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    I thought i'd bring the league under attention again, like I did in the past. Not that we are very actively recruiting because it isn't a needed thing to do. Let me tell you a little bit of a history.


    League : Justice Force League | Affiliation : Hero

    Back when the game was very young, and I mean beta-version.. the Justice Force League was formed under a little bit of an different name. Though it's leadership and officers we're mostly the same players when we went on to the live launch of the game.

    We were a fast growing community and we got requests from a lot of players who wanted to join the league. The JFL (Justice Force League) counted over 100 heads within a week. When most of our members became level 30 we started to form groups as an league, at first we had multiple groups doing duo's and alerts together untill we had enough people to start raids with. The first raid we did was Kahndaq, back then you had raid locks. The first half of Kahndaq was done on a monday, the second half on wednesday. The moment we reached farm level we added the next raid.. the batcave.. Also this was done on 2 days, things were a bit harder then what we have today. We wiped and wiped but never gave up, wiping means learning, learning means progress.
    So if a member wanted to join in on the action, then wiping should not be an issue. As time passed we grew stronger and we did raids faster and more efficient.

    At some point we started working together with another league, the name I will not mention right now but they became a very OP league. The teamup / alliance we had was perfect, it allowed us to create and plan multiple raidgroups. Things were looking up great and the 'partnership' was paying off. We grew more and more and so did our partner league. Till tragedy struck and some new members (not fresh but members who have been in for a bit longer then a month) started to become ..... and it was a dark cloud over the league.

    We had to disband the league at some point, the exact date I can't remember but this was easier to do rather to remove / kick the over 100 inactive members. These members were given an mail message that if they come back that they just had to pm us.. Since the purge and recreation of the league, I did a little bit of reforging ad shaping the league. We are no longer a full time Alert/ Raid league, we are now an casual social league, but doing group stuff is not something we won't ever do again.

    Right now.. I keep things simple.. Real life comes first, enjoyment of the game and having fun is high on the list with us.

    We try to create a community of friends to have a laugh, have fun and enjoy what the game brings. We have an facebook page, discord and twitter.. and somewhere an website.

    Contact information:

    Leader : Kal El (formerly known as The Blurr)
    Sr Officer : Lord Helion ( group stuff / right hand)
    Sr Officer : Emilia Clark ( base stuff )
    Sr Officer : Kill3rQueen ( -- )
    Jr Officer : Barry Allen (left hand)
    Jr Officer : Cheatar ( leaguehall )
    Jr Officer : Nightysh ( -- )
    Jr Officer : Lord Severus ( personnel / group )
    Jr Officer : Ela Plasma ( personnel )

    I wish everyone fun and a great time on their missions and travels..
    (ps : we have an villain league, injustice force league. It is barely used at the moment)
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  3. The Blurr Level 30


    You can also find our new website here

    We also have facebook, twitter and soon youtube.
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    Are you still recruiting? My game name is SILVERxSPIDER. I'm a hero on the uspc server. I am a nature healer that swings towards a battle healer build. I'm working on reoptimizing my loadout. I've played this game since 2012/2013 though i took a long break, came back awhile ago and took another couple months break and came back again. There is stuff that changed that i'm still relearning. My CR is 348. There is a bunch of content and feats i need to catch up on because when i came back the pressure to catch up to everyones cr was great so i grabbed one of the free cr skips during an anniversery event before the Dr. Fate update. I don't usually use a mic, but I think I have one that might work. I'm 28 and looking for a casual/mildly active league. Life alternately keeps me busy and gives me plenty of free time.
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    I would love to join also, my in game name is Dardrius!
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    Is this league still active?