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    Not sure if the game is dying but it is evolving. And with its evolution it seemed to annoy a lot of the old players. The new players don't believe the same thing as those that have been around for a while.
    Not sure the game is better for it but have to let it evolve to see if it is. My guess in a year the game should be pretty good.
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    In my particular case, even though I still pay for legendary, among my 3 main toons I've ran 3 raids, 2 duos and like 5 vault runs in the last 2 months or so.
    I logged in today after a couple of weeks of not even logging in to run the vault, ran NGN, switched toons, ran the vault, switched again and ran CZ, then got bored and logged out.
    Now my toons are behind everyone else (122, 127, 128) so no chance at running the new alert since everyone's asking for 130+, so I guess I'll have to wait till they add more duos and solos to gear up if I decide to keep p(l)aying.

    This used to be my favorite game, and the one I played exclusively, now after 3+ years it feels a bit stale, as if the devs ran out of creativity or budget, and every new piece of content (with a couple of exceptions I guess) is the same boss fights and mechanics (Reflect, avoidable One-shot, DoT Aura) on a different skin and sometimes a different environment.

    I really hope something's done to either keep the current playerbase around or attract enough new players to keep the game afloat. I really want to support the game, but the lack of fun/innovation and the abnormal toxicity of the loudest part of the community is driving me away.

    (Just wait for a possible reply to this post and you'll see what I'm talking about).
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    Wow, u must know everything tell me how many t7 players have alts.
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    True story.
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    Its you,

    Take a Break or leave if you dont like the game. I see more people even if the Cenus or whatever the %#*& numbers dont show it.

    And if the game is dying. I'm here until its last breath.

    Sorry, getting sick of these threads. Post on one of the other 100 recent threads on how the game is dying an how your feeling. Stop sparking new gossip.
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    Do us all a favor and stop reading them mr perfect poster. Be out.
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    Naw, I don't know everything. My comment was intentionally dismissive because it is yet another thread on a topic that has been discussed ad nauseum since the game launched. (Heck, even before that (yes, I actually remember people starting threads about how dead the game was during Beta))

    It's an MMO. And as with all things in life, if you're not changing, you're dying.
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    You can always check how the population is doing by using this link http://www.dcuolive.com/Census/Characters

    Draw the conclusions yourselves by looking at the trends between tiers - Numbers don't lie
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    Nope people need to stop making them.

    Mepps has addressed the issue of people believing an waiting for the moment DC Universe turns over an dies in many pass threads. Check Staff Post Tracker. I`m not going to relay what's been responded by Mepps & other Staff members about the game hitting a low point once again for another DCUO`s Death thread.

    Cross platform is in the works.

    We're at stage one of DPS balance involving Tunso test an the help from the others in the community like Sore.

    Content is coming monthly whether people like the mechanics or not.

    New powers are in the works. Atomic is coming up then Water.

    I personally doubt they'll balance PVP anytime soon while the`re in process finishing balancing powers for PVE.

    There's MMO`s released in 2007 like Dekaron or 2moons that were declared dead but are still up and active till this very day in 2015.

    Game is not dead. It's just evolving like many other old MMO`s an many old timers and some new just aren't liking the changes.

    Game is in constant development. Even seen a joke from NerdOfPrey the Dev saying "A Vacation sounds awesome". The're still working on this game and it still has a future whether you believe it or not.
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  13. Malachee Committed Player

    It's very possible to be doing both at the same time. Some "change" actually leads to a quicker death.
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    Nothing lasts forever even video games
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    I know how you feel when it comes to friends stop playing one by one. I was running something the other day & thought what a blast this would be to run with _______ but then remembered they don't play. I do see a lot of new faces running content some cool as can be but others are downright @%%^&*. Oh well as long as the cool ones outnumber the bad I guess I can keep going.
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    I've only been playing a year and a half, but I don't think it's just you. I do believe it is dying out. The moment they put the DLC at a lower price, I knew it'd only be a matter of time. That is a big red flag imo from experience in other MMOs. There is an MMO I used to play that was very popular...it IS still around, but also very dead. I had left DCUO when ESO came out and didn't start again until the new Auras were released. The Glimmer Aura is literally the only reason I came back. And yes, I do play games for their styles and DCUO is one of the few games I enjoy changing my style in. There are about 10+ people I know who have quit completely playing DCUO since the beginning of Summer for this year. And that's not counting the people on my friendliest who never sign in anymore. ^^

    So, I do not think it is just you noticing. It does seem to be dying. (I'm on console btw.)
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    It really depends on what you concentrate on. From my perspective as a USPC PvP Open World Villain, my whole league went offline and so have most of the folks I socialized with online. Once in a while, I'll see an familiar face, we'll chat about who is gone and who is still around, and that's about it. So it's dying in that specific area.

    I'm certain if I changed my methods of playing, like actually try end-game PvE, I'll meet up with the rest of the population. Unfortunately, for the community and Devs, I'll don't have such aspirations.

    Being in-game just doesn't appeal to me as much anymore. I used to be nightly regular. So even if the game evolved, it got to a point where it's no longer fun for me or who ever I used to know online. I'm glad other forum members still have fun.
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    The reason people are making threads like this is simple, We hold this game to a higher standard and we dont want to see it get washed away because of lack of content or reusing hold content. Dont get mad because your stuck in your little happy bubble and cant see what is really happening in the world of DC. Obviously the game is not going anywhere anytime soon but we have lost A LOT of active players and that you cant deny. With that being said instead of trying to be oblivious to the scene How about you add constructive feedback on things that can actually help the game grow. If your not growing your dying.
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