Keeping players Longterm interested in the Future DLCs?

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by zNot, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. zNot Well-Known Player

    Hey dev team/community this is a longer thread since i care about DCUO and want it to be more popular/succesfull.
    i realized that this Current newest DLC wasnt as promising as i expected when it comes to keeping people longterm interested untill the next DLC. I am full Elite gear Since around 1 week now my friendlist has 0 people online (sadly) and the next dlc is still around 3 months sure that most of them want to play DC but there is nothing to do. Is there something you guys could do to solve this issue as best as possible?

    DC has alot of potential but the largest issue in my opinion is the lack of content also the Elite raids arent as fun as older raids like Nexus was (which didnt have a elite version) the current Elite raids have been boring too many mechanics to the point it gets boring and with the artifacts people have aviable these days and People are getting better and better at the game. I would suggest to really make elite raids a primary focus on DLC‘s my idea would be to do 2 Elite raids one more mediocore difficulty the other really difficult maybe 4-5 bosses with each boss being harder and harder to defeat as you get to the last boss.
    If there are suggestions you guys have what they should change please write it here.

    Another suggestion would be to give us 12 Player raids this would be really fun and would bring a new level of difficulty and fun to the Game. Ofcourse there should be normal and elite version of these aswell.
    One more thing i want to say is that DLC augments should not be a must have for elite raids like it is currently needed otherwise a one-shot on first boss will await you and thats not how it should be.
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  2. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    8, 12, 13, 14. 15 or 100 people in raid will not change how comunity prefer spam content in 1st week. Because everyone old enough player know, if you not close feats in 1st few weeks, then you not close them at least 2 year(time when your stats will be enough for solo farming old(current) group content). Also most people know how much "fun" was on bounties with a lot of players... Lags, disconnects etc.
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  3. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    As someone who avoids elite raids i would hate to see them as the primary focus. I just wanna have fun not sit in some nightmare raid for hours and hours failing over and over. As far as bounties go i enjoyed doing the bounties and i am actually done all my bounties on my main. I never had a lot of lag or DCs maybe cause i play on pc or cause i live in canada where the internet is very good,pricey but good. I hope they do more DLCs like wonderverse cause i have been having a lot of fun with it.
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  4. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Issue with longevity is replay badges.
    Ppl can and will spam it then they r done then complain theres nothing to do.
    Lack of content is not an issue, theres plenty. The ones who say theres a lack of content reallt mean theres a lack of content that they need/want to play.

    These issues are the players issues. No one is preventing ppl from runnin the content and no one is forcing them to spam with replays.

    The idea for 12 man raids i like, focusing elite will alienate the casual players.
    How about make elite NOT reset-able that way it lasts? Also, while we are at it, a perk of legendary should Be 2 raid runs per week not 1. That way legendary would finally have a good incentive. As it stands, for the cost, its really only good for unlimited escrow access. Episodes r cheap enough to buy rather than renting and on that note, legendary should get to pick like 3-6 episodes Per year to own so that all the $ spent n membership is not wasted the moment it lapses while premium members get to keep their content for spending less
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  5. zNot Well-Known Player

    The idea with the replay badges sounds good but if the elite raid is easy then that would have even more bad consequences. And yes membership should give more benefits i agree.
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  6. zNot Well-Known Player

    Well you as casual player do not have to do elite raids thats why there are normal raids. Generally speaking the lack of content is been a issue for years people get bored after few weeks on something which is supposed to last 3-4 months, the only way i see is to make the elite raid so difficult but also rewarding and exciting that people will always try to defeat it thats why a 4-5 bosses Elite raid would be ideal. The less skilled players could still do the easyier first ones while others can try the higher ones once they defeated the first 2 bosses or so.
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  7. zNot Well-Known Player

    They cant spamm a raid if its really difficult they dont make hard Elite raids anymore thats the issue. And they dont get good feedback on test or the dev isnt interested in doing it really hard. For this last dlc charon did listen very well but the raid was still not exciting or difficult as i expected. i mean the game is less and less player again in my friendlist and league alot wait for next dlc. They need to change the system about elite raids/dlc the longterm fun with the DCUO‘s dlcs is not that well made. Its not supposed to be like this where people quit after 4 weeks cause there is nothing to do.
  8. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Imo they need to do away with replaying elite and these threads wouldnt pop up. As it was said above, it's not a game design flaw its player error. Stop blowing through content week 1 and you would have something to do still.
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  9. zNot Well-Known Player

    You cant blame the people for doing so the system allows it so people do it.

    The replay badges issue would make them lose money so i do not think that this option is a valid way to solve this issue.
    They need to do some longterm changes its been known for a while that people quit the game because there is no challenge i mean elite content is supposed to be hardest content yet multiple groups defeat the raids less then 24 hours after they hit live servers ,without even gearing up thats shows how weak these bosses are when it comes to their damage output.

    If they make future elite raids really hard and that means to me that the Elite bosses should do more damage towards the Tank and i would like the devs to always create these elite raids to do which is a critical aspect is that the constant pressure towards each roll that means the Tank should be pressured in elite content at all times meaning really high incoming damage from the boss normal attacks and adds aswell as adds spawning in fights which would also put more pressure on the healer and high HP on bosses so the dpses have to dps for longer time the troll having to do stun adds and debuffs and mechanics and so on you get the idea i hope? These are simple things which from my experience are being often ignored when creating elite raids mechanics itselfs are not difficult if the bosses is no danger to the tank.

    then they wont be able to get full gear so quickly thats why i suggested a 4-5 boss Elite raid so people work they way up ofcourse each boss should give less renown then the current 2-3 bosses since there are many bosses, because this is a big issue alot of people would play again DC who quit long time ago but they know once the new content drops its boring a week after due to little challenge aswell as the Elite raids not being fun and hard and rewarding enough to play for 3-4 months which is a really long time.
  10. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Or they can just stop adding buffs for elite to the top 2 augments that will make it harder in itself, as you will have no immunity from anything in elite unless you bring shields. That's how old elites use to be, we didnt have these dumb*** augs to help we had shields to mitigate damage and we were usually in those old raids 6+ hours and that's not even beating them that's getting 1st boss done if we're lucky.

    I still suggest removing the ability to reset elite, you want challenging stop replaying the content to get full elite week 1 just to come here and complain. To off set the no replaying elite, legendary can play elite/reg/event 2x in 1 week for rewards.
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  11. myandria Loyal Player


    I'm not sure about not being able to reset Elite raids; I think that would cause more trouble than solve any problem. I think diminishing returns would work along with a choice of using replay badges. For example, Elite raids could be freely reset 5 times; after that, either use replay badges or deal with the diminishing returns, which could be less chances for gear drops/loot/nth metal for each run after 5 until you get to 10 free resets. After 10, you would get no more rewards unless you use replay badges.

    In my opinion, if you have worked hard to get your character to Elite status, then why should you have to do the raid at the same level as Normal/Event? Elite Raids should have the bonus of free replays, even for a short time; it is the least the devs could do for players who work that hard on their characters and like to be punished in raids in such a manner.

    Just sayin'. It's only my little opinion. "Gets the helmet, baskets and bowls ready for a tomato barrage".
  12. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    I never
    said anything about making elite easy lol u may have replied to wrong person?
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  13. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    So ppl Complain They gear up instantly an then theres nothing to do so we suggest no-replays on elites to essentially force Compliance an stop ppl from gearing immediatly then cryin about and instead your solution is free replays?
    I dont follow....... issue is ppl spam with replays then cry they have nothing to do (Theres plenty to do, they uust dont want to do it is all). Your solution if i read correctly, is to allow them to soam even faster and for free? How does this solve the “nothing to do” issue?
  14. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    It would have to be way before 5, because with boosters you only need 7 raids so diminishing it at 5 you mise well not do anything lol and again the entire point is to slow peoples progress so theres no crying threads like the OP' so removing the ability to reset is the best option imo
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  15. zNot Well-Known Player

    I also do not like the dlc augments at all my suggestion would be to atleast make it only 1 per dlc not 2 and these augments should not make the elite raids easyier thats straight up paytowin because they maximize their dlc augments asap by reseting or by the market and only with those you can do fractured godsphere elite this is not how it should be
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  16. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    That's why I say remove the buffs that effect elite, it will give people a old elite vibe again, which is what alot of ppl seek and have been begging now for years.
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  17. zNot Well-Known Player

    Yea thats a great idea so regular raid and open world area for that dlc will still benefit from them i think thats a good idea also the feedback they get from elite raids is a issue i would like the devs to really make elite raids hard without caring if people complain everyone thought Fractured godsphere would be one the most difficult ones yet multiple!! Groups defeated in the first 24hours of its release,Paradox / nexus was amazing thats a high difficulty level we should be seeing in all elite raids otherwise dc will never See its full potential i hope a dev will see all of these thread its a serious issue.
  18. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    To be fair alot of those victories were by speed hacker users as for the 1st week iirc the LB was bugged to the point nobody could legitimately beat it.
  19. zNot Well-Known Player

    No theres actual footage from pwny for example amd others who done it and recorded it. Check youtube for that. The raid isnt hard as it was announced a dificult raif will never be beaten in the first week because people will have to gear up first but the current elite raid is hitting not hard to the tank its just mechanics
  20. myandria Loyal Player

    The "nothing to do" issue can be easily solved by not rushing through new content to get to Elite status in the first place. However, no matter how fast or slow you want to get there, Elite raids need to be further set apart from the rest in my opinion. Do you mean to tell me that if you could freely reset an Elite raid twice a week when you have a full set of Elite gear (for example) you would not appreciate that? If not, then ok I am wrong."shrug"
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