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    This thread was originally posted in USPC by Tukuan, but I haven't seen him sign up here on the new forums yet. In the interests of getting this information out to all players I've copied and pasted his information here, but if he would like to me to take it down afterwards, I will glad do so. I just want to make sure he gets proper credit here first.


    A reference for locations and henchmen styles for those considering the marketplace lair styles.

    Deco Theme
    Iconic Locations
    • Metrodome (Metropolis)
    • City Hall Roof (Metropolis)
    • Courthouse Roof (Metropolis)
    • Glenmorgan Square (Metropolis)
    • LexCorp Tower Pool Deck (Metropolis)
    • Science Spire Helipad (Metropolis)
    • Science Spire Middle Entrance (Metropolis)
    • Gotham University Side Entrance (Gotham)
    • Arkham Asylum's Gazebo Roof (Gotham)

    Gothic Theme
    Iconic Locations
    • Arkham Asylum Loft (Metropolis)
    • Cain Street Mall Roof (Metropolis)
    • Ace O'Clubs (Metropolis)
    • Amusement Mile (Gotham)
    • Ace Chemicals Roof (Gotham)

    Ancient Theme
    Iconic Locations
    • Forum of the 12 Caesars (Gotham)

  2. CCBatson Well-Known Member

    Bunker Theme
    Iconic Locations
    • Old STAR Labs Roof (Metropolis)
    • Condemned Shipyards (Metropolis)
    • Knightsdome Side (Gotham)
    • Arkham Asylum Service Entrance (Gotham)




    Cave Theme
    Iconic Locations
    • Arkham Asylum Cave (Gotham)



    Industrial Theme
    Iconic Locations
    • LexCorp Tower Side Entrance (Metropolis)
    • Stryker's Island Roof (Metropolis)
    • Knightsdome Garage (Gotham)
    • Ace Chemicals Garage (Gotham)
    • Arkham Asylum South Garage (Gotham)



    Dive Theme

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  3. TK PUSHA Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting this, i couldnt find my old bookmarked page after the move today.

    PS: I Heard today that STRYKERS RooF ICONIC Location available previously with Industrial Theme was removed?
    Can anyone confirm this or know the details?
    I was planning on grabbing that theme specifically so i get the location this week, but apparently there were some issues putting it there or something...
  4. TK PUSHA Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know if the 'Industrial' theme Iconic Strykers Island Roof location is still there?

  5. CCBatson Well-Known Member

    Sorry never heard anything about that at all. Ask a Dev?
  6. TK PUSHA Well-Known Member

    so, DEV?

    also, im curious then if the cave locations on Strykers were removed as well.
  7. CCBatson Well-Known Member

    I was just visiting a cave location at Strykers a few days ago, so I am pretty sure they are still good.
  8. TK PUSHA Well-Known Member

    awesome, thanks for the info.

    Still, if anyone has an Industrial Theme, could you check and see if the Stryker;s Iconic Location is still there?
  9. TK PUSHA Well-Known Member

    Still trying to find out if the Industrial Theme has a location on Strykers, or if it was removed.
  10. Sarielle Active Member

    It was there at least as of a few days ago when I took screenshots. Do you have a reason to believe it's not there? I can check for sure tonight. I was making my own version of this before I realized this existed. Ah well, at least I'd already planned to include interior screenshots as well, heh.

    Incidentally, I hope the original author of this thread is a contributor at because these screenshots have been posted there. P:
  11. TK PUSHA Well-Known Member

    old post.
    i've been living @ Strykers for a couple weeks now and loving it.
    saving me a ton of travel time and its a great inspiration for my psych-lab themed base somewhat inspired by the Pearl station from LOSt:
    Station 5: The Pearl

    The Pearl is where the Dharma Initiative studied psychology. It primarily serves as a monitoring station, to which surveillance feeds from the other stations are sent. Its orientation film asserts that the Swan is a psychological experiment, and that the purpose of those stationed in the Pearl is to monitor the participants in that station. The station consists of a three-by-three bank of television sets, two chairs with writing surfaces, and a computer hooked to a printer. A pneumatic tube is installed in the room, which the orientation film states is used to transport notebooks to another Dharma location. According to the orientation film that features Dr Mark Whickman, two-person teams, working eight-hour shifts over a three-week period, were to watch the video displays and take notes on their observations. Every action, regardless of how subtle, were to be recorded into notebooks by the Pearl's team members.[28]
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  12. Sarielle Active Member

    Doh, I didn't check the date. I mostly came to make sure this thread's (original) author gave that other site permission to use their images. Ripping off content is very uncool, and I'm hoping the folks at that site (which I use for a lot of stuff!) are above it.
  13. tukuan Well-Known Member

    @CCBatson Thanks for adding everything, I just noticed from another thread. Here's the eastern stuff

    Eastern Theme
    Iconic Locations
    • Crime Alley (Gotham)
    • Giordano Greenhouse (Gotham)
    • Science Spire (Metropolis)
    • Mannheim's Chinese Theatre (Metropolis)


  14. SuperBell Well-Known Member

    So, anybody have info for the Tech lair?
  15. AgentX44 Well-Known Member

  16. Midori Toro Member

    Forgive the newb question, but what does an iconic location for a lair theme mean?
  17. DCUO Anon Active Member

    The Iconic Locations are premium real estate around landmarks on either map. One will notice when selecting a location to inhabit, one will be charged Marks of Triumph as well as some station cash, and consume one Deed. At this time, and until; one can have up to 4 deeds, thus 4 locations. A Location once purchased can be moved via the 'in location terminal'. If moved, one will again be charged station cash and MoT if moving to Iconic Location.
    As it stands now the Cave theme is the most reasonable at $5 play money, and in my opinion the Dive theme the most efficient. This said based on the amenity restriction of 4 item per base, and everything is in one small room. Easy in, Easy out.
    Amenity= (Mail, Broker, Soder/repair Vendor, Research and Development Workbench, Research and Development Vendor, Bank, Sparing Target)

    Off Topic: It would be well received by this community member to see an increase of amenities placeable at one time. Personally, I would like to be able to "Free Place" Broker, Mail, Bank, as they have small footprints. I don't know why there has to be specific locations for an amenity.. maybe it's magic, maybe it's logic, yet perhaps it's negotiable.
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  18. Unknown Member

    Great thread!
    Anything about the new tech Lair?
  19. SuperBell Well-Known Member

  20. AgentX44 Well-Known Member

    DId you read the whole post on the hyperlink? it had screenshots of what you wanted. gosh, some people just don't read.

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