La mort card

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    Specifically for nature. I thought this would be viable for a melee add loadout eliminating the wolf.
    The normal wolf l/o I use for adds is with the cloak and Gemini, set up dots, sonic cry, thorn burst, savage growth repeat.
    The only real use for this artifact I can see, without a 4th slot, would be for adds. Using the gorilla, set up dots, savage growth, thorn burst, impaling thorns, repeat. I would use scrap and transformation.

    The major problem I have is with the cool down. 30% would make it viable or even a 10% back mod but that's a different story.
    If this artifact isn't an improvement for nature, then what other power would possibly use it?

    Moral of the story, this artifact sucks even with the finisher buff. Maybe reduce the cool down a little more and increase the base stats.
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