Lantern colors (it's not what your thinking lol)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Talamh, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Talamh New Member

    Okay so I'm making this thread because a mate thought it would be a good idea and for the lantern fan players who'd like red and blue rings added to the game. What could be done (and some mates agree) is that they should be sold at the market place as a style and not be added as a power, I would definitely pay for it. This of course would be adding additional ring colors (besides the red and blue) like indigo and violet and different looks (animations). The colors black, orange and white would not be added for a couple of reasons (not going in to that at the moment).
    Hero faction would have one additional color which would be indigo. It would be something like this:
    Heroes: Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet and Villains: Yellow, Red and Violet. (Violet being gender locked: female)
    I also mentioned animations, that would be the looks and colors of your hard light constructs. Hand clap, ram and whip trash serve as good examples.

    Support this thread if you'd like this idea to come to life.

    Just adding something to this, I would be neat to get the energy outline that surrounds lanterns (I'm not talking about an aura). Like the cartoons that have a black outline around their bodies, well same here. Look at the image below or this thread for reference:
    Also remake some of the weapon style packs please (green and red energy the most)
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  2. Toshknight Well-Known Member

    I agree with mostly everything your saying and your ideas. but if its in the market place. villians will be able to buy Blue/indigo. w/e. ex. but yes this would be a great marketing tactic for the SOE community. i support this thread 100% if they dont add new lanterns into the game. why not just add the rings or hell power colours in general on the market place for every power. cause we dont want lanterns being favorited.

    and we were talking about the aura issue... Green lanterns and Yellow lanterns. dont even have Aura. they shimmer, But talking about getting a green aura is a pipedream but. a Jade Aura Is possible i was told
  3. General Zod Well-Known Member

    So basically just like every other thread on lanterns you
    1. Want them added somehow
    2. Color Change/ Different Textures for each
    3. Faction/ Gender Specific Ones

    Only difference is they're not its own powerset.
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  4. Minnion Well-Known Member

    Why not? If nothing else it would be paving the way for doing similar purchasable changes for all power sets... Think of the customization! I'd love being able to have a more magical variant of my tech powers myself... or at least being able to get a suppressor turret that matches my characters color scheme better. Blue fireballs for the fire users, Less demonic looking pets for heroic spell-casters, a whole rainbow of colors to choose from for mental, and so on....
  5. Tule Well-Known Member

    That would be perfect, blue lantern healing = electric healing + style ring. Blue lantern dps = quantum + ring. Fire = Red Lantern. Indigo = Mental. Eventually we could cover all colors.

    Though if they are being forced to call blue lantern weapons "energy styles" I doubt they have clearance for a ring, even if it is just a style.
  6. Larfleeze Well-Known Member

    That would require a lot of extra work from the devs for something purely cosmetic. A better option would be for them to just unlock color sliders for your respective powers. All the powers have 2 colors attached to them, there's no reason that shouldn't be an option next to your outfit colors when messing with your costume.
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  7. Toshknight Well-Known Member

    A better option would be for them to just unlock color sliders for your respective powers. All the powers have 2 colors attached to them, there's no reason that shouldn't be an option next to your outfit colors when messing with your costume.

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  8. Jafin Well-Known Member

    1) We've had this thread multiple times.
    2) As long as the power is called Light this will not happen as DC will not want the other colours acting the same as Green and Yellow because that is not how they work.
    3) Please, once and for all, get this stupid notion of Star Sapphires being female only out of your heads.
  9. Jafin Well-Known Member

    The devs told us shortly after the game launched that there will never ever be colour customisation for powers.
  10. ElectricPhoton Active Member

    Well can we just leave it as if and say this is a dead thread already like the rest of the lantern threads?
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  11. Phantasy2013 Well-Known Member

    As I learned in life, NEVER SAY NEVER. I think the OP ideas are reasonable and even though I am not a huge Lantern fan , I see his viewpoint and creative idea of either buying the different color rings in marketplace or creating sliders to change the colors of our powers(which benefits the community's creativity as a whole). Would be nice and as the PS4 looms, I would hope they would consider either addition down the road.

    Devs could create power color change respec tokens charging $9.99 each if SOE really want to make a little extra cash. Just an idea if the other ideas aren't applicable.
  12. Larfleeze Well-Known Member

    The devs also told us shortly after the game launched that it will never ever be free to play.
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  13. neptunesBeard Well-Known Member

    But he said it's not what I was thinking. This can't be true or I have been lied to...
  14. Talamh New Member

    What I meant is that its not a thread of new powers rings being added to the game as a style not as a role :)
  15. neptunesBeard Well-Known Member

    But that's what I thought you meant and that's the same thing a lot of people have requested.
  16. Deepeess Well-Known Member

    OH GOD i would ignore everything they did bad(IMO) and give them more money for adding that.
  17. LL Well-Known Member

    Will someone that reads comics more then me, explain to me why anyone would want blue lanterns?

    Last I knew they have a protection aura, and flight granted with their rings....that is it!

    They only get other powers when near a green lantern. Has this this lore changed?

    Why on earth would this be a powerset someone would want in game?
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  18. XODUIS Well-Known Member

    Sounds strictly like a tank pwr to me. useless as a dps pwr
  19. Jafin Well-Known Member

    You are completely correct. Despite our numerous attempts to educate people there are still a ton who believe that all of the Lanterns corps work the same as Green and Yellow. Then there are those who think that we should just be able to swap out the colours but have the same constructs - as long as the Light power is related to being a lantern, this cannot and will not ever happen because DC won't allow it to. There are also people who watched the GL animated series and saw that Red Lanterns could form constructs, which almost never happens in the comics. The GL animated series was severely watered down so it would be child friendly. If it was accurate to the comics then Razer would have died a messy, painful death the second his ring was taken off when he was captured by Hal and Kilowog.
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  20. shaun10656 Well-Known Member

    who gives a damn if its a lot of work for the devs its A GAME it requires a lot of work anywyas just frigging add it already and acting like you care for the devs and how much work they do

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