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    Hi there fellow dcuo members. LAG(League of Awesome Gamers) is now looking for new members to fill out our league. We're a small league and are looking to keep it that way. We'd like to have about 12-14 members in total that way everyone gets to run and know each other. We're on the US PS3 server hero side and most everybody plays from around 7pm-3/4 AM PST. We play mostly on the weekends(FRI-Tues but some members are on all week). We mostly play at night so please only respond if your playing at that time.

    The league was created by a group of friends who enjoyed playing with each other. Our players have been around since launch. We usually fill out our raids with pugs but now are recruiting so we can do league raid runs. You must be able to get along with each because we're here to have a good time(even with PuGs). We all really like comics and movies so if your interested in those things we'll have plenty to talk about as we destroy brainiac and other evil doers.

    We mostly need DPS(3-4 would be nice get where our numbers are filled out) but a healer, troll, tank or two would be good to. Currently we have 2 active healers(1 more that'll be back in a month or so), 2 active controllers, 2 active tanks, and 3 alt DPS toons. As you can see its mostly DPS that we need to get into doing league raid runs.

    We are a more casual play league(no set schedule's) we just hop on and group up with league members first and run what we feel like. With more members we may set a raid day but that doesn't mean that'll be the only time we do raids just a day that everyone will focus on that. Feats will also probably be treated the same. We don't do a lot of PvP but do some every now and then.

    There are no name or toon requirements, its your toon and you pay your monthly fee so we don't feel the need to tell someone how to make their toon look. The only requirement we have is to help league members first. We'd like for members to be on at least 8 hours a week(total not in a single session) so that we can run raids and get feats together.

    If your looking for a nice group of guys to play with at night who help each other out with styles, feats and things like that our league might be right for you. We'd prefer that players have a mic but its not necessary as long as we can still communicate. Legendary doesn't matter but you need to have to the DLC's if not.

    We want players that can currently run up to trigon's prison content(CR 86) with around 85 SP(if you have more awesome). If your close to that level and know your role and are a nice, respectful person we can help you get there. Please respond either with a PM to me. Or add one of these people in game and hit us up when we're on and we'll run something and see if we fit.

    xxREDICExx(league leader)
    Nathon Summers(league leaders alt)
    Lithlum(spelled with a small L for the i which is my toon)
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  2. Badoulsmesa New Player

    I'm looking for league tank cr98 ice
  3. Badoulsmesa New Player

    My player name is demonteur 20
  4. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I'll add you in game.
  5. Paradise333 New Player

    77 dps im trying to get to t5 InFamous142
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    Good luck recruiting Strange.
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    Just have to say.. GREAT name lol
  8. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Thanks I can't take credit my wife came up with it first. Lol...
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    I won't be on until saturday due to my insane work schedule but if you add either xxREDICExx, Nathon Summers, NiteWulf, StansLee or CosmicSpidey in game they should be on and be able to run something with you and see if we are a good fit for you. I'll also send a PM to one of those guys to add you and see if they can grab you when your on.
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    We're still in need of a few spots, I'm gonna bump this.
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