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    It's not because of internet or the rig I'm using. It's most likely a setting within my PC, possibly even a backgroundprogram (though I doubt it) or maybe, just maybe, something that happened with the latest atomic update to PC Test.

    Keep in mind that this is based off the PC Test client, as my main is USPS and that's the online PC version I bother playing. This could also exist in live versions as well.

    Here's how I know it isn't my Rig:
    I can run this game at 100+ fps on max settings, in fact I've been doing it for years, on several PC's. BUT Eventually (after about 20-30 min) I receive weird spikes to the game FPS. I go from 60+ FPS down to about 10 or less. They wave back and forth, so I'll get a wave of 10- for three seconds, then 60+ for 3 seconds. It's horrible.

    I know it's not my internet, because I can stream 1080p video while playing the game, without any kind of lag whatsoever on the video side.

    I know it's localized to this game as I can run GTA V, Tomb Raider, etc. all with perfectly smooth framerates. I've altered every setting within the game, on every variation of resolution, and nothing will stop the eventual decline. I've tried admin starts and compatability runs, nothing changes the waves of performance in any way. I have even checked the usage of memory, disk space, GPU, CPU, etc. and all seem to be within perfectly normal ranges. Nothing is being used more than it should.

    If there's anything someone can recommend than I'd be MORE than happy to have some help with this. I haven't started a bug report as, I haven't found a way to reproduce this. It happens on all three of my PC's, so it's likely linked to the game engine itself.

    PS this only started when the atomic update to Test went out. Nothing was wrong before then. I haven't installed ANY programs since, in fact the only website I've even visited on this PC since then is the dcuo forums, so I doubt I've gotten a virus since then :p

    Helps plz

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