with piercings and stupid pants you see in bands these days seem complete lightweights. When you drive down Santa Monica Blvd. on a cold morning and see those guys out there, no shirt, strutting on the corner, raw, fully confrontational hip sway, it's like they're taking the whole world on. I'm so into that. I can't imagine what that would be like to face every day as my employment but I can't see how people work at McDonald's either. What is more flat out core than a male prostitute with his d!ck pushing against his mini-skirt flicking his tongue at you while you wait at a red light?"
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  9. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    Wow u saw newel
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  10. Coulromaniac Dedicated Player

    my name makes more sense than yours! :p
  11. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    Ok , whatever ;)
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  12. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    And this is mine...
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  13. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    Where is Metallos meat head?
  14. Yaoi Pope Dedicated Player


    "I was driving to band practice several hours ago. Going east on Hollywood Blvd. with Mann's Chinese Theater on my left. I looked at the people on the sidewalk and it seemed that almost all of them had logos on their shirts. It reminded me of when I've been in some remote corner of the world and seen people walking around in worn thin clothing and so often their shirts have brand name logos of things they would never come into contact with or never be able to afford if they did. When I saw those people on Hollywood Blvd., it struck me that we are refugees in our country. We walk around with logos on our clothes, we are warm blooded billboards advertising products to other warm blooded billboards. Working for our pimps. Amerika as one big ad for Amerika. Men going door to door spreading the good word of Nike and DKNY. Microsoft taking out ad space in the Bible. We are inhabitants of a factory so huge we can't even see it. We run in and out of the doors with product. Products as a virus. We spread it and infect others. Amerika as the groovy accessorized First World leader with a Third World lean. Wake up to your mother trying to sell you black market Duracell batteries and Sean John factory second t-shirt. In the future the Tooth Fairy will leave Master P. brand bullets and Starbucks flavored condoms bought from under your pillow. No one in Amerika is out of work. We're all in advertising."
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  15. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    I don't wear anything that gives free advertising , like Nike shoes , hats etc, u pay me I'll wear it, had hard enough time wearing a work shirt or hat with co logo on it, but they paid me
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  16. Coulromaniac Dedicated Player

    I wear Walmart clothes, only advertisement on them is the tag, except my shoes from time to time, which are usually 20-30$,
    12$ if I'm lucky. I'll never understand the amount of cash people are willing to shell out on clothes and then brag about it.

    "I paid 300$ for these shoes." gurl, pleez, you a fool :rolleyes: ain't no justifying that.

    Unless wearing a cat shirt counts as advertising cats, I'm reasonably brand free.
    I'd wear cat underwear, cat pants, cat shoes, gimme gimme anything cat related :D
  17. Coulromaniac Dedicated Player

    Probably disposed of...
  18. Coulromaniac Dedicated Player

    I'm worried about Newel...
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  20. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Always makes me think you spelt 'colour' more wrong than usual :p
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