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    Literally. The thing about villains is the least of it, as if there are no half Heroes who do bad things or Villains heroes, I think of for example Catwoman, who does well in good and in her "bad" moments, and so many others , In this DC world and in this game too, there are more hybrids and stories of supposed bad guys doing heroic things, And a lot of "heroes" doing evil ... Huntress sounds? And in this atmosphere of a house of legends than everything It is crossed is the last straw that it cannot be ...
    (my english is not good)

    I also ask, and I dare to question, kill me, but if one of the many possible narratives and for having, says that the blue lines have their strength in hope, which is a Such a neutral and universal feeling, who can say those who have hope and those who do not, If it is not in a heroic context, it does not stop being hope especially in those lucid and kind moments that the "bad" have, there are villains who do not touch never that background of the ruthless and even float on the pendulum and collaborate with the so-called heroes, and vice versa, these are not all 100% good ... Heroes are not owners of hope, nor are villains incapable of it, not even at all times ... Some villains have only made bad choices or sincerely believe in a path that is not correct (Jjajaaj Literally, tell me if this does not sound cloying but we will have seen it) And so, Total, if a person in this MMO becomes a villain, no one will ask if he will be a ruthless madman, a hybrid, or a herue in the bad world ... now yes, neglect me, but I said it.
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    You said it. I have no idea exactly what you just said, but you certainly said it.
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    I use the google translate, what did you expect Jajajaj
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    Just to be clear.. I am suggesting 1 new powerset in three forms.. triplets if you will. With only Blue Lanterns in DPS stance giving a 10% damage boost to Green Lanterns (also DPS stance) as a supercharge.. being the only difference between the three.

    For example in the full version I suggest.. all would do the same damage and have the same effects, same animation/clipping.. only the color would be different and the construct would be slightly different..

    While original Construct Pencil is green, it could be retconned into DPS equivalent/variant of 'Entrap' if a book was added to snap close on the enemies. Variants could be : Construct Rose; entrap enemies of Love in light construct heart shaped chocolate boxes and let them know the pain they cause with a single construct rose. Construct Rubber Baton; entrap enemies of compassion within light construct rubber balls and make them feel the pain they cause with a construct rubber baton.

    All this would keep creation time and maintenance to a minimum.. as all three would be updated identically, should they need updated. Everyone would have the Lantern they desired with the exception of Orange, but since Agent Orange (Larfleeze) is the only canon holder of Orange Lantern rings, imho it breaks canon for him to be just giving them away to create 'Reservists'.

    This isn't the first time we have had this either.. Mental and Gadgets are 'twins' are as (DPS) Earth and Sorcery, (DPS) Fire and Ice (iirc). So it's already been tested successfully and used as an idea within the game. With the above system I have just extended it to three instead of two.