Just read the Legion of Doom interview with Jackster and WOW smh

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  1. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Having never read much comics, and more finding out this game through a love of MMO’s, more than a love of the source material, my favorite threads are always those where the comic book aficionados get to going back and forth. Learn so much cool background in a quick condensed way lol. You guys who read all that stuff are the real mvp’s. As for the top yea I remember when there wasn’t enough villains on to fill a raid for even the new content lol. The change had to be made. Cross faction isn’t going anywhere because it can’t. If 50k people made villains tomorrow and actively played them then maybe in a few years they could try again.
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  2. Asentmah Well-Known Player

    It would be nice to go back to those kind of stories. When they were doing different faction storylines I always wished they would implement a system where it would pick someones villain or hero either in the world or their not playing and they would act as a mini boss or a sidekick to the main boss during solos, duos,alerts and raids.
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  3. Empress_Orana Well-Known Player

    Don’t argue with the loyalists, those sheep are the same people that beg for more TC’s.
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  4. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    Honestly I just wish we could break from the monotonous copy the story from the comic books and have some original storylines. I know this would require hiring writers but the continuous adaptation of the comic book stories is getting very boring.
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  5. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Let's be perfectly honest...these are comic book stories. It's not like they're cranking out the second coming of Proust as is...
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  6. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    I hope one day we can have a DLC of the classic super heroes and villains.
  7. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Yes, calling other people "sheep" (or "sheeple") is always helpful. It helps readers sort out which posters think that they're So Much Smarter Than Everyone Else.

    (This applies everywhere in life, not just to these forums.)
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  8. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    I agree with the original poster. For those bringing up the comics, I hate to really say this as I have been collecting DC since 1981 (I did do Marvel from 86-96 but then finances made me cut back and I kept DC on my pull list). Anyway to go with recent comics isnt great as this is the most uninterested I have been since a little kid. I basically wait until my comic store calls to let me know I havent been in awhile so a lot of the stuff lately just hasnt interested me.

    I think we need to know why we used to be able to be villains and just stopped. I do know lack of villain content is exactly one reason the population has dropped from talking to friends. I wish we can get back to things like the early Halls of Power dlcs where heroes would fight Mantis and Kalibak and villains got the same maps but had Mr. Miracle and Orion. I look back to the early years of the game with such fondness and its not that the devs havent made good changes its just I miss being a villain. I have much more interest in going against Superman and Batman than helping them. I answered the recent survey...and some of my negative answers would have been different had I still had options to begin missions in the Hall of Doom. I dont mind if others go to the House of Legends but even that choice was taken from us on the last seasonal. Half the time, I disable suicide squad just so I dont have to play with heroes. If its enabled it means RL is getting in the way of game life.

    Even with SM lately its been extremely slanted to the hero side. I don't understand why we dont get a few heroes to fight like the old days. There was zero storyline involved why the heroes had to fight Krypto, but I dont remember people complaining. Just think if Round 10 was traditional Batman. It would be amazing!!!

    I think the original poster saw there was going to be a Legion of Doom dlc and thought, finally they are doing something for our side!!!! And then read the interview and had the same disapointment I had.
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  9. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    Regardless of the name of the upcoming episode "Legion of Doom" they have and are clearly following the trend of adapting Scott Snyder's Justice League run. This is clearly pulling from The Sixth Dimension arc and will set up and most likely be followed up by a future Death Metal episode. I again understand peoples frustration in this specific faction related stuff, but this is not Villains the DLC as much as it is highlighting these specific characters during this specific comic arc (as opposed to calling it Year of the Villain).
  10. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    Perpetua storyline is far from cookie cutter. Dark Knights: Metal revitialized DC comics. Dark Knights: Death Metal was the sequel. Lex sided with Perpetua and villians were betrayed! So villians and heroes banded together to fight for the universe. Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, played major roles because the One Who Laughs rewrote reality! Awesome story but go check it out and this DLC will make more sense. And if they stay true to the storyline, without much deviation, Watchmen and The One Who Laughs!
  11. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    The biggest issue is that unlike say the Alliance and Horde, there is really no ambiguity with regards to being a hero or villain. The stories will necessitate that one side loses and wins. There is also no real long form story arc. There is also no leveling anymore. When the game first started they had the bandwidth to attempt such an endeavor. This game was also created at a time where 2 lore restricted factions were the it thing. Developers quickly realized that it was a nightmare to develop for and they don't have WoWs budget to dedicate to it. In Wow you are not the main character of the story you are merely helping the named characters so it is always told from their perspective. Here we are active participants in the battles and are considered equals to the League or Legion. The Hall of Legends is a not so subtle way of them saying this who faction thing is kind of Ham stringing the game. I wouldn't be surprised if after a certain point they just created a new legends faction where everyone is the same team down the line.

    Pvp is dead for the most part and most people don' participate in open world pvp anymore so whats the point of dedicating resources to having 2 parrallel stories for heroes and villains. I'd imagine a DCUO 2 would instead have a Karma system that is determined by your actions in the open world.

    I only see villain story missions coming back if we get a big DLC that increases the elvel cap and has us in open world doing story missions.
  12. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    The population of the villain side is minute compared to the hero side.

    You know what was interesting after playing Save the Universe stuff, how many people were surprised the Origin Crisis 4-man operations being severely different.

    These are people who've been playing for a good part of a decade (if not the whole decade) and not once made a villain character to see what the stories are like and the only reason they ever got a chance was because I brought them in having a villain or we random queued and just so landed in the villain version. (Which wasn't crossfaction before.)

    It's a matter of importance and costs to the devs. Split the resources and make sure there are equal stories for both sides or choose the one that will bring revenue and fold the other into it. We can see where they are going at this point.

    Also, as heroes and villains go, we are mercenaries on either side. We do things for currency. So are we really heroes or villains when we have to be paid to do it?
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  13. inferno Loyal Player

    Lol. This is me!!! A month ago, my jaw dropped when I saw Thomas Wayne fight alongside Bruce and I'm like.."WTF!!" I wish we can have separate story lines. I think the problem is that each dlc budget limits the amount of content they develop. Whether using the same map, the changes in NPCs and bosses end up being almost the same amount of work. So would I be happier with half a content on each faction?

    On another topic, I always love Jack Geeking out so much even his mention of Charlton Comics. As a collector and old-fashioned comic reader, I love that the CEO of DCUO is so geeky. In fact, I would love it more if he embedded more, MORE DCuo Lore.

    I love it better when they use comic based stories. Unfortunately, one of my criticism in the game is how disjointed the story is told. Having an original comic based storyline, I can use DCUO to expand on the original story. It is a good supplement and allows me to engage in the story much better.
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  14. the solowing Steadfast Player

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  15. TheWrecker Well-Known Player

    You guys can write whatever you want. The change in the 2 story lines had nothing to do with low population, the villain population has always been low, and everything to do with cutting corners. The whole premise of the game was heroes and villains. Free to play your way is what you guys used to sing On every advertisement you had. Now as a member of the legion of doom I can't fight with the legion today? You guys are missing the mark here And you're taking forever for new content to come out. We're looking at almost 10 months between episodes with new content.
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  16. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    In this case, why should we continue to give money to a game where every time it is asked to have a little more ambition and someone cares about its resources, you think this game lacks resources with all it does to collect them? Between loot box and pay to play more and or, xp fast ?
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  17. zNot Dedicated Player

    I get you but they should invest in more important topics such as the content itself a seperate story line is a luxury.
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  18. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    They aren't taking forever....they clearly announced a December release. That's next month. Yes, we have gone through a long period without "new" content to play...this isn't the first time, and all the complaining in the world cannot, will not change what is. Complaining about it is rather pointless.

    The same holds true in regards to not being able to fight alongside the Legion of Doom. I'm not saying you don't have the right to air your grievances, i'm just saying you made that point very clear several posts ago. Repeating it yet again serves no purpose as there is NOTHING they can do at this point. And if you're belaboring the point in order get them to do something about this in the future, doing it while complaining about things that can't be changed at this time will not do you any favors.
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  19. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    I would rather it take longer and be spectacular than to be rushed and re-hashed. Good things take time. No one likes to wait but it takes a lot of time to do something right. If it was quick and easy everybody would be making MMOs.

    It will be worth the wait.
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  20. TritonD3 Well-Known Player

    Or if the current trend continues it will be a rushed, broken mess with bugs that will never be fixed.