Lair battles: Please don't tell me how to do it

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Deathmark, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Deathmark Well-Known Member

    Listen, you REALLY want an even fight? how about we both get the same weapon, powerset, loadout and gear then? And spec and mod exactly the same too while we're at it. No? Then you don't really care for an even fight do you? Besides, I mean I've got soders, you got soders. We both got HT obviously since we're both in lair. And we both have an SC bar. So where's the problem? You want to be a big man and not use the stuff? Go ahead. Beat me? Yes you're the better player (or an ice tank), no contest. But don't tell me what i can or can't use. Soders or ht stuff aren't there to look at and as far as i know, not considered cheating.

    I'm there for the feats. That means i want wins and considering there's a 1000 to get, i want them fast and as pain free as possible. I'm not there to measure my ******. And seriously like, you're an ice tank and i'm not supposed to use soders or HT? Well maybe you met some DPS that can still beat you without them, and my hats off to them, but i'm not one of those guys. Besides, you're an ice tank in lair battles. You don't get to call me out for tyring to do it the "easy way".

    If you want clear set of agreed upon rules, go scrimmage someone. If you're queuing for lair, you better be willing to accept anything that comes your way and not call me out on it. I don't have to follow made up rules agreed upon by a minority of hardcore pvpers. No one does. See me in lair? Get your soders and HT stuff ready. Or don't and beat me the clean way. But i'm not gonna apologize for using the stuff. Don't worry, im not gonna go out and brag i beat you after (in the unlikely event i do). I don't give a **** who you are or what your reputation is and I don't care about whatever mine is either. I don't have misplaced pride or an ego to feed.

    "Just the feats, mam"

    That is all.
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  2. Brice Allen Well-Known Member

    AND the guy Deathmark beat -
  3. razor Red Well-Known Member

    Home turf shouldn't be in pvp.

    Other than that you're right you did not agree to any rules and I don't respect tanks in 1v1 or 2v2 situations. tanks just want to have an advantage over dps/trolls and think they are actually good at pvp because they can outlive people. I was a great tank for a full year now I look back and say wow was I garbage.
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  4. Death Throe Well-Known Member

    Just turn off the VS chat. Players just use it to cry and trash talk. Trash talk and crying; just little boys with little wee wees trying to make themselves feel better.
  5. MARK2099 Well-Known Member

    Op you are kind of contradictory, if you are willing to use everything just to get your lair victory feat, why do you care what other says, shouldn't you be focus on get your feat rather than care what anyone else say to you?
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  6. Deathmark Well-Known Member

    That last guy has a fair point...

    I just don't like the sort of.....conceit... in assuming i should be doing it like they want it, this idea that some people makes rules which we're all expected to follow and that i should be getting **** for not following them. Now, i can recognize fair community rules even when unofficial, especially if they in they in the end benefit everyone, but this i just don't see. And a bit like the community looting rules (which i mainly agree with except on some points) the people who end up complaining about you using HT are generally the people who are just mad because they decided to follow some arbitraty rule people told them about and then realised not everyone was. Save yourself the aggravation and pop the HT stuff when you feel like it.

    And actually Brice, the last guy to complain about that stuff actually beat me pretty easily (which makes you wonder why they even cared). this was worse too because they complained about soders.....all soders do is make the match last longer really. It's like extra health and everybody's got them and this isn't duels, Ther'es even a certain strategy behind when to use or not use a soder (do i really need it? should i wait so i have it for the other round?) .
  7. aganusn Active Member

    Everyone knows that anything goes in Arenas, while dueling (and now scrimmaging) are for preset rules. You should know that, and I'm not even sure why you're so upset to make this post. People have called me a names while I'm kicking their butt, so what does that tell you about them? Just forget about it and get your feats.
  8. Brice Allen Well-Known Member

    You know I was just kidding with ya. I've faced you before (more times than you realize as I was on other toons;)) and you've always used Home Turf. I don't say anything in game to you and I never will. If you want to use it I say go for it man. But it holds you back on getting better at PVP. I think you have potential and don't need that HT crap holding you back from seeing what you could achieve. What I mean by that is people get too comfortable with the idea of "ooo I can pop this and it will save me" when a lot of times it actually just delays the inevitable. That's all.
    But in the end if you enjoy using it man go forth and do so man :).
    Also, yeah I'm totally lost as to why the Tank even said anything to you if they won :\.

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