JUSTICE LEAGUE is now recruiting!!!

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by WQNDER WOMAN, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. WQNDER WOMAN New Player

    We are the first, we are the original. JUSTICE LEAGUE is a USPS3 hero league currently recruiting all roles!85+ CR is preferred, but not required. Ages 18+ only. We're looking for players who are moderately self sufficient, and can hang if thrown into raids that are slightly above their CR. DLC's or a Legendary subscription are a must. We offer scheduled raids, an interactive and constantly evolving website, and a community of fun, energetic members that treat each other like family! We have been around since launch, and all of our officers are skilled and knowledgeable. We are a league based on fun and brotherhood, so if you are interested in joining a fun and well organized league, please contact WQNDER WOMAN, Pariah, Ms Syrng, or SOULSLIDER in game for questions or invite requests!
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  2. danielqpk New Player

    I was interested until small interview... Makes it seem like a job not a game.
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  3. MattTheViolator New Player

    Seriously. It's only a game
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  4. Triumph or Die Well-Known Player

    Sounds too restrictive. It's a game. It should be about having fun.
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  5. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Nobody has fun when someone doesn't know what they're doing. I'm a league leader so I deal with complaints. They want a constructive, functional, and professional league. What it so wrong with that?
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  6. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    How much does it pay?
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  7. Byren Well-Known Player

    i'm not interested in joining, but you might wanna put what region/server you are on ... just sayin

    edit - oh yeah...and faction (yes, i know its justice league...but that does not 100% guarantee hero)
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  8. Jurassic Speed New Player

    I am a nature healer with all dlc but not legendary nam is Jurrassic Speed
  9. JokerSharp New Player

  10. WQNDER WOMAN New Player

    For those of you who've requested server/faction listings, the thread has been edited for you. Please feel free to re read.
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  12. apocalypsegodx Loyal Player

    i want an interview :p
  13. LanternJoshWehking New Player

    still recruiting? would love to be a member of the offical justice league,, friendly gamer who wnats to do more raids with a legit team..
    *In-game name. LanternJoshWehking
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). hero
    *Server (USPS/EUPS-USPC/EUPC) usps
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 103/ 75
    *Power. hand blaster/ green lantern
    *Role. DPS
    *Do you have a mic? yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary
    *Age. (For those leagues with age requirements). 25
    *About yourself. laid back beach guy from florida,
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? i want to be able to accomplish raids with a proper team and be part of a cool group of people on dcuo to learn from and improve with, ive been playing for about 4 months and still wanting to grow my skill sets. plus this game is freaking sweet and a league truly completes the experience of being a proper superhero team.
  14. PVP360 New Player

    how many ACTIVE MEM ERS do you have?