Just Came Back and I'm Very Pleased

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    Perhaps I wasn't clear: - "To the best of my knowledge, DBG did *acquire* (probably buy) the entirety of the ProSieben catalogue, including material assets such as the server farm - but SOE was not simply those games and assets."

    My mistake - I started off talking about P7s, and finished by talking about Sony, and the context got lost inbetween. It's a common misconception that DBG *is* SoE. It is not - it's what is left of SoE after Sony retained their licences, their legitimate IP, and a number of other concessions (such as terms of access to the PSN), and the (partial) ownership of the server farm. It's also assumed that DBG sprang fully-formed from the brow of Zeus, as an independent entity. Also untrue. SoE did not fold one day and DBG sprang up the next. SoE is *not* DBG. DBG is *not* SoE. The best that can be said is that DBG is a continuation of SoE.

    Colombus did not buy SoE from Sony. They financed DBG as an independent entity to pick up a business Sony dropped. Part of that deal was ownership. If DBG ever breaks even on their financial obligations with CN, there are options to release or reinvest for CN without ownership.

    Please tell me again what I do not understand?
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    FWIW, we are horribly derailing this guy's thread. And probably not convincing him to stay. I'll be quite happy to continue this discussion in PMs.
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    Oh you were perfectly clear, in how completely misinformed you are. All the misconception and misunderstandings are on your part. I'm sorry but I really have no idea where you got this information from, a simple web search of SOE, Daybreak or even Columbus Nova brings up all the actual history on this. You could also look up the announcement thread here, titled "Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company".

    Once again Daybreak Game Company NEVER EXISTED prior to SOE changing it's name to it. Daybreak's first appearance was on Feb 2, 2015 when the sale and name change of SOE was fully announced.

    Columbus Nova is the company that bought SOE directly from Sony. There was no secondary company financed or otherwise by Columbus to do this, ever. Columbus bought the company whole with all it's assets and licenses, which is a prime reason SOE/DGC was able to keep the DC license, do to those thing not being transferable.

    Also again Pro and SOE ended their contract relationship around a year prior to Sony selling SOE. All SOE assets, server hubs, etc. were returned to SOE when Pro and SOE parted ways. And from the info I can find, Pro is still an existing, separate company, some of the info makes it look like it's not a healthy company but it's running.

    Like I said this information is easily looked up and proven but on top of that I have been here since 2011 and followed all the information on the sale closely, as such a thing could highly effect my playing of DCUO making it very important to know.
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    First off. Welcome back and I'm glad you are happy with your current experience of DCUO.

    Second off. I'm sorry for my part in the possible derail of your thread. I just cant let misinformation go unchecked.
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    details..fine..you got the details right...to say this game was not broken before is wrong i know you ankh..you and i have both been playing this game for years...tell me this game is the same game on your PS3 exclusive disc...it isnt...The City of games were legendary for everything...they listened to fans...put out perfect additions with incredibly smooth transitions...this game was given none of that...btw never said anything about individual sales this is not DBs only game never claimed it was...
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    I refer you to my response for Ankh...ty...
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    It was in your wording, it made it sound like you meant the game was sold on it's own, so I addressed that even though I thought you might not have meant that. As you can see the wrong details of how DGC became is a bit of a pet peeve of mine (well maybe more than "a bit" ;)).

    Yeah, it would be really nice to go back to at least 2012 of the game, 2013 even, the good old days.
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    btw...all you nothing was sold types...even if the Sony/DB agreement was little more than Sony signing away its rights to future DC profits in exchange for it becoming free and clear of any future costs and liability DC might have...values and losses were exchanged...and someone in financial made sure the numbers played out...i doubt it happened over a mere hanshake and there was more to it than you could write on a gum wrapper...yes???
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    btw...welcome back...now back to nitpicking...:D
  10. Red Batern Well-Known Player

    Hey it's all good guys. Threads get derailed, happens. I learned a lot, so thanks firbthe conversation. At least it wasn't filled with people trying to tell me to....well...its whatever.

    Still here, still satisfied, still thinking DCUO is a pretty good game, worth playing, not this pile of cancer that the moles would try to have us believe.
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    If he doesn't want any, I'll love to have the kind that offers pain relief.
  12. High Troller Loyal Player

    Welcome back. As a premium player, do you get to queue up for the current dlc preview? If so, have you checked it out, and what do you think of it?

    Here's a throwback video for you:

  13. Unida Dedicated Player

    to all the people that say that the game isnt 'dying' u really have to consider the source of activity.

    pretty sure isnt it like a third of created 'active' characters are FIRE ? i mean, cmon...... if that doesnt scream "made a character, picked the coolest sound power, 2 days later uninstalled" i dunno what does. pretty sure the active player number is logged in in the last 12 months right? i think people would be shocked at a weekly avg number.

    sad to see, but we can't say we havent said it all along.
  14. Attackfrog Active Player

    I like this game too (been playing on and off since I bought the disc for the ps3 at launch).

    I don't like TCs*.

    I agree with the op: it's pretty fun game and I don't let DB's** ruin it for me.

    Also: I sub through DB*** (cuz i play a few other DB games too) and it's worth it.

    *Time Capsules
    **D++che bags
    ***Daybreak Games