"just give over the..." players, please read

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  1. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    MoV, fragments, whatever...

    The adds can drop useful stuff like nth metal. For those who make new toons, try squishing the extra minions for additional EXP and what-nottery.

    Think please. There are reasons to drag things out... except the blah=blah-blah cut scenes and jabbering iconics. THOSE still stink.
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  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    I've read the thread; but what's your topic or main idea here? I'm lost.

    Are you wanting daily login rewards that give Marks of Victory and Stabilizer Fragments?

    Are you giving a pro-tip for new players wanting to get their artifacts up?

    Or is this some kind of a rant on how you see artifacts need to be dragged out, and that cut-scenes with jabbering iconics should be skipped?

    Again, I've read what you've said.. but can't respond properly because I can't tell what your main idea is.
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  3. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Yeah I can't tell what the point of this thread is either. At first it sounded like he was asking for a way to buy bundles of marks or whatever. But overall the thread is incoherent. Has no clear point or structure.
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  4. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    Hoping to get some of the "just give us the reward without the battle" threads to lessen.
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  5. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    ok .. I get it now.. you are saying you are sick of players asking for an easy way to get things e,g, MoV etc
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  6. nawanda Loyal Player

    Whilst the original post isn’t going to win any awards, I agree with the essential point.

    Threads asking for the reward without the associated grind are a regular occurrence on here. With the content schedule of the game these days, nobody would need an ongoing subscription if the game were to become much less grindy. It is what it is.
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  7. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    What really chaps mine is that there are SO many little sellables and nths and stuff I've gotten from adds... people also miss exos, sell able collectibles... all because they rush.
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  8. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I will jump in and add my yes vote to the idea bet=hind the thread. Let's start with the cut scenes shall we. Now I love the ability we gained on the solo challenge in Deluge and the solo challenge in part 3 of DOS where after we watch the scene once we have a panel we can click and shut them off. I'd love to see this extended to lower tiers of the game .. let's face facts here Devs watching the thing once is cool and does give us the story line behind why we are doing the mission to begin with.. But how many of those solo challenge as feats tided to them that can require us to go back again and again and again to complete? Trust me by about the third or forth time you watch that same cut scene all you are thinking is :will you please shut up and just let me attack stuff"

    Now on to Rewards without effort. This has been a growing trend in game for some time and if we are looking for reasons why there are more and more players out there with no clue what they are doing look no further you found it. The two biggest things in game these days that influence this problem are Time Capsules and the ability to but your way to higher CR.

    The capsules arrived first and were not bad until they decided they were not selling enough so we started getting armor drops... Suddenly a player could sit with credit card in hand and just keep opening those things until they had a whole set of armor and were within a few CR of the limit for a new DLC... Had not run a single mission yet and already high enough to get into the next DLC when it came out and play the "Normal " version not the event.

    Then came the advances in CR.. Now the original idea pitched by players here on the forum was to make this available to established players that wanted to create an alt but really didn't want to go though all that again just to even get to level 30 and were hoping a way could be created to get them higher so they could play with friends. What we got instead was an instant boost from the character creator to CR 170 with a tiny bit of SP and brand new players with no clue what they were doing could spend the $45 and be a CR 170. Problems with that? Well let's start with the SP .. I HAVE never spent 45 bucks to get to 170 so I am not sure but I believe you get a whole 77 SP.. Now and older veteran player with other alts can turn right around and spend more money on replays to get that SP high enough to be effective but that brand new kid on the block doesn't have other alts with 200-300 other SP they can buy. Now add in the fact these players have no idea where they are or what to do.... Nothing gives that gang of players hanging out in Metropolis more fun that a CR 170 player in shout asking "How do I get to the Watch Tower?" If they have not even figured out things that basic you can imagine how effective they are inside a RAID?

    And then of course since it is the Halloween season lets add in the ability to BUY holiday cash... Remember the good old days when if you wanted those few feats available from a holiday even.. you went and ran the event missions to get em? Now you just run to the Mp and but holiday cash. Now personally the other day I bought the final piece of furniture to complete that feat for 2018 by actually running the outdoor and alert Halloween missions. Amazingly though on Oct 1st when I arrived to chat with the Phantom Stranger and get my assignment... I was the only one talking to him while there must have been 4 or 5 already crowded around the vendor buying stuff. Now before the nay sayers start I am well aware that some players will store up holiday cash from the year before so they can spend less time the next year before the have the feat/feats available but there is also a very good chance that maybe as many as half those people I saw just logged in and went straight to the MP, bought their holiday cash and headed straight to the vendor.

    I'm well aware that the reason behind it all is to try to keep profits up so the game can continue to exist but at the same time it is driving away some older players now completely disgusted by the fact that people can buy their way to greater heights than they spent time and effort obtaining themselves. And it only makes matters worse when those same vets find themselves baby sitting the new players now at CR 170 or higher that still don't even know how their powers work.
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  11. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Agree totally with all your post, however, this part is not true for all players. We have recently got back into the game and are delighted with how the "pay to win" has been toned down somewhat. Now I am not saying this quote here is not true, I am saying it doesnt apply to all new players, indeed we have recruited a new member to our league who is indeed new to this game, and he has not gone down this route, which attracted him to us. He wants to learn the game, and yet funny enough, when he asked the community for help the reply he got was "learn to play". He considers himself lucky he met us, I think we are the lucky ones, we have grabbed a genuine player here! however I digress.

    The problem with a lot of high CR players in raids is that they rush through content, and they do indeed ruin it for the rest. We are trying to help our folks out in our league, as well as other random low CR players in that particular raid, and yet there is always that 247 CR player in a low content raid that is ruining it for everyone else. I dont need to mention names here, just CR, if you are 247 and rushing a low tier raid, YOU ARE BEING AN ***! STOP IT!

    Have consideration for the new players, help when you can. If you feel you shouldnt have to, and want to rush these for whatever reason, then create a group of like minded people in LFG chat, dont ruin it for the new players.
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  12. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    I'm liking the sound of your league. It sounds and feels like a family. As for those that speed through raids, I've said before that the devs should make a queue for those that want to speed thru the raids for the feats. But I guess searching for people in chat is the better alternative.
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  13. Kharhaz Committed Player

    I think currently its the only option thats viable, and its good to see im not the only one who is seeing this as a problem!
    We are Five Inversions, so if you see anyone from our league in your group, you will know you have at least one player there who will look after you!
  14. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    I like things to take as long as they're supposed to. I don't like rushing through content. While farming for candy i encountered more than a few well over geared players who rushed over ads to get to bosses. I couldn't see the point when you end up getting more of what you need taking the very slightly longer path.