Last one to post wins

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  1. Jax Prime New Player

    Did we just post at the same time? FATE!!!
  2. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    It was a rumored prize that spawned somewhere towards the end. Anyway, Mepps won... devoured the evidence.

    Also... this isn't going to last as long. It's a repeat of a locked thread, which breaks forums rules and will get locked faster!
  3. General Zod 10000 Post Club

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  4. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Because you're mean.
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  5. N4TURALKILLER New Player

  6. General Zod 10000 Post Club

  7. Treat New Player

    T_T That's so unfair. I try to be nice and I get rejectedz. I am misunderstood!
  8. N4TURALKILLER New Player


    Deathmike Out.
  9. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Would you like to the learn the secret of Time Travel?
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  10. Treat New Player

    Yes, please. :D With sugar on top and a brand new pair of gloves.
  11. Volaron New Player

    What type of gloves?
  12. Jax Prime New Player

    Challenge Accepted.
  13. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Ok it's a very very complicated process.
    1. You need a cat, it must be a brown cat or else it wont work.
    2. You pet the cat one if it meows you move on to the next step if not you repeat the process.
    3. You make a sandwich while holding the cat. If the cat falls the technique is ruined and must be started all over.
    4.You do 20 squats while holding the cat and sandwich.
    5. You twirl in a circle holding the cat and sandwich if the sandwich falls the process must be done again.
    6.You kneel 2 times.
    7. Twirl for 1minute in the opposite direction for the past/clockwise for the future
    9. You're in the past or future

    Edit: Last
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  14. Treat New Player

    o_o The coolest kind with lasers and disco music.
  15. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    You'll lose.

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  16. Treat New Player

    Too complicated for me :(
  17. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Ok.... I'll give you my Time Machine but I want two pairs of gloves.

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  18. Treat New Player

    Two pairs? I offered one pair. -_-; ugh... I guess I'll go steal a pair from melvins closet
  19. Jax Prime New Player

    You are messing with forces above you my child.
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  20. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Alright I'll take one pair..

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