Up-Votes Needed Kandor Central Tower (Elite) Bug Feedback

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by RavNoc, Jul 14, 2022.

  1. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    Some issues I've noticed in Kandor Central Tower (Elite):

    1) Fight with Superboy: The crystal constantly glitches and does not cleanse him, sometimes even when point blank. Pets/players/fart aroma around him also prevent cleansing.

    2) Doomsday's shard attack seems to strike in multiple directions, even ones he is not currently facing (leads to invisible 1 shots)

    3) Doomsday's Adaptive Resistance fails to show up in chat box AND/OR on-screen (message or symbol above head) most of the time, leading players to have to rely on visually seeing his AoEs before knowing it's active. Simple to get around, but highly annoying not being able to know if it's still active or not.

    (Playing on Xbox Server)
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  2. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    Its not multiple spikes, its just the VFX of the spike does not match with the actual direction of the spike hitting. Thats is how it was in the old KCT raid and how Devastator was in TSW raid at beginning.(they later patched him). Copy-paste Doomsday profile even tho there is a fixed version of him.

    Im not surprized...
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  3. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    Hey c'mon give me some upvotes you effers know it's an issue :D
  4. RavNoc Dedicated Player

    Yeah, either way this one isn't nearly as bad as the other ones. Those are really bugged out and I really hope they could get looked into :/
  5. OneWhoLaughed Well-Known Player


    Can I also add, adaptive resistance feels like RNG in other ways, at the minute.
    Sometimes it happens 3 times in a fight, sometimes 5, sometimes never. The RNG element should be which resistance is triggered, not when.
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