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    In an effort to release some good
    I just wanted to take a sec and say thanks to all of you for being a bright spot in my days. Being a desk pilot at times, when I am not seeing clients, can be a drag but having the many postings of all you fun-housians makes the time spent slaving over a laptop a little more enjoyable.

    I have been hanging around here for a while now and seen many faces come and go. I have seen some really cool videos and read many stories created by some really talented people. Some of them, I am sure are still out there, though their names may not appear on postings but they are not forgotten.

    I have had many a laugh from postings and jokes left here and been able to pursue my own goals and aspirations because of feedback from the likes of many of you. All in all I just wanted to say hi to you all and say thanks for giving an odd duck a place where he feels like he fits in and is accepted. Places like that are so very important and sadly few and far between for a lot of people.

    You all are some really cool people and I am glad when I get to share in a post, joke, comment or a creative endeavor with you.
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    I just want to say that I'm his favourite, and whoever disagrees is necessarily wrong.
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    I want to like this but I also do not want to reinforce an idea that may not be entirely accurate, as I do not have favorites and enjoy all.
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    Then you force me to use my greatest weapon for sheetposting:

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    Ew , a cooties thread
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