Last one to post wins

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by Rockin earth, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Nice recap! And thank you my loyal subject! :D
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  2. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    o_O Can't poison a demon. I only eat souls. :D
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  3. TripleC123 New Player

    I can't poison the Queen, silly. Or the devs...
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  4. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Well ok, maybe an occasional heart here and there... but it has been months.
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  5. TripleC123 New Player

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  6. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    I cant be poisoned either. Im a monarch... I get immunity cuz of my name :p
    But im still under rule of Empress Carnage
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  7. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    I live but to serve, your Majesty.
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  8. TripleC123 New Player

    I'll just have you fly to my flower and have it eat you.
  9. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Monarchs dont settle well with carnivorous plants
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  10. Rockin earth New Player

    Ikr lovin it
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  11. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    Wait I though the monarchy was the Supreme Monarch campaign?

    Also is getting to six flags in New Jersey reasonable for any of you? Me, Free and Monarch were thinking of meeting up there sometime.
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  12. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    I love you guys! You make me smile so much! :D
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  13. Mr.Me New Player

    I recognize no authority and here by declare my self sovereign and absolute.

    Anyone caught defiling my boarders will be,...

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  14. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Carlynn we got another rebel. Deploy human shield?
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  15. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    More like deploy the kitty shields!

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  16. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Will do!

    Kittens!!!Adorable Wall formation!
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  17. Phantasy2013 Dedicated Player

    Pot spelled backwards is top.
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  18. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    Stupid Google maps can't calculate travel directions....still, it's only 14,000 km - shouldn't take to long to walk there? Right?
  19. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    Nah, shouldn't be too bad.

    I take it you mean kilometers?
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  20. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Damn..8,699.196 mi?
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